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Since this is my first post as a blogger, i reckon i should first start by introducing what inspires me to create my own blog. i have been wanting to 'write' since the day i was diagnose to have leukaemia in 1989. i wanted to write about my experiences in dealing with terminal cancer. yes insya allah the book will be completed this year, so i can published it next year, 20 years since my diagnosis. The book was delayed for 20 years because i never had the time to complete it...(ya ya reasons reasons....) i had other priorities but the book will be completed this year which my sister who is a doctor in London is helping me out with some editing and details.

Having the experience in writing the book (that hopefully can be publish next year), I want to further express my thought, ideas, predicaments as a cancer survivor, entrepreneur, Managing Director of Fasfik, Deputy President of Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia as well as an individual and a Malaysian.

On various occasion, during various Press Conference held with various media, what i wanted to communicate was not published. There are also various extreme experience that i wanted to share with anybody that is interested but cannot find the time to share. i have also received many invitations to speak at many functions but because of other prior engagement and priorities, regrettably, i had to decline. i trust this blog will be beneficial to everybody as a point to interact, share extreme experiences, extreme ideas, extreme predicaments and find a platform to find FASFIK solution.

i was more inspired to create this blog when i met my Fasfik crew at Fasfik Putra height branch who created his own blog (when i am still figuring out how to create one) to draw more customers to his outlets to achieve my sales target. However, being new at this blog-thingy.. please aplogize if the updates is slower than expected.

see you on the next post.
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Stay Tuned~


both, mystorymag
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