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LOOKING FOR A CAR WORKSHOP? This Local App Will Find One That Won't Overcharge You

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Looking for a reliable car workshop is not an easy feat in Malaysia. Many car workshops are known for overcharging and providing poor quality parts.

 Image via Auto World
Remember the last time you were overcharged for a repair? Yeah, me too.

The good news is you don't have to fret anymore! Car Bengkel, a local app set up in collaboration with the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), aims to help motorists survive this ultimate road challenge.

 Image via Vernon Chan

The app, which took part in last year's BizSmart Academy SME Innovation Challenge, was set up by Armin Baniaz who wanted users to locate trusted car workshops and car pick-up services


"We want to help car owners to not spend too much on their vehicles. As it is, most households do not set aside a budget for such things and will feel the brunt of spending beyond their means when it is time to send them in for servicing,” said Baniaz in an interview with Amanz"

Baniaz further elaborated that most households don't have the habit of setting aside budget for car maintenance

 Baniaz demonstrating the app. 

Baniaz further elaborated, "It's common for households not to set aside budget for car maintenance. It is only when the time comes when a car breakdown, motorists realise they have to part with a sum of money and maybe even more if an essential part of the vehicle needs to be replaced.",

Covering over 5,000 workshops across the nation, Car Bengkel allows users to save time by locating nearby workshops and the ability to request for quotations

Image via Car Bengkel
The app will send a request for quotation to all registered workshops within the vicinity. After which users can select whichever quotation they are comfortable with.

If users opt to stay in, the app offers pick-up services from homes and offices

 Image via Car Bengkel

There is also a choice for appointment requests so that users can drive straight to the workshop without the need to wait in line.

In an unforeseen event of a car breakdown, users can send an SOS from their smartphones to the nearest workshop for rescue

 Image via Car Bengkel

With over 5,000 car workshops, users can expect a response in no time! Also, it's definitely much better than some random truck that pops by to take advantage of the situation.

Reminders are also available on the app to help users keep track of their car mileage and service dates

 Image via Car Bengkel
No more missing out on service dates!

Car Bengkel is expanding fast in the nation and plans to expand to neighbouring countries like Thailand and Singapore. The app recently partnered with Continental Tyres to help out in the expansion.

 Baniaz with Continental's Cameron Wilson (L)            Image via Vernon Chan

 The partnership enables users of the app to locate the nearest Continental, Dunlop or Viking workshops nationwide.

Interested? You can download Car Bengkel on iTunes and Google Playstore.
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  1. Where to get tis apps? it's more convenience especially got car breakdown or tyres problem at highway.

    1. to avoid tyres problem, dun use 2nd hand tyre, some ppl want to save money and never change tyres or use only 2nd hand tyre, I think better buy budget tyre like viking.

    2. @Emily I think Viking tyres not really good to use leh, feel quite uncomfortable when driving as it produces a lot of noise and not really stable when going through bumpy roads. A bit not worth the money in my opinion.

    3. I think u better send ur car for service before travel long distance than using tis apps, btw, normally premium tyres wun be wear out so easily.

    4. @Emily JY
      I dun like budget tyre, too noise until I can't concentrate on driving on road, I would rather spend more for premium tyre.

    5. I use viking tyres for my viva 2 yrs ady, so far not so noise as u said, maybe the noise come from ur engine, haha, btw, I think it is worth for that price, I afford to change all 4 tyres, if I use same amount to buy premium tyres, maybe only can buy 1 or 2 tyres.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @Ria Viking tyres are cheaper but they are definitely not the same as the budget tyre that you think. Viking is made from technology imported from Germany so even though the price might not be that high the quality is defintely top notch compared to other budget tyres which are not really safe to be used on the roads.

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