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One of the best pleasure after a good run is a well deserving good body massage or a reflexology. I did a good 10km run this morning at my regular training venue, Kiara Hill and i believed i deserve a good massage.

The golden question to ask is the location of the best place for a massage? My regular massage centre is either at Just Relax @ damansara perdana, Touches De Siam @ the Centrepoint, Bandar Utama or the Sanwa massage @ desa Sri hartamas (next to Soul'ed out).

The Just Relax is really relaxing and the masseur are from indonesia. Touches de Siam masseur are all from Thailand and Sanwa Massage are from china. At all the 3 centres, all guests are required to change and wear a pyjamas type clothing that they provides, so for the shy people (like me..) you dont have to go naked when being massage.

The masseur @ Touches De Siam and Sanwa Massage can neither speak English nor Malay... So i have to use the sign language. For a body massage, i prefers the Touches De Siam but will die for a reflexology @ Sanwa. I have not tried the body massage at Sanwa but i can sleep well while being pampered with relaxing massage at the Just Relax...

So depending on your preference, you should check each of the centre and judge for yourself. The telephone number of Just relax @ Damansara Perdana is 0123710829 (speak to Theresa) and Touches de Siam @ Bandar Utama Centrepoint 0377107866. i lost the number for Sanwa massage but if you are familiar with Souled Out @ desa sri hartamas, it is along the same building.


  1. Hi Bro...

    I totally agree on going for body massage or a reflexology after a good work out.

    But sometime it can be anytime when we feel our body feel so tired.

    Still remember my first body massage during our Satria GTi Club Sawadee Phuket Trip way back in 2003. Since than its like addiction to go for massage whenever i have the opportunity. And so do many of other friends said that you will get addicted once you tried it.

    Well of course in Thailand the massage type are different where they lift and fold you into two, which is totaly different compare to Indonesia or China.

    I prefer Indonesian style since they are more smooth and relaxing.

    My recent visit was at Palace of Golden Horses but was really disappointed with the treatment and they were not friendly enough. I guess im just used to being pampered by friendly Thai massage girls... which they are good at it !

    Plan to visit the famous Mandara Spa since lots of people talking about it...

  2. Bro,
    Massage is best at anytime... but purely heaven after abusing our body beyond limits.. ie a marathon.

    Did you visit the Mandara Spa?


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