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COBC is famous for many things and of course the most prominent being our COBC very close community that we always pride ourselves with. At COBC, we bypass the normal hierarchy of friendship and immediately became BFF ala extended family members. Adam Heng from Subang Jaya said we are all friends-in-law akin of everyone being married to each other hah!! Ok no such thing but again, at COBC we regularly come out with our own vocabulary too, that only people at COBC would understand. Second after our strong community is our consistent discipline in our health and fitness!!! Of course, after almost sweating blood giving our best during each and every training, every month we dress to kill to flaunt our hard earn body!! That is over and above the confidence that we have slowly developed in consistent with a stronger and fitter self. To flaunt that hard earn, heart-throbbing, blood sweating effort, we get together on a monthly basis and we party!! big time party!!! and we have thusfar, organised 23 parties with various party theme bearing only one objective in mind.... Flaunt it!! I mean, for every recruit from more than 40 platoons at 7 locations to meet and get to know each other. There is no better platform to meet and share your experience and achievements with other fellow recruit. This experience is valuable and is an aspiration for many others.

1) June 2010 - World Cup Fever - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
2) July 2010 - White & Denim (The Duke, Taman Tun Dr Ismail
3 & 4) August & September 2010 - Aidil Fitri  (Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
5) October 2010 - Nerd and Geek - The Library, e-Curve
6) November 2010 - Hats Off - TGI Fridays, Curve
7) December 2010 - Ho Ho Ho # OBC International 20th Anniversary Celebration - The Modestos, Curve
8) January 2011 - Balik Kampung - Raja Affandi Jamaludin's Residence, Kampung Penchala
9) February 2011 - Pajamas - Viki Lim's Residence
10) March 2011 - Stripey Dotty - The Ecoba, Damansara Perdana
11) April 2012 -  Cowboy and Cowgirl - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights
12 & 13) May & June 2011 - Superheroes - The Soul'ed Out, Desa Sri Hartamas
14) July 2011 - Green and Yellow - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
15 & 16) September 2011 - Halloween - Tony Romas, Mt Kiara 
17) October 2011 - Wear your Old Cloth before COBC - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
18) November 2011 - Luau Hawaian Hotbods party - Bustanu Pahamin, Sungai Penchala
19) December 2011 - Smoking Jazzy Roaring Twenties - The Taps, Jalan Tanglin
20) January 2012 - Gennaio Italian Bootcamp Festo - The Italianes, The Empire, Subang Jaya
21) February 2012 - Ay Yariba yariba MExicano - Las Caritas, Damansara Heights
22) March 2012 - Checkered and Funky Glass High Tea - The Library, First Subang.
23) April 2012 - Rubic Cube Colour - Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights

Having organised 23 parties for 23 consecutive months, this month party was abit extra-ordinary!! Primarily because it was the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia Second Anniversary party!!

It is also our 24th Graduation Party!! To commemorate our 2nd Year Anniversary, we had also organised our annual Battle of Platoons earlier today on Saturday, 7 July 2012. This morning, we had almost 3 hours of battle and the Spartan became the Champion for 2012 while the most Stylo Mylo 2012 award went to the Legend!! Although we broke our daily diet with Nasi Lemak specially ordered and delivered by our recruit Kenny Lock Heng Weng whom became COBC knight in Shining Armour when he rescued us from our caterer-malfunction! A last minute call and Kenny Lock, sacrificed his sleep with only 2 hours before going into battle to deliver to the battle station 200 nasi lemak(s) and 200 bottles of mineral water, paid fully by COBC for our recruits-at-war and all their cheerleaders! Yes.. Everything pertains to the Battle of Platoons was organized and funded by COBC to commemorate everyone's support towards our establishment. Kenny Lock, thank you for catering to our nasi lemak sedap and thirst quenching mineral waters!!

The 24th party cum 2nd Year Anniversary party was held at the Ecoba at the Damansara Perdana. Yes!! for the 3rd time!! Why? Well... why not?!! Our very first party exactly 24 months ago was also at the Ecoba and nonetheless, we have organised there twice at the Ecoba! Now for the 3rd function at the Ecobar, our theme was the Uniform!!! I know!! Many people have different fantasies and fetishes but that was not the reason why Rose Emini Pahamin chose uniform as the theme but we reckon, when we celebrated our principal OBC International 20th Anniversary last year, we brought my friend H.E. General Kosal from Cambodia as our guest of honour. Then, when we celebrated our 1st year anniversary, we had the Super heroes as our theme. On our second year today, we reckon we must be different!! We must see how creative you can be!! We tapped into everyone's deepest fantasies and fetishes while we the COBC team came in.............. 

Rose Emini Pahamin arrived before 7am as a french maid (fortunately, nobody came as indon maid), to open the registration counter and hand-delivered the exclusive COBC 2nd Anniversary T'shirt that was given free with compliment to our recruit, paid by COBC as our gesture again to say Thank you!! The T'shirt was really exclusive, special order for the first 100 registrants. There was only 100 pieces being ordered to maintain the Tee's exclusivity.

and as early as 7am, guests arrived fashionably early!! Sergeant (T'pu) Maslina was the body guard!

Some recruits came in government high school uniform!!

and some came in private school uniform!!

Other people came in .. err.. Mat rempit uniform? 

Otai Yun Kim Kok came in as.... err retired bootcamper??!! (see the tummy!?)

Patricia Lim as err.. is that a pilot? Err which airline..?

Sarge (COBC) Nawal.. Madam Polisia!!! Aaraf Armin as Captain Pilot!!

Sergeant (COBC) Tom @ Mohd Azhari in prison uniform!! After the prison break mission this morning, perhaps the Avengers held Sarge Tom captive??

Corporal (COBC) Wan came in as Doctor sakai? I think he is, checking for heartbeat on forehead??? New technology?

Hah!!! Datuk Captain Sheikh Muszaphar also at COBC!!?
Sarjan (T'pu) Mas terus peluk COBC first astronaut.

Airasia Steward!!! Phewit!!

"NO NO.. it is illegal to be frech maid.. kalau indon maid ok!! You are arrested", said Sarge Nawal!

"Samy Vellu!!??"

Captain Junior and Captain Senior Tak Mahal

Cheer Leader!!!

Instructor from the other bootcamp?????!!!

The soonest as the guests arrived at 7pm, they immediately attacked the food!!! We organised a buffet dinner to have a better space booked for the comfort of our recruit. The buffet comprised of the followings:

Potato Salad
Sweet turnip Salad
Carrot with Mint

Minestrone Soup

Main Dish
Pillaf Rice
Pasta Alio Olio
Grill Fish with Tomato Salsa
Roast Chicken with Herbs
Lyonaise Potato

Assorted Cut Fruits
Assorted cake
Assorted Pudding

Having organised our 3rd function at the Ecoba, the management extended to us the whole area for our recruits. They had also allowed us to use the Microphone and stage which would usually cost extra. We paid for the DJ too, to play some dancing songs until late as requested by many recruit. Yes, we do hear ya and as always, just asked and you shall received. Complimentary T'shirt, the whole restaurant for us, the stage + microphone + lighting, Disc Jockey, 12 meals/dishes (as per the menu above) and the best part was a whole bunch of us to party and have fun!!! We want you to have fun and party.. err.. let me rephrased that, we want to have fun and party with you. Perfect!! and so we thought

but with guests as early as 7am eating on a buffet menu, perhaps the Ecoba management underestimate our appetite for food or maybe our recruit's appetite was bigger than usual after the 3 hours Battle of Platoons this morning but unfortunately, we were informed that the food we paid for 150 pax buffet;a buffer of 30 extra heads above the actual paid recruit as at the payment deadline.
Those that had prepaid by the deadline, to attend the COBC 2nd Anniversary party in-Uniform were Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Nawal Aini Zulkifli, Malek Aziz, Rose Emini Pahamin,Daing Danielfitri, Nurfuadi Ruzalli, Chia Kai , Mohd Azhari, Wan Hazriq, Suresh, Ridzmal, Bahariah Bahadom, Surani, Akmar, Shear Ling, Micaela, Taj Mahal, Tom Tan, Janice Wee, Evelyn Ewe, Advance Tan, Melissa, Shinoda, Suhaini, Josephine Gan, May Cheong Abdullah, Ahmad Zaidi, Nas Aiman, Sofia, Eugene Tan, Wei Chuan, Faizul, Hanafiah, Carrie, Kym Wishnowski, David Wishnowskie, Jen Lim, Wen Ching, Umesh Naramsihaiah, Joe Liew, Pravin, Joey, Magdi, Lilian Lee, May Lyn Wong, Patricia Kam, Yvonne Tan, Dixon Thum, Wendy Yap, Chan Eng Chia, Winnie Chai, Elgy Tan, Wong Jyan, Jamie Oh, Stella Ong, Maslina Ismail, Ryan Wong, Stephanie Choong, Caleb, Amy Nusantara, Norehan, Hisham, Azhar Jamal, Yazlin Ghulam, Natalie, Wan Fauzan, Norliza Khalid, Affandi Jamaluddin, Aida, Emir, Sharifah, Lorrine, Colin, Anis Ramli, Affiq, Sabrina, Vinay, Vinay 2, Zaidi 1, Zaidi 2, Janice Chan, Michelle Chai, Tan Wee Liam, Regina, Afiza Halin, Jorge, Heather, Jin Choong, Lavern Chee, Azrin, Jojo, Sharon Yip, Peter Chong, Dass ,Yum Kin Kok, , Khairul Nizam, John Chuah, John Chuah 2, Darren Teh, Avril Tan, Teh Sing Li, Shyamala, Eugene 2, Jane Tui, Shahridan, Nicholas, Sunil, Melanie, Natassya Lee, Cassandra Lee, Adrian Peviera, Tatoo,Mezan, Jenny Foo, Kamal Ashidy, Mira Ezwany, Fattah, Mohd Fazli, Lew, Tzy Jia, Didie Nawi, Firdaus Ruslan, Dalyn Nunis, Fiona Tan, Simon Heong, Lias Asmara, Suzie Borhan, Redzuan Jazlan, Rajen Dorairej, Azmir, Azmir 2 and Theresa Chan.

And those that paid at the gate before entrance from the buffer order were Mahadzir, Natassha, Jane Tui, Viren, Jerry Soon, Lick Wei, Ali Rahimi, Angela, Amanda, Jill Wee, Evelynn Kan, Yin Har, Thomas, Wei Tien, Diana, Nuah, Lingesh, Darshan, Luyen and David.

 It was a risk for us to order more than 25% than the paid recruit but we could not turn away any recruit from coming as you are our guests of honor and this is COBC second year anniversary. We had anticipated some recruit that have not paid, may turned up at the event and had ordered the extra food for an additional 30 pax. Fortunately, those that came and registered at the entrance equates to the food that we order.

However, regrettably, the food were all finished without any refill and the food station was packed-up as well as the drink station. All were closed by 9pm?!! Although only less than half of those that paid was able to eat.

Half of our recruit did not have any food to eat nor was there sufficient water. There were many whom email'ed and sms'ed us to complain that the food menu too was not tasty and the portion was too little. The most dissatisfied recruit was Darshan Yellowboot whom pasted his displeasure on facebook.

As per my reply on facebook, we do not profiteer and did not make any profit from all the 24 parties listed above! but merely organised for us all to have fun together. However, being the organiser, I ACCEPT full responsibility!! On behalf of all my team members, please accept our deepest regret and apology.. All this shortcomings are lessons for us to learn! Thank you and we do appreciate all the feedback.

Shortly, unbeknown of the food problem, I, who was multi-tasked as the Masters of Ceremony, welcomed everyone with a brief but not so short speech. I would have made a public apology should I have known.

I took the microphone and instructed the Ecoba officials to have all the LIGHTS ON!! Then I continued...

Ladies and gentlement, this is a Police reid!! All police and solders in the house, please come forward. Every other guests, please get your identification card ready for inspection.

I know we are 2 years old!! and is still young!! But so much has changed in this 2 years since COBC was first established. For a start, 2 years ago.. and even when I was young, school children were not allowed to enter any pub and disco but today, we see government high school students and even private school children at the Ecobar dancing and socializing!! but wait a minute... All police in the house, please catch everyone here that is OVERAGE!! Only the underage are allowed!! Cant blame us if we looked underage having worked been so consistent with our workout and exercise!!

Ladies and gentlement!! Welcome to the Chief's Original Bootcamp 24th graduation party which is also our 2nd year anniversary!! We  began exactly 2 years go from a humble beginning with about 20 recruits at 2 platoons. Today, two years later we have trained more than 5,000 recruits. From just 2 platoons, we now have 22 MC12 and 22 MC8 excluding seal pups, bootcamp for kids.

From the 20 pioneer recruits, I am honored that 14 of them are still a recruit until today!! and I have to acknowledge them because of theirs and your support that made us what we are today!!! Thank you Freda Liu, Rienna Choo, John Chuah, James Fong, Chan Meng Yam, Shear Ling Toh, Pooi Ching Khiew, Viki Lim, Lilian Lee, Raja Affandi Jamaludin, Norlizza Mohd Khalid, Rienna Choo and Ryan Wong.

As our gesture to those pioneer members, we offered them a 2 months complimentary fees for July and August. For all past and present recruit that has been with us since day 1, we offered our 2nd anniversary Recruit Appreciation promotion with RM99 per month only for July and August. We could not thank you enough for all the continuous support.

I cannot remember what else I bobel on that day.. but thats not important. I brought the audience to the next agenda which was the ACE and SOB certificate presentation, I extended my deepest gratitude to my team mate too especially Dr Malek Aziz, Staff Sarge Dann, Sarge Nawal, Sarge Tom, Sarge Chun, Corporal Wan, LC Resh, LC Ridz, Rose Emini Pahamin and Farhanah Bamadhaj whom had extended their fullest dedication and commitment to the COBC's success today.

There are two more agendas before the night ended with some dancing and disco. Next was the certificate presentation for ACE or 100% Attendance, Commitment and Effort, and the Spirit of Bootcamp but this will be further elaborated in the next blog because their achievements deserves a whole blog by itself.

The next on the agenda was the June and July birthday babies celebration!!! As per all our monthly gatherings, those birthday babies were called to the front for everyone to sing Happy Birthday song.

They had to be on squat hold.. COBC style while everyone sang slooooowly.... to leave them excruciating on squat hold. Form check below!!? whatdaya think?

Last but not least, all the birthday babies did a blow job.. eh.. 
blew the candle job after making a wish!

What the bootcampers are also good at is camwhoring!!! 
and they did just that........

Snapshots at the party!!!


Despite the mishap, we had a funtabulous moment!! Another mission was accomplished! The only mission today was the night of laughter, great time and memorable moment.. We had a splendid time!!

The next blog will be the certificate award presentation for the ACERS and SOB-ERS!! Who will be Mister or Missus SOB!??? The prestigious SOB award is extended to those that was voted online by all recruit from your platoon for your aspiration and endless motivation! The SOB is also usually the most popular man/women at the platoon! The suspense of who were voted the SOB for May and June almost gave Caleb a heart attack!! but luckily Dr (T'pu) Sheikh Muszaphar Hisham was there to check his heart beat!!

Until the full list for ACE and SOB in the next blog.. Stay Tuned and Stay Off Musang King!! They are all mine!!!



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