Its the final countdown for us at CarBengkel to be officially launched by YAB Dato Sri Mohamamd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia Prime Minister on 23 May 2015.

We have been working closely with the Malaysian Automotive Institute (MAI) for a solution to the automotive aftermarket sector. YAB Prime Minister is scheduled to launched CarBengkel at 12:25pm, 23 May 2015 (see event itinerary below) at the biggest educational showcase of the national automotive industry open to public.

Gerak Auto Ria is one of MAI public educational programs with the participation of various automotive stakeholders showcasing their respective outputs, services and achievements in their respective automotive related business and developmental endeavors. It will be the best event for you to socialize and meet the movers of the automotive industry.

CarBengkel mobile application is a registered trademark and copyright with the Malaysia Intellectual property Organisation under the company Car Smart Apps Sdn Bhd, the owner, author and promoter of CarBengkel.

CarBengkel is a product from the pre-seed grant from Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, an agency of the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia. CarBengkel comprised of 2 mobile applications. One application
trademarked as CarBengkel-Client was developed to addressed the various predicament facing car owners in the absent of technology base platform for making any appointment for car service and repair as well as to compare prices and request for quotation. The other application, trademarked as CarBengkel-Workshop was design to bring more traffic to the workshop base on requests made by car owners and through a promotion that can be delivered direct to customer’s handphone according to the targeted car make, model and geographical area.

CarBengkel in partnership with the Malaysia Automotive Institute, an agency under the Ministry of
International Trade and Industry, is one of the solution to the automotive aftermarket sector.

By mid-June, the public will be able to use the CarBengkel Client mobile application and request for services and/or quotation ranging from regular lubrication service to tyre change from more than 1,000 OEM authorised workshops and independent workshops.

Meet us at the MAI booth, at the Khemah Platinum to learn more.

The itinerary for the launching is as follows:

Stay Tuned for the list of benefits to car owners via CarBengkel. Jom Gegar!!