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14 April 2010, Allianz held its annual Franchise Convention at the Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Abu Lais Walli Mohamed and Jeff Lim Si Heong left for KLIA with me at 7:30am to fly to Kota Kinabalu on an all-expenses paid by Allianz.

We arrived at the airport at 8:15am for an Expected Time of Departure (ETD) 9:20am. Upon checking-in, we quickly had a fillet of fish at the Mc Donald.

Along with 70 others in our group, we departed as scheduled. It was a boring 2 hours 45minutes flight. I was restless and decided to camwhore some of the delegates.

Amongst the many in our group were Abu lais Walli Mohamed, Razak Aziz, Mohd Pazman Othman, Jeff Lim Si Heong and Sean Wang Wee keong. In fact, three quarter of the flight was the Allianz guests and staff.

We arrived at the airport and were split into separate coaches. I was in Coach C.
Those that share similar coach with me were Muthusamy A/L M Veerapan, Mohd Faizal bin Muhammad, Nik Aidil Bin Nik Mat, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Kannasen A/L Govindaraju, Teh Siew Yan, Gan Lai Lay, Mohammad Amin bin Md Ariff, Ahmad bin Ibrahim, Fatimah binti Rosli, Sean Wang Wee Keong, Sunther A/L Kuppan, Manikam N Rajagopal, Abdul Shukor bin Bari, Kong Sze Mooi, Chew Geh Geh, Nur Azlina Abdul Ali, Wan Ahmad Aziz Wan Abdullah, Tan kok Hwa, Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Ramlan, Jeff Lim Si Heong, Suzana Kamaruddin, Marof Khan Mohamed Idris, Loh Kah Hin, Terry Teh Siew Kok, Abdul Hamid Razali, Nazaruddin Ab Majid, Azlan Ahamed Jalaludin, Mohd Pazman Othman, Abdul Razak Abdul Aziz, Rafliz Ridzuan.

Barely 20 minutes later, we arrived at the Sutera Harbour Hotel.

We had a VIP-Welcome with traditional garland extended, upon arrival with free-flow juices....

We then registered at a special table for our room card.

There were too many people queuing for the room card so I parked myself at the side sofa and took my own  sweet time.

We were given an Allianz T'shirt to change for lunch before the convention began. 

After a heavy lunch, we went to the Grand Ballroom for our first meeting. Somehow, Allianz did not waste time. After an almost 3 hours flight and a full stomach, we had to head straight for the convention.

I was amazed at the Allianz T' shirt design with a mandarin collar similar to my Fasfik uniform. 

Thumbs up to Sazali Abdul Rahman whom was the designer. Its printed with a number 10 on the right sleeve denoting the year 2010 but many had mistaken it for the 10th annual convention. 

Both Horst Hobbit and I was impressed at the design and the material. 

Our first meeting began... and we had a very sexy Masters of Ceremony (MC).... almost Amber Chia look-alike, SAZALI CHIA RAHMAN.

There were alot of speeches and talk that began with Group Chief Executive Office, Alexander Ankel, then Allianz General Insurance Chief Executive Officer Ng Hang Ming, Chief Sales Officer Horst Hobbit and finally the Head of Franchise & Special Scheme.. ala special agent Sazali Abdul Rahman.... I sat quietly at the back to avoid being caught sleeping... but I was awake throughout the session.

After the session, we head for the Portview Seafood Restaurant for dinner.

(Left: Isaac Saminathan, Jeff Lim Si Heong, Ng Hang Ming, Wong Hung Num, 
Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Abdul Razak Aziz, Wan Azmi,)

(Left: Azlan Ahamed Jalaludin, Mohd Pazman Ahmad, 
Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Kannasen Govindaraju)

After dinner, we retired for the day...............

The next day, after the program ended at 4pm, we chilled out by the pool side. Some played pool volley ball and some just stayed in pool to keep themselves cool from the very hot weather.

But I just stayed by the pool bar, browsed the internet and updated my blog.

We got ready and walked to the building next door at 6:30pm for the gala dinner..... with the theme SAFARI NIGHT. While walking, we bumped into Kamsani Ahmad, Proton Edar Marketing General Manager. Kamsani just arrived from Kuala Lumpur to join the Gala dinner. 

(Kamsani Ahmad, Wan Azmi, Abdul Razak Aziz, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Zakri, Horst Hobbit, Isaac Saminathan , Wong Hung Num)

(Sazali Abdul Rahman, Zakri, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Kamsani Ahmad, Jeff Lim Si Heong)

(From Left; Sean Wang Wee keong, Andrew, Kamsani Ahmad, Ng Hang Ming, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Jeff Lim Si Heong, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed)

The Hall was very impressive!!! It was decorated as if we were in a real jungle!!! The dinner event began with some 'Orang Asli' dances? 

Everybody were stunt at the Orang Asli dances that was full of Eeeeyaaa Eyaaaa  Ooooo ala Tarzan!!

The show was disrupted for a welcoming address by ALLIANZ General Insurance CEO, Ng Hang Ming and Chief Sales Officer Horst Hobbit.

I was about to drag down Horst Hobbit in case his welcoming speech was long-winded but it lasted only for a few minutes... Straight to the point!! That Allianz appreciate all the support from us!!!!

Food was served and we were entertained with a short theater-like 'Beauty & the Best'.

There were also some Filipino singers as entertainment but I was busy eating.....

The three bosses of Allianz, CEO
Ng Hang Ming, Head of Franchise & Special Scheme Sazali Abdul Rahman and Chief of Sales Horst Hobbit were called on stage for an Award-Presentation...

Abu was amongst the first group to be called on stage to receive the Award.

Jeff Lim Si Heong and Kannasen Govindaraju too was called on stage....

Then it was me........ 
I received an award too. 

We received a plaque, a hand shake but no extra cheques or bonus...
(Hint hint....)

The award presentation was stopped for yet another orang asli dances....

The next award was to Proton Edar and Kamsani Ahmad, the General manager received the award on behalf of Proton Edar.

I sneaked out before the event ended and went to bed early. I did not join the program prepared for the next day but stayed in-room and blogged instead awaiting for departure to go back home. Our flight ETD was at 3:30pm. We left our hotel at 1:30pm and hang out at the Golden Lounge with Sean , Abu Lais, Kannasen Govindaraju and Jeff Lim Si Heong.

Last year, we received similar award.....

Thank you Allianz for appreciating our partnership with a well organised trip to Kota Kinabalu. Sazali Abdul Rahman did a fantastic job as the event Chairman. Sean, Congratulation for your recent promotion as the Chief Operating Officer. Horst, I shall see you soon to tag-team during PEDA Nationwide Roadshow.

Next year and the year after....... We should receive more and more award... 

Until then, Stay tune......
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  1. sure all that was work? Looks like fun more than anything and picture of you waiting for your keys? what a... uh hum.."poser" >p

  2. Quote "Thumbs up to Sazali Abdul Rahman whom was the designer. Its printed with a number 10 on the right sleeve denoting the year 2010but many had mistaken it for the 10th annual convention. Both Horst Hobbit and I was impressed at the design and the material."

    correction - the impressive looking tshirt was designed by a corporate comm staff who has been in charge of tshirt design for the longest time. the number 10 is a continuation of number 09 used in last year's National Marketing Convention. nothing against sazali but this hogging of credits is going on far too long..

  3. Dear Whisper,

    Poser...? hehhee.. its called camwhoring! :-p


    Thanks for that feedback but alike most organisation... the boss always gets the credit :-) I am sure the success of Allianz too was from all the dedicated staff :-)

  4. yup i agree with u that due credit should be given..that minor blip aside, i enjoyed the trip thoroughly especially the island excursion..


Stay Tuned~


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