1 SCHOOL FOR ALL / 1 Sekolah untuk Semua

Yesterday, I stumbled across the movement for 1 SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA petition @ Rocky’s Bru which is in my ‘followed blog list’. I read on to understand the petition. Earlier this month, on 2 May 2009, a group of pro-unity bloggers had started a campaigned for 1 SCHOOL FOR ALL MALAYSIANS / 1 SEKOLAH UNTUK SEMUA.

I signed the petition in favour of “1 School for all” as the 1,124th Signature and joined the blogosphere group in their campaign because I like what they are trying to do. Various attempts have been laid towards the 1 bangsa, Bangsa Malaysia including the Vision 2020. With a segregation of race sentiments in the present generations and the instilled similar sentiment in the present and future kids via the vernacular school system, Malaysians will continue to be apportioned by race. The vision of a developed nation by 2020 although currently is far reached, is possible if all Malaysians are united.

The foundation to forge nation unity and national integration is through the future children in a Singular School System. The concept of vernacular school must be streamlined for a singular school system for all Malaysia. Join and signed the petition here.