Barely a month ago, the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) was appointed the authorised re-seller for Vibram Five Finger and we received our first containers of Vibrams sent via courier. The Vibram Five Finger was hailed the biggest shoe trend of the year 2011. Hollywood beauties favored the Vibram Five Fingers (V5F) above all other shoes. For more information click HERE. Alike the Hollywood, the COBC socialites too have all been fingered by V5F!

COBC bootcampers with Vibrams
Reward RM10 for anyone who can correctly guessed which legs belongs to who? and another RM10 to the winner of the best looking legs.. Start voting now!

COBC bootcamper have gone to many places with the Vibrams.. They've gone running.. they've gone mountain climbing and even hiking.

Today, I completed yet another race with the Vibram Five Finger at the Mizuno wave run and having a bad knee, I am thankful to V5F. My knee pain was gone while running with Vibram but before any long distance run, we have to train with the Vibram first.. perhaps walk or run in the vibrams for a few weeks. Please do not simply run in a new brand new Vibram if you have never own or worn a Vibram before.

Although the Vibram was made popular by instructors and recruits from the COBC, others from non-bootcampers too are into Vibram. I am on Vibram full-time at work, meeting and even to PROTON EDAR. Recently, the Marketing General Manager for PROTON EDAR bought 2 pairs of Vibram to be er.. be stylo? and to run in comfort and style. PROTON EDAR and our insurance partner Allianz have both set-up their runners club.

Sidik Abdul Hamid, PROTON EDAR General Manager was so excited, he wanted to kick me... aiiks

At home, even Aaraf Armin is on Vibram...

In Penang, COBC Sarge Boon, wore the Vibram in more stylo.. with Kinisio Taping!!

If you have not owned a Vibram yet, this is the time!! To order, you can inquire any of COBC instructors or alternatively email me at or just order online at


For extra reading on Vibram Five Fingers, click HERE.