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What can we do to the get the most out of our only 1 hour workout, 3 times a week? Below are 10 simple but amazing tips from our Penang lead instructor Sarge (COBC) Boon cscs that can surely fire up your progress!!

1) BURST OF POWER!! Every set of workout is only 20 to 40 seconds maximum with a break of 10-20 seconds in between sets. This short burst of power targets to repeatedly push your heart rate to its maximum HR to stretch your stamina and strength a step further.

2) MAX-UP REPETITION!! Do all, as in each and every repetitions when asked to. Every repetition counts. Do it perfectly and do not discount or cheat on the number of repetitions and its form. There is no shame of being the last in the group. Your competition is against your own fitness and strength and not of others (unless you are a Delta)

Afiza Abdul Halin

3) STALLions!! Stalling wont get you anywhere. Suck it up and push it through.

4) REST!! Rest when needed (Not referring to stalling) between sets and after sessions. Listen to your body.

5) EAT!!! Not only train smart and hard but must also eat smart.

6) WARM UP/COOL DOWN!! Do not cheat on warming-up, cooling down and stretching. Avoid injury and prolong DOMS (Delayed On-set Muscle Soreness) by doing a proper warming up, cooling down and stretching.

7) BREATH!! Always exhale on exertion.

8) DRINK!! Yes, drink consistently at all time with at least 3 liters (a simple measurement of 2x 1.5litre bottle) a day but please do not over-drink before the workout or you may end up feeling nauseate.  Hydrate yourself well through out the day before and after the workout.

9) SLEEP!! You do need 8 hours of sleep aday and depriving yourself from sleep may be detrimental. You may want to read about the marathoner Ranjan Dass.

10) MOTIVATE!! Motivate the person next to you. Get to know their names and call out their names while training. When we are breathless, lack in oxygen and our heart rate is pumping high ... "Bootcamp High",  our mind tend to wonders or fly away and our 'push' may slower down. Calling your comrade's name will 'wake' and boost them up.

# Last but not least, your instructors will be on-guard at all time to make sure you get the best benefit from your training!! That includes.. working out beside you.. standing next to you, adding weight when deemed necessary, punishing you with dozens of additional grunts etc etc..

Team, always remember that those Reds do have eyes behind their back.. never cheat or your platoon may end up with extra 10.. err maybe 100 GRrrunts!!! 



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