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True Fitness VS Fitness First gym...

Whilst waiting for the Incredible Hulk movie at the Cineplex yesterday, I met Jasper. Jasper was one of the Personal Trainer at the True Fitness gym. He is now a Personal Trainer at the Fitness First. He adamantly insisted that the Fitness First has a better package for instructors than the True Fitness gym. Many of my Personal trainer friends that i befriend when i was a Fitness First gym member for 6 years left for Fitness first for the TrueFitness gym (and adamantly claimed the opposite of Jasper)… hence, it is always greener on the other side.

I have tried many 7-days free trials at the California gym (Mid Valley Mega Mall), Celebrity Fitness (One Utama Shopping Mall) and Clark Hatch and is a gym club member for more than 11 years at 3 of the ost established gym in Kuala Lumpur namely Fitness First, True Fitness and Fitness Network.

What is important to a club member (to be consistent with their workout) is the convenient for parking and the location to the work place as well as the resident… then of course the quality and varieties of the equipments. BUT what is more important to me as a club member are the maintenance of the gym toilet as well as the equipments and the opening hours.

I was quite content with the Fitness First gym BUT am VERY PISSED OFF with their loyal customer policy programme. There was no customer retention programme and certainly no package for loyal customer. Being a pioneer member (310th member- membership number ending with ..00310) when Fitness First was first open in 2001 @ Menara John Hancock, I inquired if there was any package for loyal customer like me to be answered with a big NO. Since I joined the Fitness first, I have brought more than 100 friends between the year 2001 to 2007 (the year I terminated my membership).

The monthly fees for Fitness First gym is RM170 per month or approximately RM2,040 per annum. Being a Fitness first club member since 2001, todate I would have paid a total of RM28,560 for me and Nawal and what do I get for being a loyal member to Fitness First…. NOTHING. I paid ONLY 1/3 of the total amount spent at Fitness First gym to the TRUE FITNESS GYM VIP black card membership and got a membership for life (with a negligible yearly payment after the 5th year).

So friends.. please choose your gym carefully as gym club membership is a lifetime investment for a good health. When I have some extra time, I will write and do a thorough comparison of all the establish gym terms and conditions of membership. Until then, stay tune…
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  1. I am curious about buying a True Fitness VIP membership in Malaysia. I live in Bangkok and the prices they are quoting me are much higher then what they seem to be in Malaysia.

    Do you know if a non-resident in Malaysia can buy a True Fitness membership Malaysia? If so, I would use it almost exclusively in Bangkok and Singapore.

  2. Chicago is a huge city and we must know where great gyms are located. The best fitness club that I know is Chicago Athletic Club. My family and I attended fitness class regularly 3 times a week and we really enjoyed it.


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