FOOD Seduction.. aka Kamasutra MAKANSUTRA!! Who would not go wild thinking of food especially during fasting month and when there is only a few hours left before breaking fast... unless someone is not fasting :-p There is no better topic to talk during fasting month than food!!! So lets talk food. Yesterday, this friend make me salivate for steak!!! at Menate Steak!! (Menate is a Kelantan pronunciation of Binatang) and now I cant stop thinking of steak!! cisss.. menate.....

We were introduced by Menate steak by my training partner Dr Malek Aziz in Ampang... We had our regular team meeting and Dr Malek Aziz chose the Menate Steak to protein-load!! huh.. we were loaded alright. Last Saturday, my other partner Daing Daniel Fitri went there again.. quietly!! secretly!!!!

Menate Steak is butcher style steak house where we buy meat according to our stomach size and the chef would cook it to perfection and serve fresh from the oven. When ordering, an ordinary stomach size would be approximately 150gram but the Menate Steak house minimum size is 200gram typically because the steak house was mandated by us to make their customers fat so their customer had no other choice but to join the bootcamp.. ahaks.. just kidding. The Menate Steak House is a local Malaysian restaurant with the same concept as Las Vacas.

Oooh.. slurrp.. 3 hours to go!!!

Now let us further indulge our imagination with Asam Pedas lover!!!! Yes.. asam pedas lover must visit the Mimpi Muor, Asam Peda Muar Restaurant at Mutiara Damansara.. 5 minutes from the e-Curve. The restaurant can be found at HERE, or find them at No. 20-1, Jalan PJU7/16A, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 PJ, Selangor. For more information call bob at 0127006783 or Shahrul 0172532809.

The thought of nasi panas with asam pedas ikan Jenahak!! Wowww...

 They serve 4 types of Asam Pedas, Asam Pedas ikan Tenggiri, Parang, Jenahak, kepala ikan.

Asam Pedas Jenahak with nasi panas.. was orgasmic!! Somehow, I am always surrounded by friends who share similar passion for eating!! aiseyman... Friends that would travel the distance just for food.

Another salivating thought is the Sup Tulang!!! If ever you landed in Singapore, a must visit place for Sup Tulang is the King of Soup Tulang M.A. Deen Biasa Pte ltd at Jalan Sultan, opposite Maybank. I first discovered this restaurant when we went to Singapore last year for the Singapore Sundown marathon. Daing Daniel Fitri was responsible to get us all hooked (and addicted) to this restaurant and everytime we landed in Singapore, this is almost a compulsory place to visit.

Naturally, last month when we landed in Singapore, proudly and for once, I bragged and brought a friend whom would otherwise, is the person to bring me to various eateries in almost every part of the world.

After finishing the bowl full of sup tulang.. we went to the Soup tulang at Changi Road, Geylang... Har Yassin Restaurant!!!

The tenderness.. Oh my god!!! it was cook to perfection! so tender!!!

Oh my god!! Delicious was an understatement!!! Fabulous was not even close!!

The red soup tulang was straw-sucking good!!! 

Damn.. I could just hop on the car now and take a drive down to Singapore for a round of Soup Tulang. KL- Singapore drive...... musafir?

Stay tune for more MakanSutra!! OH GOD....... 2 hours 45 minutes!!! Aaaaa.....