Most of the time I struggled juggling with the scarcity of time to write but this once, I struggled with a mental block with no pressure for time to complete. I know exactly what to write but searching for the right and proper word to avoid any misunderstanding seemed so complicated.

Yes, Nawal Aini Zulkifli and I are officially divorced on our 13th Anniversary on 23 July 2013. Coincidentally, the hearing date was given by Shariah Court after I submitted and filed for the application.

We both decided to end our marriage having grown further apart but we remained to be in good terms. Nawal and I both agree that we should not stay in a marriage and be unhappy, and deprived each other from happiness as well as from the love that the future may bring.

There were no regret in that marriage. I cherished that every moment since I courted her while she was an undergraduate at the University, and all her care and love while we were married. All the ups and down as a husband and wife shall be a valuable and a priceless lesson to both of us, to advance further in our separate life. For I am far from perfection and is full of flaws with many shortcomings.

I will always remember Nawal as a dedicated mother, a loving person and a beautiful women.

We are blessed with the best son, Aaraf which Nawal and I are both raising sincerely with pure love as a mother and father. Nawal has always been a great and a dedicated mother to Aaraf.

I regret our marriage ended so soon given the distance that constantly grew further and further but I do believe in Allah taala Qadha' and Qadar.

Nawal and I have both moved on with our separate life opening a new chapter in a new book. We are both happier. Friends as well as relatives do not need to be sadden with the news. We appreciate all the concerns and worrisome but truthfully, Nawal and I are in good hands.

Nawal and I remained to be business partners and Nawal will always be the Senior Instructor with the rank Staff Sergeant at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia.

Please avoid any rumors, speculations, untoward comment and thank you for all your support.