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Unbeknown to many, although the Blackhawk rescue mission was a success but there were many Prisoners of War (POW). These POW were endlessly tortured for them to confessed that I am the only STALLion and spell out who is the Champion!! No one wanted to admit!!  and so there were no mercy!! The torture had breach the Geneva Convention on POW and worst even breached the COBC Durian Convention!! The soldiers were tortured to spill out whatever secret they knew. The white knights in white tee wanted to know who were the best Rangers, who were the strongest Seal and who were the best Delta in the whole Malaysia COBC Regiment but everyone was silent!!! They kept the secret so tight that the White Knight had no other option but to execute them slowly but painfully. One by one were executed in an excruciating torture... and only the strongest will survived.

The Killing Field
Prisoners Of War (POW) were lined up ready for the gruesome torture...

Sarge (COBC) Chun: Psst Doc Malek, should we extract their teeth too?

The first torture began!! Everyone was asked to hold their shit.. 
Eh I mean squat hold!!

While werewolves would appeared when there is a full moon!! Wildcat on the other hand, appeared when there is a full sun!!

Even a Kuda became human!!..err or maybe inhuman

Hold Hold hold......... Jeff: Walla.. kenot tahan wor!!

Joe Liew, Spartan Captain was holding on..

Gerrie Wong

The Legend Captain Tan Wee Liam motivating his subject, Dixon Thum!!

Spartan Co-Captain could not hold on.. Afiza: "err.. I poo in my pants?"

Some looking so fierce..

As if that squat hold was not excruciating enough, all prisoner were err.. crucified with the t-torture..

Suzie Borhan!!

They tried to intimidate their rival!!!
ROar!! eh.. Meow!!!

Tried hard to look fierce!!

but they look cute instead..

Harley Davidson Affandi Jamaludin.. Peace brother!! make love, not war!

"An Honest Mistake".... "No mistake!! We going to win!!, said Darren from Spartan!

Micaela Soyza

Vivien Luyen Ow

Surani Ahmad

Lorrine C Xavier

Highlander loyalist!! Sheikh Hisham Iskandar

Affik Zakie


Joe Liew

Joseph Rajah

Tan Wee Liam

Lilian Lee

Ody Nurfuadi Ruzali

Dr Malek Aziz

Corporal Resh aka Suresh

Nawal Aini Zulkifli

Sarge Boon

Rose Emini Pahamin

Staff Sarge Dann

Lance Corporal Kenny

Sarge Chun

Sarge Tom

Lance Corporal Ridz

They were the last two last man standing!! 
Joe Liew from Spartans VS Firdaus from Highlander

When the winner was announced, Spartan Co-Captain screamed the loudest!

HOOYAH!!! and sang... "Kita menang yae yae.. Kita menang yae yae!!"

Raja Affandi Jamaludin too screamed louder than his Harley Davidson loud exhaust!

"Long Live COBC!!", say the most frequently voted and best improve Delta at COBC 

Spartans imported some recruit direct from India.. 

There were some torture that the Avengers endured and won the last person standing and guess who were the most excited? Yes.. none other than Datin Azura Abdul Halim!!

When the torture became even more excruciating, all of them planned for an escape.. to avoid being detected, they crawled away ala a bear..

Quietly.... they crawled away.... hoping no one can detect them!

One by one.. as quickly as they can, they crawled out of the Killing Field..

It was very tiring!! But they never gave up!!

They strategized... 
and prayed that everyone safely escaped!!

Finally, they counted.... How many prisoners escaped and the battalion with the most escapees won!!

After crawling passed through the killig field, jungle and dessert, they grabbed a rifle and ran with the rifle... escaping the white knight was even worst than hiding from the Talibans.

They ran as hard as they could...

After bear crawling and running with rifle to safety... they managed to find a safe zone and began to celebrate their escape when they suddenly realized....

They realized they are still prisoners of war that did not escape and they had to plan for a "Prison Break"!!!

So they gathered again for strategize!!

Prison Break?
Yes, Prison Break.... That is the finale!! Part 3..
Who will be crowned the Champion for 2012???

Can Highlander retained their Champion title?
Can the Spartan take back they claim was rightfully theirs?
Will the strong and most feared Legend, literally be a Legend and be crowned the Champion?
Can the Avengers being the youngest win the war? Last year, the youngest did!!!

Stay tuned for the Finale......


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