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There were three prominent key factors conveyed by Hisham Othman, 3 weeks after his appointment as Proton Edar's Chief Executive Officer at the first engagement chaired by the new management since DRB-Hicom took over.

First being Integrity. Quoted PESB Chief Executive Officer Hisham Othman, "I am a paid employee and will never take any extra sen other than my paid salary!!". If anyone has any information on any unethical behaviour pertaining to Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, call me!! said Hisham Othman whom then gave out his personal handphone number and email address to all the dealers. This was the second time he repeated this statement. Once, was during PEDA unofficial engagement with Hisham when he adamantly stated that he just cannot comprehend anyone or any employee that tried to make any extra money from the company that feeds them.

Secondly, the dealers should and must always be treated as the Customer! "The dealers are the customer to Proton Edar. PROTON buyer are the dealer's and the end-customer but PESB's immediate customer are the dealers. Dealers will be treated as a customer. Gone were the days when Proton dealer's were being discriminated, managed through threats and forced-allocation (of cars irrespective of bookings and demand). 

Third, all allocation will be done on a pull-basis!! meaning, whatever the dealer's request (in tandem to customer's demand), PROTON undertake to fulfill. Gone will be the days when the public has to wait for an unknown gestation of long period for a car delivery.

We listened in disbelief. since PESB's inception (formerly USPD), Hisham Othman is the first PESB Chief Executive Officer that stood firm purely on integrity! This was again echoed by Datuk Lukman Ibrahim, PROTON Deputy Chief Executive officer (PESB Holding Company).

Since the take-over, DRB-Hicom team led by Dato Lukman Ibrahim spent months listening and understanding the problem within the PROTON eco-system through meetings with PEDA, PROTON Vendors Association, individual dealers, proton buyers and even by parking-themselves at the Call-centre to monitor complains. An external body was also appointed to conduct an internal audit cum investigation on each and every team members of PESB. Rumour has it, DRB-Hicom now have a file on each and every employee although, action was only taken on a few.

Hisham Othman, PESB Chief Executive Officef
Hisham Othman was reputed to have dismissed more than 100 personnel at Puspakom when he was the Puspakom Chief Executive Officer under the pre-text "Integrity". Infact, it was rumored that Hisham is undertaking a serious integrity cleansing  when he brought and appointed into Proton Edar a new Human Resource General Manager, whom was his right man in Puspakom. Although he was very polished, polite and a gentlemen but his no-nonsence reputation preceded him.

There was also a completed reshuffle of the most senior management in PROTON EDAR. 6 months into PROTON Edar 2012 financial year, 3 days after our Prime Minister tabled Malaysia Budget for 2013, Hisham called upon all the dealers to gather and he tabled PESB's next 6 months budget and strategic sales planning.

A good orator and a good listener, Hisham quickly won the support of the dealers network. The dealers network can be even more rowdy than the opposition's crying wolves. 

The new management first priority from the highest level to all the supply chain head's was to resolve the quality and supply issue. With the right product and quality as well as a positive management behaviour... PROTON will be steered back into its glory.

Below are snapshots and candid-shot at the conference.


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