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In promoting a healthy lifestyle and as well as in recognition to all those that had supported the Chief's Original Bootcamp, we offered to all past and present recruit a super promotion for the month of July and August in conjunction with our 2nd year Anniversary. For more details, click HERE.

To enable the muslims whom will be fasting during the August intake, we have created a new platoon (Codename: Papa) so they too can enjoy and be with us during our 2nd Year anniversary, and maintain their training momentum (although puasa).  Papa platoon will start at 6pm to 7pm just before breaking fast (berbuka Puasa) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Papa platoon is open for all recruits (MC12 and 2-Anni) who are eligible for buffet.

Papa platoon for Ampang recruit will be at Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Wilayah Persekutuan 4029 Kampung Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur as the field in Ampang is occupied for Pasar Ramadhan during fasting month.

In Penang, we have various Corporate activities at Hilir Nibung and Pulau Tikus which we had also opened for public registration and also for buffet. Please click on picture below for the full schedule and addresses. Remember all past and present recruits are eligible to register and pay for only RM99 per month for July and August as our gesture of appreciation for your continuous support.

Since we expect a huge turnout from past recruits, we will also introduce a few new platoons. Please click on picture below for the list of expected platoons in the month of July and August 2012 (note: the management reserves the right to change and amend the schedules accordingly).

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