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New Balance Good form running Workshop will be held at Damansara Heights on Saturday, 13 October 2012 and conduct by the founders of Chief's Original Bootcamp program come military-fitness specialist Chief Brabon & Gunny Emily. Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon are also the product ambassador for New Balance and Body Science Athlete.

With a good form running, Gunny Brabon ran her first long distance 50km Ultra-marathon and completed it in 4hours 55 minutes (2nd place- Womens Open category). Gunny had never ran farther than 21km. Chief Brabon on the other hand, completed the 50km ultra-marathon in 3 hours 40 minutes.

The NB Good Running Form Workshop on 13 October will be divided into two (2) Groups as follows:

Group 1 at  0700-0800; and 
Group 2 at 0830-0930.

A small fee of RM30 will be charge for exiting recruits of COBC and RM50 for non-COBC recruits. For Registration and payment, please click HERE.  

For address, maps and direction, please click HERE. Yes, 4 days counting down and be quick if you have not registered!!

There are many benefits of good form running but the two most important being, (1) Injury prevention; and (2) Better overall running experience. There are four (4) key to good form!! (1) Posture where put your body in good alignment (2) Mid-Foot (3) Cadence - 180 steps per minute as a good benchmark. (4) Lean.

Please do not miss this opportunity to improve your running and be a better runner for a lifetime of running.


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