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8 weeks of being on a delicious diet and only 1 hour of muscle provoking exercise, six days a week was a wonderful experience... that was what the 8 Week ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP challenge was all about!! A journey to self discovery. Although the licensee, franchisee, instructors and admins of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP were not allowed to contest but Sarge Dann, Corporal Chun, Corporal Jasper, Corporal Nawal, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Rose Emini Pahamin and me had all participated to share and feel that experience with 31 other contestants from OBC-BU.

As a result... We did not just look thinner, slimmer and sexier, but fitter and faster in our benchmark assessments and runs too. Two contestants from Malaysia was voted into the final. There were James Fong and Amelia Shahrin. Congratulation to them both.

Now lets see their results..

Before the 8 WC challenge, James Fong a chartered accountant weighted 93kg and now he weight 79kg.. weight lost of 14kg in 8 weeks. Neck size reduced by 2cm from 40 to 38. His upper arm gained muscle and grew by 2cm from 34 to 36. His chest now measure 103cm from 110; smaller by 7cm. James Fong waist shrunk by 20cm from 99cm to now 79cm.  His hip is smaller by 4cm to 103cm. If anyone deserves to shop for the new year.... it is definitely JAMES FONG. Congratulation James.

Although only James Fong that was voted into Finals, other contestants are already a champion when they too now have a brand-new look!!

The program at the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP did not just provide an effective program for health, fitness and physique but it also gave an insight towards a healthy living. Let the picture speaks for it self. Although they are 38 people that participated in the 8WC, I had only manage to seek consent to blog their 8WC pictures from these few recruits. For others, stay tuned for PART 2.

Shear Ling Toh

Chan Meng Yam

Raja Affandi Raja Jamaludin

Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor

Yvonne Chen Ling Tze


Stay Tune...  for the pre & post- 8WC pictures of OBC-BU instructor's as well as other 8WC participants (once consent given).

There is no better investment than to re-brand your look... be healthy & stay young.... *wink... 


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