The one & only...

I was privileged to grow up having my both my mum and dad at home most of my childhood. Although my dad was always busy, but he never failed to be home by 6pm, have family dinner and be the imam (with my siblings) for the maghrib prayer at home and me (hihii.. yes believe it) as the bilal. That was the upbringing during childhood, a sort of family protocol.

Now, what was taken for granted was that moment of quality family time that our parent invested in our childhood. Current lifestyle is more demanding with hectic work schedules and endless meetings daily, that makes it impossible to be home as early as 6pm. My whole 14 years of working life, never ended before 10pm. The saddest part, we neglect both our children that hunger for attention (unlike how our parent raised us) as well as our parent who are getting older every day. Yes, i am guilty as charge.

I celebrated my mum’s 60th birthday yesterday and could not help but to ponder those younger days when I was a child or just a boy. The undivided love and commitment without any complain of a mother is never forgotten especially in raising a sick child like me.

We gathered at home with about 100 relatives for prayer and dinner. After the maghrib prayer, we read the Yasin and tahlil for all relatives that had passed away and prayed for the birthday mum’s better health and for her longer blissful life. We surprised her with my cousin lisz, playing the violin with all of us singing the birthday song.

It was a simple gathering of all relatives. If any of my relatives reading this, thank you for making the night memorable. It is hard to buy anything for a mother because all her life, there is nothing that she want except for the happiness in all her children.

I am blessed to have a mother that is also a good friend and a good shoulder to cry on. i am happiest to see through her 60th birthday. I pray endlessly for my good health to see through her old age and be there beside her until her last day… insyaallah.