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The new millennium has seen a drastic change in Men’s behaviour which confuses many. Gone were the days of the Macho rugged look or the weary rocker style but the birth of what is called the metrosexual men (sorry Razak, Rhiza.. get updated! You too Suso…!).

I was inspired to write about metrosexual men having overheard some arguments between a bunch of friends at the Hilton hotel. Metrosexual man was made popular by David Beckham as a metrosexual posterboy. There are various definitions of Metrosexual by Simpson 2002 etc and there were various debates on the terms used but many seem to misunderstood the meaning and relate metrosexual man as gay or homosexual. Some men were embarrassed and some took offense (like the bunch at the Hilton Hotel) when being called metrosexual without even knowing its real meaning. Wikipedia defines metrosexual man as a neologism generally applied to heterosexual men with a strong concern for their appearance, or whose lifestyles display attributes stereotypically seen among gay men.

The traditional old fashioned men, simply makes and earns money for the wife to spend. Metrosexual man simply makes and earns money for himself (and perhaps his wife) to shop, be fashionable and spend in grooming to be well polished.

So what typically does metrosexual man do? They walk fashionably in the latest collections of designers wear, the latest collections of shoes, watches, ties or even designer jeans and t shirts. Metrosexual man grooms themselves well and regularly with facial and spa, manicure and pedicure, hair treatments as well as a gym members keeping themselves lean and maintaining the model physiques.

Vanity works similar between man and women of the new millennium irregardess of age. My buddy Abu is 51 years old and is as metro as those in their 20s. Whilst many men are more conscious about their wear, look and care, there are still many men whom still hesitate to groom themselves in fear of being associated with fag. The truth is, every men wants to groom themselves but doesn’t know where to go. Most ladies (definitely mine) prefers their man to groom with most had to nag to their man endlessly but there are some ladies that refuse to allow or accept their man turning metro probably in fear of losing their man to a younger girls...

So for a start, for a trendy and fashionable designer clothing, try the Louis Vuitton sports, Polo Ralph Lauren, Zegna and Hugo Boss. A good facial care for man definitely the Valmont and there is no better place for a good manicure and pedicure than the Nails retreat. Watches are very much personal to the person but the In now is the big watches like Panerai and Audimars Piguet. Diamond ring too is a default accessory for man.

So guys, since we are the family’s breadwinner, we have to work double hard to ensure we have enough to spend over and above the spouse’s needs.

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