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Caution: The following is merely fictions and a made-up story for COBC Second Battle of Platoons.

The COBC administrative on helicopter was earlier attacked and crashed. All food supplies that was transported was destroyed and Admin Rose Emini Pahamin was the only survivor. Rose Emini sent out an SOS alert to Dr Malek whom was attending to Soldiers with toothache. Mayday Mayday!! The Blackhawk is down!! Dr Malek Aziz whom received the SOS quickly alerted  COBC Operative head, Staff Sarge (COBC) Dann. The survivor of the crashed had with her the list of all undercover intelligence that can spark a global political crisis. To ensure their secrets were safe, four battalions were dispersed by different regiments.

A war cry was sent out to ensure there were no diplomatic crisis and 9 white knights were gathered to supervise the four battalions. This broke history when a coalition from Ampang, Cyberjaya, Shah Alam and Penang unite and formed an alliance that was codenamed, the Avengers. The other three battalions were the Spartans, the Highlanders and the Legends.

 The Commander that led the coalition Avengers was Mohd Azmir Zed whom brought along with him an army of 50 soldiers. The Avengers, Spartans, Highlanders and Legends had only one mission, to reach, rescue the survivor first and safekeep the secret from being revealed and exposed to other batallion.

This rescue team became the mission for the Battle of Platoons 2012!!

The white nights secured the parameter as early as 3am for the battle field to avoid any civilians from being dragged into the cold war.

Left: Corporal (COBC) Wan, Lance Corporal (COBC Ridz, Sarge COBC) Boon, Sarge (COBC) Nawal, Staff Sarge (COBC) Dann, Sarge (COBC) Tom, Lance Corporal (COBC) Kenny, Lance Corporal (COBC) Resh, Sarge (COBC) Chun.

At 5:30am, the soldiers gathered in their respective uniform under their unit commander. The uniform distinct themselves from the enemy to avoid being shot by the enemy snipers.

Colin Chong Wern Loong: Tonight we shall dine in Hell I mean.. at Ecobar!

 The Highlander Captain Azhar Jamal and Co-Captain Afiq

Briefing of unit commanders!!

After a briefing and de-briefing, the unit Captain led their team with a total participants exceeding 200 soldiers into battle!!

They had to saved the injured on stretcher... carried their weapons and equipments without dropping them to the ground!! 

The Subang jaya USJ1 became the legend for various reasons and not just in name. Their Commander, Tan Wee Liam repeated reminded their comrade that it was never about winning! There were many occasions that the Avengers overtook them but Captain Tan Wee Liam held his unit together and said, "Do not get intimidated by them!! Keep ourselves together! Disregard our enemy's strength and speed. Maintain our pace and our unit!! Avoid being penalised. As long as we are together, that is all that matters!!". Every team member were within a step away, all the way!

The Avengers overtook the Legends and they took turn overtaking each other. The spirit were high. i have never seen such a strong spirited team! The Commander, the Blue ribbons, were all smiley although the intensity of the battle was so heated!

On the other route of the battle zone, the Highlanders were competing with the Spartans. The Highlanders was the 2011 Champion. The Captain Azhar Jamal is pressure to maintain the Highlanders to be the no 1. The Spartan on the other hand was less stressful. They knew what it takes to win the battle. It is not just about fitness and strength but also discipline, teamwork and comradeship.

The Spartan commander, Joe Liew led his team with the strength of his passion!! Joe Liew's enthusiasm and energy was most admired by many. His co-Captain Afiza Abdul Halin were both COBC Pioneers.

Finally, both team reached the battle field!!

Spotted, the COBC operative head, Staff Sarge Dann in his white Beemer!! Click on picture to see What SSD and LCOdy were doing in their car!!

Both batallion was side by side with each other!!

But the Spartan reached the Battle Field first and began had to go through various obstacle to rescue some very important equipments.

Shortly later, the Highlanders arrived with a vengeance!!

The Spartans were leading by a few team members but the highlander were fast in catching up!!!

The highlander completed the course and the Spartans was still struggling!!

The Spartans were very stressed!!! There were a moment of silence as the Highlander ran passed the soldiers whom were waiting in vain.

The Highlanders completed the BlackHawk mission first and scored 3 points!! The Spartan was second with 2 points. The Legends and Avengers both collected 1 point each.

Stay tuned for part 2: "Torture in the Chamber"!!

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