Those that have already registered for the 8-WEEK CHALLENGE, should have received via EMAIL the first part of the IGNITION stage of your Gladiator Diet and shopping list !!!

In just 8 weeks, with some perseverance and training at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama (and at any other ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Licensee at Bukit Jelutong, Subang Jaya & Cyberjaya) you could have the BODY (phewiit) that you have always wanted!

Please make sure that you registered on our HOOYAH NETWORK to ensure that you stay up to date with all recipes, training sessions, INFERNO TRAINING (Supplied by Chief!), ideas and online forums to keep you motivated and push you through the rough patches.

On Saturday, we will upload a sample image onto the HOOYAH NETWORK of "before" photo so that you know how to shoot it and upload. For those contestant that requires us to facilitate with the photo-shoot, the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama has available paparazzi and will be shooting contestant's photo on Sunday. For details, please call our sexy & single call-center at 017-3795988.

The GLADIATOR DIET was initially created by Chief when he was hired to turn 13 fit, yet undefined individuals into lycra clad, god like warriors... in only 6 weeks for the latest incarnation of the hit television series GLADIATORS (as seen on NTV7 & ASTRO in Malaysia).

The objective was clear; Strip away any excess fat, while increasing the athlete's strength, speed, endurance, and most importantly (as lycra is a little forgiving) great muscle tone.

The men were to look powerful, and awe inspiring, while the women were to be that rare balance of feminine and athletic.

Given the limitations (many fitness professions claimed it would be impossible to achieve the desired results within 6 weeks) the outcome was nothing less than Amazing.

Now, for the first time, the dietary secrets behind the amazing bodies are available exclusively to participants in the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP's 8-Week Challenge.

To ensure that your time on the diet is not just rewarding, but also pleasurable, the original format has been overhauled by our own internationally reknowned fat loss expert (should see her 6-pack abs picture!!) Emily 'Gunn' brabon, to achieve even better results, while offering you some incredible tasty meals and snacks.

You SHOULD ALREADY RECEIVE THE IGNITION PHASE & the GLADIATOR DIET ingredient shopping list in your email if you have already registered.

If you HAVE NOT registered, please DO SO NOW before its too late. The deadline for photo-shoot is on SUNDAY, 26 SEPTEMBER 2010.

To register for the 8-week Challenge and win RM15,000.... click HERE to enrol for October & November session (8-weeks) and register HERE for the the challenge. For some Q&A, click HERE.



  1. Armin. fyi, i have not received the first part of the IGNITION stage of your Gladiator Diet and shopping list email.

  2. Rienna,
    you should receive it, let me check if you entered the correct email.

  3. Rienna,
    please check in your spam-inbox in your emails. You are enlisted as participants on the 8-week challenge. You should receive the email.

    Please leave a note again if you still did not receive any emails.


  4. Armin. I have checked all my email accts and junk mails..nothing.

  5. Rienna,

    OBC-HQ is still sending out the emails.. Please notify me if you still didnt receive it by today.


  6. NOTE:

    THE EMAILS is manually sent after verification to now more than 200 contestant.

    It may take awhile, please notify me if you still did not receive the email by today.

    HOOYAH!! lets do this!!!


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