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Being surrounded by people that loves to workout is one thing but loving to eat is another but that two characteristics are mostly synonyms with my circle for friends.  If you ever need to find a good outing place to eat.. you can always count on them. So I learn this new Thai restaurant that sounded abit weird but the food was gorgeous! Its the My Elephant Thai Restaurant at Sri Hartamas... For more detail, click HERE.  Its a birthday dinner for Sheikh Hisham and Micaela Soyza, two big names at the DH Zulu platoons that was organised by DH Zulu group of Otaiis (old timers) namely Stephanie Choong, Ryan Wong, Recently-retired-from-work Angela Loo, OBC-Australia 8 Week Finalist Kym Wishnowski, Stella Baake, DH Zulu Platoon Challenge Captain Sheikh Imran, Cobra-Rugby-team Azhar Jamal, Bank-Manager Caleb Lian Yoong Law, DH Zulu Lead Instructor Nawal Aini and of course the celebrated birthday guy and gal Sheikh Hisham and Very-Good-Chef Micaela Soyza.

We almost missed it when we were caught up with some errands but since the 'surprised birthday gift' was with us.. we made it just in time for the gift presentation, cake cutting and err.. cake eating! Yes Azhar.. we can hear your tummy calling our for the cake. So everyone began having Sheikh Hisham and Micaela Soyza on squat hold position, the COBC style (maybe for the 3rd time?)...

 and Azhar Jamal presented a pair of Vibram Five Fingers as a birthday present to Sheikh Hisham! and without much ado, Sheikh Hisham immediately wore the Five Finger.. Micaela.. err.. slowly whispered and said.. why no one want to five finger me? Eeek...

 Having worn most talked about Vibram Five Finger, we err.. of course, camwhore a little.. show off our stylo milo shoe...

A few minutes later.. we rushed back home to sleep early for tomorrow's COBC training at the BU Alpha!!! Sheikh Hisham & Micaela Soyza.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



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