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A muslim country that must be halal'rize?

Islam by Federal constitution (Article 3) is without doubt the official religion of Malaysia although they have been much debate whether Malaysia is actually an Islamic state secular or otherwise. I have my own interpretation of Article 3 and disagree with Tommy Thomas, Advocate & solicitor whom declared Malaysia as a non-Islamic state in his paper delivered at the 13th Malaysian Law Conference in 2005. However, my interpretation and personal thought is less relevant to today's blog topic especially since the Article 3 has no direct or indirect effect to the public mass except to some unscrupulous lawyers and politicians.

What is relevant is that Islam is the official religion in Malaysia. Yesterday, 28 May 2008 article in the Star revealed nearly 50,000 non-Muslim outlets throughout the country paid as much as RM5,000 for a halal certificate that was not recognised by Jakim. The actual cost for halal certificate (if complied) is only RM100 (see: rate)

The Muslims comprised the majority of the population, thus surely, the false halal certification is in high demand amongst the problematic restaurant operators who failed to adhere to Jakim’s stipulated regulations and procedures.

What disturbed me.... why does Muslims or non-Muslim companies or restaurants in Malaysia requires or need to register for a halal certification when Islam is the official religion in Malaysia. I understand the need for the halal certification for export purposes but for domestic certification especially when Islam is the official religion?

The non-Muslim can consume all the ingredients that constitute a halal food (please correct me if i am wrong) except for Hindu and Buddhist that cannot consume anything that contained beef. If there is any certification that is required in Malaysia, it should be a NON-HALAL certification instead of halal especially when there are more halal outlets than the non-halal; henceforth, the non-halal certification will not burden the majority operators.

Since Islam is the official religion of Malaysia, all outlets should be deemed as 'halal' without any doubt unless otherwise registered and stated. Our government should ensure only halal imported products are allowed and produced (by both Muslims or non-Muslims) in Malaysia and those non-halal products are imported or produced only by the registered Non-Halal companies to be sold at the registered Non-Halal outlets akin of supermarket selling pork at the non-halal counter. Nonetheless, the government is the issuer of all license and permits for import, export , food factories and even local farm and slaughter houses as well as all farms.

Muslims certifying and paying for certification to label their outlets as halal is insane similarly, non-Muslim paying RM5,000 for an otherwise fee of Rm100 is absurd. It would be easier for non-muslim to register their outlets as non-halal without having to pay (RM5,000) for unnecessary compliance. The muslims can then avoid eating at the non-halal registered outlets and eat anywhere else without having any doubts on its halal status.

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  1. Armin,

    the government need to spend more money

    1) for manpower to ensure all imports are 'halal'

    2) introduce new bills in parliament to only allow 'halal'imported products

    now government is making a hell of alot of money from 'halal' cert for manufacturers, restaurtans and operators.

    government will make less money from non-halal certification. do you think government wants to lose that budget? and spend more money to ensure every import is halal?

    i dont think so. but i have also have halal restaurant but i have halal restaurant too. chinese restaurant sometime don understand what is needed to become halal restaurant. they think no babi meaning halal la. when they apply for certificate, they fail.

    But its true that if everthing in Malaysia is halal, then even chinese restaurant that doesnt cook and sell pork is halal. it is a good idea if government can do la.

    if not maybe make PKR the government then you can implement.


  2. Boss

    this is same kes like car tinted glass la. tinted film for cars are allowed to be imported into malaysia and when the company apply for business license the municipal council approved.

    Ministry of domestic trade does inspection, also no issue.

    but when instal on the car leh... JPJ saman.

    the problem is with the 'imported' product la.. if the imported product is controlled.. then less illegal activities.

    Chinese doesnt know what islam is or what is the requirement. the same way islam people dont know about other religion but rational thinking food is food. since malaysia is an islamic country, then i agree, only let the halal food to be imported into malaysia, miti regulate all food and meat produce in malaysia, then we chinese also can cari makan. if we want halal, then we dont sell pork.

    but if we chinese, have to learn to understand what islam people can eat then only can open restaurant, sure one bayar Rm5,000. try to ask muslim to learn about other people in the other religion can cook... tak boleh bukan?

    thank you boss


  3. Dear Chong and raju

    Its not about politics. its about the well-being of malaysian.

    being the majority race in malaysia, all race irrespective of muslims or non-muslims should be able to sell (esp food business) to the majority mass.

    it is not possible for non-muslims to know so much about 'halal' food that muslims can eat but if the government can ensure all local and imported products are all halal and only the registered non-halal meat or products must be registered, then it is easier for the non-muslims too open a halal outlets without having to forge or pay Rm5000 unnecessarily.

    Imagine 50,000 x RM5,000 .. some parties are making alot of monies for nothing.

    p/s raju.. u a chinese with indian name? :-)

  4. A'kum,
    saya dari muar. saya setuju cadangan abang armin


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