To say THANK YOU for the support that you all have given to make COBC what we are today, we are pleased to offer all past and present recruit a special price of RM99 (MC12) per month only (instead of the normal RM299) on our 2nd year anniversary for 2 consecutive months!!! Applicable at all 7 locations and more than 30 platoons!!

I repeat!!! RM99 per month (MC12) for July and August intake only!! For all past and present recruit.

Yes.. NINETY NINE MALAYSIA RINGGIT ONLY for all past & present recruit.

RM 99.. for MC12?? WHAT????


What's the catch? 
Any hidden terms or small print to highlight?  

Err... Only 1!! You must register and pay for both the two months in advance before the deadline!!


 Because we appreciate you!! and we want you to be with us on this anniversary and on more anniversaries to come!!

 What  about the 3 months @ 3M package?

There will be no 3M package for this quarter! The total price for this anniversary quarter is cheaper than the 3M. 
You do the math...

2 months ONLY? 

  Yes.. because it is our 2 year anniversary!!

Woww.. Booked now before placement is full!! Because it is on first come & First Serve basis!!

To take the offer, simply register online now by clicking HERE and IMMEDIATELY made the payment by direct bank-in or transfer online to CIMB BANK 1258-000-261-5059 (Account name: ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP).

Thank You.. Thank you.... Thank you......
Without you and without your support, there is no Chief's Original Bootcamp.
Thank you



  1. Hi...ive tried to register but the only start date available is 28th May....

  2. Kak Yang,

    Please try again. We have just updated the system.

  3. I have just registered so just pay?

  4. Hi Freda, Yes... just pay RM198 (RM99x 2 months) by direct bank in or online transfer to CIMB Account 1258 000 261 5059 Account name ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP. After making the payment, please screen shot and email it to

  5. Hi,

    Would it be possible to just do one month @ RM99? Thanks.


  6. Hi Jeremy,

    No it is not possible to only register for 1 month.

  7. I am currently in the Cyberjaya Zulu July intake, first timer. If I want to continue for August intake, does it mean I have to pay the normal fees?


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