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Who is the Champion for 2012?
There are points allocated for each and every event and for some challenges, points were awarded too for every rank (Delta, Seal and Ranger). Having completed the full course, the instructors and Admins are now calculating the points to determine the winner.

The points as at now stands as follows:

The first challenge which was the Blackhawk Mission, Highlander received 3 Points being the First!! Spartans received 2 Points being the 2nd, 3rd placing went to the Legends and 4th placing to the Avengers!! so the summary is as follows:

1) The Blackhawk Mission
Highlanders - 3 Points
Spartans - 2 Points
Legends - 1 Point
Avengers - 1 Point

The second challenge the winner accumulate 1 point each for the strongest Delta, strongest Seal and strongest Ranger at the squat hold torture chamber. For the Delta category, the Spartans won the first placing. The Highlander won the Seal category and the category for the Ranger was again won by the Spartans!! Thus, the summary of points was as follows:
2) The Squat Hold for these category: 
Highlanders - 1
Spartans - 2
Legends - 0
Avengers - 0

Total accumulated points:
Highlanders - 4 Points
Spartans - 4 Points
Legends - 1 Point
Avengers - 1 Point

Highlander was neck to neck with the Spartans with four points each!! Can Highlander defend their Championship?

The third challenge was the T' hold (ala crucified) challenge which also carried a 1 point for the strongest categry, the Delta, Seal and Rangers. The Spartan won the category Delta, the Seal won by the Avengers and the Rangers, by the Highlander with the following points:

3) T' Hold 
Highlanders -1
Spartans - 1
Legends -0
Avengers -1

Total accumulated points:

Highlanders - 5 Points
Spartans - 5 Points
Legends - 1 Point
Avengers - 2 Point

The Highlander and the Spartans were still neck to neck competing with each other with 5 points each!! The competition was getting even more heated!! burning hot!!

Fourth Challenge was the Bear Crawl which also carried a 1 point per category for the winning team. The winner for the Delta category was the Legends!! The Legends also won the Seal category and the Spartans swept the point for the Ranger. The points are as follows:

4) Bear Crawl
Highlanders - 0
Spartans - 1
Legends - 2
Avengers -0

Total accumulated points:

Highlanders - 5 Points
Spartans - 6 Points
Legends - 3 Point
Avengers - 2 Point

Spartans overtook the Highlander by 1 point!!!! Can the Spartan be crowned the Champion for 2012?!?! Can the highlander defend their title?

Fifth challenge was the Overhead Rifle Run!! This challenge also awarded 1 points each for the winner of each ranking. The Delta category was won by the Legends!! The Seal too was clean swept by the Legend and the Spartans won the Ranger category. The points are as follows:

5) Overhead Rifle Run
Highlanders -0
Spartans - 1
Legends - 2
Avengers - 0

Total accumulated points:

Highlanders - 5 Points
Spartans - 7 Points
Legends - 5 Point
Avengers - 2 Point

The Legends was catching up fast having dominated the points for both the bear crawl and the overhead rifle run. At the third challenge, the Legends was still the last but now, the legend is on neck to neck with the defending 2011 champion. The Spartan was leading with 2 points extra.

The finale!! The Prison Break or the last challenge that carried 3 points for the winner, 2 points for the second placing and 1 points each for the 3rd and 4th placing. This will be the determinant factor for the team to be crowned the Champion for 2012!!

Who could it be?

 The highlanders?

The Spartans?

The Avengers

or the Legends

The winning team aka Champion will receive a medal each and have their platoon name imprinted on the prestigious COBC Boot Trophy!!!

The fourth placing for the Prison break was the Highlander whom managed to get 1 Point for his team. The third placing went to the young Avengers which also collected 1 point for his team. The second placing went to the Spartans whom are now 2 points richer and the champion for the Prison Break was the ....... LEGENDS with 3 points!!! From being the last, the Legends quickly sprinted forward to be...........

Lets look at the summary of the point!!

5) Prison Break
Highlanders - 1
Spartans - 2
Legends - 3
Avengers - 1

The total points accumulated in this more than 2 hours of teamwork, leadership enhancement and an unprecedented more than 200 participants are as follows:

Total accumulated points:

Highlanders - 6 Points
Spartans - 9 Points
Legends - 8 Point
Avengers - 3 Point

The Champion for Battle of Platoons 2012 went to ......

The Spartans!!!

But before the legendary Boot Trophy was awarded, we announced the winner for the Special Award.. This special award is given to the team with the best war cry, best team decoration, Spirit and energy. The judges for this award will be the democratic votes from instructors and admins! Last year Champion for the most stylo, hyper and best spirit was the Spartans!! This year, the award went to ....

The Legends!!!

With face painting pussy wildcats, red underwear ala superman, heart pumping war cry..

When the Champion for the 2012 Battle of Platoons was announced, the Spartans jumped with joy!!! They could not hold their excitement and just screamed!!!

Each member of the Spartans received the Championship medal..

Finally, on behalf of the COBC Malaysia team, I handed the prestigious Boot Trophy to the Spartans Captain Joe Liew!!!

2011 defending champion the Legends displayed a good sportmanship and celebrate the Spartan as the Champion!!

The scores were as follows:

Happiness was all the spartans!!

and also the highlander whom was all smiley

Joe Liew, the Spartan captain for 2012 and his committee addressed all the spartan teammates.

We camwhore.. and camwhore!!!

We hope all recruits had as funtabulous time as we did organising it!!

This event is without any cost to the recruit and was organised on an annual basis but this year we collect some funds for the Charity which we entrusted our recruit Wennice Chai to head the Charity drive. Will blog more about this later.

For now, the COBC team would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all participants. It is our second Battle of Platoons!! If there are any shortcomings, we are all ears for any feedback. It is through this feedback that we can further improve ourselves to give you a better service. Help us to serve you better through your sincere productive feedback. 

To all my team mates, I can only say thank you, Thank You and THANK YOU!!
It was a great pleasure working with you..

Next year, our Battle of Platoons will and can only be better!!

The Spartans trademark!! The triangle!



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