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Welcome to the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Malaysia 13th graduation party at Bustanu Pahamin... my home. Every month, we celebrate our hard work, our hard core commitment, our passion and get together to indulge ourselves with sins in heaven.. eh I mean sinful food in heaven!! and since its Puasa month, we had a buka puasa pot-luck do!! MAKANSUTRA!! (ciplak'ed from Kamsasutra). What did we have at the Pot-Luck? yes... more than what we bargain for! Didn't know everyone is as good a Chef as they are in training... or err.. maybe good at buying food?

The theme for the 13th Graduation was Green and Yellow!!! and yes I was in Shocking Green and Yellow!! So shocking that I heard a shocking Gossip that left us all in elongated laughing tears even until this morning when we chatted online on BBM Chat room. Someone was having a conversation with Farhanah Bamadhaj and one part in the conversation, said.. 'I wonder who this gay guy is'.. Eeek. because he was wearing Shocking Green and Yellow jeans!! Now.. where is Rose Emini Pahamin who chose the colour theme and make me look gay? need to blame it on her and maybe give her Grunts inferno. Sarge (COBC) Dann was the first to arrived with SATAY HAJI SAMURI!!! Waaa... sheer torture counting down to breaking fast in 2hours! The aroma.. the smell... iiiisk.. now felt like having satay again!!


Then other guests arrived and while counting down to breaking fast,  typically they camwhore'd.... (Click on Picture to enlarge)

and its MAKAN TIME!!!!!!! break fasting...
aah!!! Sarge and Corp @ NASI LEMAK??!!!

There were so many food.. there were pizza, macaronni, fried noodles, even CHOCOLATE FONDUE!!!

There were varieties of kuih muih... but paparazzi only took picture of two.. There were fruits, 4 cakes, bread puddings,  mooncake, 6 types of biscuits... Oooh.. too many to mention all

They makan and they camwhore then makan then camwhore.. waaa.. so good life!!

Its time for SPEECH!!!

Hi.. My name is ARMIN BANIAZ PAHAMIN and I am straight.. ROTFLOL... If there is one more thing that make us all very special is our sense of humor. I am glad and proud to be part of this fantastic team that share the same passion for fitness and health. I am grateful and thankful for all the support extended to me, my team and the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC). People join the COBC for various reason. They are some that joined the COBC to conquer Mt Kinabalu, they are some that join COBC to look gorgeous for their wedding, they are some that join the COBC to go diving and they are some that join the COBC for various competition. One of our bootcamper in Australia join the bootcamp to compete in Muay Thai competition and regretfully died in one of the match. Let us all observe a minute of silence as a respect for MARK FOWLER. Then I talk and talk and yada yada yada.... before passing the mic to Dr Malek Aziz, my partner.. eh.. there is no mic.. I mean passed the floor.

Then we called on a few recruits 
to share with us their experience.
Corp (COBC) Chun.. our instructor that was featured on 
Mens Health magazine, September 2011 Edition

Kym Mountstephen

Our recruit ADVANCE TAN!!

and of Course RAYYAN HARIES

Its time for the ACE Award presentation
The recipients for the 100% Attendance, 100% Commitment, 110% Effort

The announcement for the most prestigious 


July SOB- USJ1 Alpja

Stay tuned for the other SOB pictures with certificate being processed but they are Dixon Thum (July-USJ Alpha), Elgy Tan (Aug-USJA) Chan Meng Yam (July-BUA), Daniel Mc Cord (Aug-BUA), Anis Ramli (July-BUB), Rachel Tan (Aug-BUB), Lavern Lee (July- USJB), David Oh (Aug USJB)

Finally, its time to sing to our August birthday babies.. 

Of course.. they must be the COBC style @ squat pulses
while everybody singing!!

Last but not least, I inserted the song "We are the World" in this blog because that is exactly how I feel with everyone
a strong sense of unity!!!


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