We usually get the best mojo in our workout when we see our fellow comrade's jaw dropping result!! When we see someone that we know are looking ripped and toned and is walking around like a model, we will start to put more effort in our training... If he can do this, so can I sort of speak... I would also get all excited and motivated when a fellow recruit emailed or approached and told me that he/she really never thought he/she could be this slim/small/toned. Once, it was only a dream. I can so relate to this sort of statement because since childhood too (especially with my medical history), I can never imagine I can run 10km distance but now I have done more than 10 full marathons. So when recruits share with me their fitness and health success stories, I can really understand them. COBC is where ordinary people (or sub-ordinary with medical history like me) achieved extra-ordinary result. The success stories of each and every recruits are really heartfelt.

When I read on facebook and read how addicted recruits were with COBC program, I can also relate to it!! All of us, the core-team admin at COBC Malaysia Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and me, were just recruits and were really addicted to the Original Bootcamp program under a different franchisee for a full 1 year. We were so addicted and in love with the program that we ended up taking over the license. Why the addiction and why the heartfelt emotion? Well.. It is hard to explain until you have tried it yourself. To have a sneak preview and experience what COBC is all about, register for a Free Free Try Out Session at HERE for this coming Friday and Saturday. COBC community is just so supportive and positive and you can never hear anyone demoralizing another comrade... except from those non-bootcampers.

I have known Sabon (not the real name) for quite awhile now. She is a strong loyal supporter of COBC. To be honest, I never did see her as fat, big or gigantic because her cheerful, happy and love to laugh personality supersedes her err.. size but when Sabon showed me her before-joining-COBC picture... My eye almost popped out. That was her ->

The single and available charming lady will now knock any man off his chair. Sabon's transformation is really amazing.  Below are pictures of Sabon before she participated in the 8 week challenge. What is the 8 Week Challenge? 6 weeks ago, Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon threw a challenge for their recruits in Malaysia and Australia to achieve their dream body in just 8 weeks FOR JUST AUD29.90!!! For more information, click HERE

I have blogged other 8WC participants such as Maslina Ahmad Ismail at HERE, Mr X at HERE, Novelle Ooi at HERE and Abdul Azizam at HERE, Kym Wishnowski at HERE, Stephanie Choong at HERE, Ang Shi Qun at HERE and Ms KitKat at HERE. I am running out of time to blog all our wonderful recruit's progress but I must blog because they can only go to Semi-Finals to win the Grand Prize RM15,000 if they get the most votes!! Voting is open on 1 November 2012 and close on 4th November 2012. Anyone can vote!! Stay tuned for the voting Link!!  Please vote for more Malaysian for Semi-Finals. Last year, only Kym Wishnowski from COBC Damansara Heights that was voted to Semi-Finals. We need all the support that we can get.

Please excuse Sabon's head.. She do have a head but is abit shy to show. 6 Weeks ago, when Sabon signed up for the 8WC and she was this size.

4 Weeks later, sabon had shred all the fats surrounding her waist and her 6 pack is so visible but not prominent yet.

The next 2 weeks will be the determining factor for Sabon to achieve her dream bods. Looking at her progress now... I can imagine her at the end of 8 weeks but only if she does not slow down in her inferno workout, diet and COBC sessions. Infact Sabon should double up all her workout regime for the next 2 weeks!! I cant wait to see you in 2 weeks!! Peeps.. get ready to start voting!!