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Nor Sabrina Mohd Noor
Dedicated for  the benefits of the newbies and a refresher to existing recruits.

Nor Sabrina Mohd Noor or more fondly known as Sabon was a healthy lady weighing almost 100kg when she first joined the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) in September 2011. She is a recruit at the Bravo platoon, under Bandar Utama battalion at the Selangor COBC regiment. When Sabon first accepted the invitation from Afiza Abdul Halin for a life changing experience, Sabon was so nervous and had butterflies for weeks but now, Sabon would countdown to the next session the soonest she completed one.

Sabon had brought with her many of her friends whom grew to became an important part of COBC. COBC is all about a community of people from all walk of life that gathered together having shared the same passion for fitness and health. Everytime she brought along a new batch of friends to COBC, they would asked the same imprinted sets of questions and Sabon having gone through the same suspense, understood and would say as follows: 

From Sabon:

"When fiza invited me to sign up for COBC, I was so nervous and had butterflies in my stomach for weeks. That was in 2011. Now I’m enjoying every minute of it and it has become a big part of my life"

Quite a few of my friends have joined me since and usually this is what I would advise them before bringing them over for a session:

1) Be clear on what you want to achieve – Be it losing weight, getting a defined body, getting fitter, lose the gut, tighten bum, etc and the list goes on.. have a goal in mind. It’ll help you to pull through and stick to the program. You’ll get there. Promise.

2) Believe in yourself – Nobody is born with a six pack washboard abs  and bulging biceps the size of a tree trunk, they work for it. You may feel intimidated at the thought of an intense, grueling group workout but what I love about COBC is that the programs are designed to accommodate exercisers of all levels. I was struggling initially but the instructors were there to help to show you the ropes and guide you through.  Plus point: They’re super cute too!

3) Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate: Drink lots of water the night before. Adequate fluid intake is essential for comfort, performance and safety. You’ll  be sweating buckets.

4) Wake up!!!!! – Set your alarm and actually wake up. Get a friend’s help to give you a ‘wake up’ call if necessary. *** Tq pija!!! Love u.

5) Be on time – Don’t be late. Hahahaha. If you think you’re gonna be late, still come. Be polite and apologise.

6) Wear proper attire – The work out requires freedom of movement and you do not want to injure yourself. Wear comfortable exercise clothes and shoes.

7) Have an open heart to try something new and meeting new people – One of the best things about COBC is the people. They’re the most friendly and supportive bunch of people I have ever had the opportunity to get to know. They’ll embrace you into the family with open arms.

8) Be prepared to go on a life changing journey to a better, stronger,  fitter and healthier you!– You’ll be enjoying your new and improved body in no time! wink

If you only knew Sabon now, you would never imagine the 'ex' Sabon err... I mean Sabon pre-COBC (picture below). If you see the transformation in Sabon, you will know she speaks with deep passion and believe in the program at the Chief's Original Bootcamp.  Sabon is also the source of inspiration to many other recruit. Sabon had lost more than 30kg since she joined the COBC.

Further to her tips and advice, Dr Malek Aziz the Co-Owner of COBC and also a recruit.... Err.. let me re-phrased that, Dr Malek Aziz, trained as a recruit since 2009 and the co-Owner of COBC would like to add on to the list below more tips so you can prepare yourself to a life changing journey.

1. Check the map to your registered location, leave early and make sure you arrive 15 minutes before the start time. The first day usually starts earlier than normal due to the new list of roll-call and distribution of COBC training T'shirt (to 1st timer).

2. Be in uniform!! Training uniform is the Grey COBC Tee. Our 'legs' will feel the heat when we are not in uniform.

3. Do not speak when instructors giving instructions because if you do, it can distract others from listening to the instruction.

4. Punctuality!!! The session start sharp at the specified time and also if the instructor say 5 seconds, it means 5 seconds.. a second later, we will be Grunt'ing (meaning punished).

5. When feeling dizzy (but not when you are tired), put your hand up and say, "Permission to step aside Sarge/Corporal" and please do step aside if you are dizzy but if you are just tired, hang in there... It is only 20-40 seconds per workout (during session) but during benchmark assessment, it is all about assessing your stamina, agility and strength.

6. Be a team player.. Get to know your fellow comrade.

7. Try to avoid drinking water while training or immediately before training. Most recruit who drink water will end up feeling nauseate (some even vomitted) so usually, there is no or minimal water break during session. 

8. Please do not wear watches and jewellery. You may lose them or injure yourself (or others) with it when you are working out. (no jeweleries Janis.. Hint hint)

9. After a workout, you may feel DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), please do not give in to the pain. It is part and parcel of Bootamp because you are now working/exercising those muscle which have not been put to use for err gawd knows how long. A simple tip is to ICE it!! put some ice on the affected muscle and it will expedite the recover. 

10. Do not get intimidated by the older recruit if you find them stronger/faster/leaner. The senior recruit started just like you and they work them selves up to be where they are now. You will be like them.

11. Please do not and try not to miss a session!! Missing any session will break the training and strength/stamina momentum!! 

12. Be a team player.. Get to know your fellow comrade.

13. Get into the habit of sleeping early to get sufficient rest before training commence.

14. Rome was not build in a day. Do not expect fantastic results after a week or two of bootcamp. If you want to see serious result, you must be consistent at COBC for a month or two.

15. HAVE FUN!!! Yes... please do not forget to have fun while training.



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