The East Wing

It is amazing how a short stint with a group of friends can be developed into such a close family-hood. I performed my pilgrimage in 2006 almost two years ago. I went there with a good friend Abdul (not his real name) and did not know anybody else. There were 120 of us in the Zamrud Package organised by tabung haji. Now, almost two years later, we are as intact a friendship as if we had known each other all our life.

About 20 of us from the group gathered today at the East Wing, Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club. Whilst in Mekah, all of us dressed in ‘ihram’, a mere two piece towel-like cloth covering our body without any Louis Vuitton shirt or Gianfranco Ferre jeans, or Hugo Boss underwear.. kinky as it may sound but we were there for religious purpose!.. there were no Cayenne, Porshe, Ferrari or Masseratti. It was relationship built entirely on friendship-chemistry which is almost non-existence nowadays. Today friendship is built on ‘xx Bin VIP’ or ‘Dato/Tan Sri VIP” or whose crony or who you are connected to. As na├»ve as I could be, little did I realize almost everybody in our group are all VIPs and master in their industry. But these are the true friendship which I would trade all my friends for, at anytime. They are humble, religious, intellect and especially sincere.

Whilst the ladies were entertained by datin pot (not real name), the men were discussing topics of national interest. Yes we were all worried of what is becoming of Malaysia. Our economy is already downward sloping but we were more concern with our country’s political instability. It is unknown in Malaysia politics such a political conspiracy, espionage and greed for power until now. Even a political scientist would not be able to read and forecast the outcome of Malaysia conspiracy. What puzzles me, is who the real Mastermind behind the conspiracy. I doubt Abdullah Badawi or his 4th floor boys are capable of orchestrating the whole conspiracy but from the look of it, he has both his deputy Najib and Anwar Ibrahim check-mate!

Whilst all the politic ploy is currently in favour to Abdullah given his deputy’s credibility at stake when he admitted to attending Saiful at his own house a day after he denies it to the press and the Statutory Declaration implicating his wife in the Altantuya case still hanging over him. Anwar on the other hand, is only all talk in politicising all the weaknesses of Barisan Nasional without any real agenda to what he can do that Barisan component cannot do. His only agenda is to become the Prime Minister.

But we don’t care.. or rather I do not care whatever the political conspiracy, espionage and play and whomever are behind it (though I am puzzled and disgusted), what I care is what we can or the public can benefit from Abdullah, Najib or even Anwar. The alleged corruptions, judicial malpractice are practices that affected only some people from getting projects and the few ex-judges (that was paid millions in total compensation) but these are only the minority. What about the millions of other people? The millions who are not hungry for any concessions and mega projects but merely looking for jobs and opportunity to feed their family. The minority, the ex-judges and the special limited cronies were awarded and compensated in millions but the millions of other people are only compensated in Hundreds (RM625 to be exact- from road tax subsidy). These millions are the people that suffers from the current state of economic conditions but how are they compensated? By the increase of petrol, electricity, chicken, rice, toll prices.. to name a few. We need a fasfik solution for the current state our country economy and not political games.

Our Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi had disappointed us in many aspects (especially when he fell asleep in the world-known Earth,Wind & Fire concert.. imagine his snore when he attempt to understand the nation’s problem), had failed us in the last general election and has not done enough in managing our economy. If he increases the interest rate (which I was told very soon), that will be the start of a very bad period ahead and should be the end of our trust in him especially when all other essential expenses too has been increased.

A plan for a brief 930am breakfast gathering ended after lunch at 2pm. We all agree for a new PM but is inconclusive on who should be the new PM. The political and economic issues were all inconclusive too but Datin Pot and the ladies had concluded their morning breakfast dicussion. Apparently, ladies issues were easier to conclude. The ladies conclude to participate in the 10km run @ Adidas King of the Road on 10 August in Shah Alam. They even conclude for their man to run as well. Nawal will register the ladies and their spouse and organise the first training next weekend at the KLCC jogging track. This is a pure display of women power! We left home to enjoy whatever that is left of the weekend….. have a good weekend.