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If you owned a Macbook or any Apple product, the most important thing to do, is to always keep in hand, the Apple Mac Customer Service call Centre Number 1800 803 638 which is a service and support number by professionals who know your computer or devices the best. When I bought my Mac Book in 2010, I also bought the Apple Care Protection Plan which cost me a good RM1,199.00. Heck, if you live on cyber, you should know the troublesome and the cost to have a computer repair, so I thought the plan would save me the bucks and the head + Heart ache.

So when my track pad went lunatic or taken over by a ghost (moved by itself and start clicking everything on the screen), I went berserk!! Short of hammering the Macbook, I called the 1800 803 638 (and I think I was re-routed to an oversea centre) and was first attended by a gentlemen named Terry whom guided me through a list of diagnostic processes which took almost half of the morning and after a series of calls (which was professional and I have no qualm or complain as the guidance was crystal clear) gave me a Case Number and I was asked to visit an authorized dealer having diagnosed the problem as a hardware issue. 

He (1800 803 638) further explained that my computer is still under warranty (from the Apple Care Protection Plan- hah, I knew this investment will come in handy) and asked to inquire with the authorized dealer if they do have any stock (for warranty replacement) in hand and if they dont, he said to request for the dealer to order (for the trackpad) first and to call me once the part has arrived (at the centre) so I do not need to leave my computer (and still use it with an external mouse) at the dealer's centre. The call centre was even able to give me the nearest Apple authorized dealer's address, their contact number and explained to me the procedures and what the dealer was suppose to do. Two humbs up!! 

I said the nearest to me was the EpiCentre which is an Apple Premium Re-seller at the E-curve and immediately went to the Mac Centre which was located at Lot G36-38, Ground Floor, e-Curve, No 2A, Jalan PJU7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. I asked to speak to a technician but was disappoint to be informed that they do not have any technician at the centre. I explained my conversation with the Apple Care Call Centre and the lady at the Epi Centre said, I will have to leave my computer for 2 weeks for the diagnosis.. 2 WEEKS!! but quickly added, "if I need it fast, I should go direct to the APPLE Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) and gave me a piece of paper with the following addresses".

They recommend this two AASPs:

QCD@Berjaya Time Square by QCD Technology (M) Sdn Bhd, Berjaya Time Square. No 1, Jalan Imbi, #08-55 Level 8, 55100 Kuala Lumpur (Operating Hours: Mon- Fri: 10am to 7pm; Sat: 10am-3pm, Closed on Sun/Public Holiday) Tel: +603 21414840.

VR@Megan Avenue II by VR Technology Sdn Bhd, Megan Avenue II, Block B-0-7, Ground Floor, No 12, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450, Kuala Lumpur (Operating Hours: (Mon-Fri) 9am-6pm, Closed on Sat/Sun/PH) Tel: +603 21632020.

Since I needed my computer to be repaired fast, I quickly called QCD (being the first on the list) and spoke to a lady named AZRIN. I explained to her my problem with the trackpad and my conversation with the Apple Care Call Centre (1800 803 638) whom had diagnosed the problem with the hardware. I then asked Azrin if I could give my Case Number and inquired if it was possible for QCD to order the parts first as explained by the Mac Call Centre but was abruptly dismissed by Azrin whom asked me to listen to her (company policy) without any interest to even take my Case Number. Azrin said, "We do not care about the Call centre diagnosis, our company policy state you must bring your computer and leave it with us for 3 days and we will do the diagnosis (in 3 days!!). We do not keep any parts with us and if the hardware needed to be replaced, we will order the parts from Singapore and it will take 2 weeks for the parts to arrive."

I went blank!! and asked again, 3 days just for a diagnosis? Can you diagnose it earlier than 3 days?  Thats too long for me and I do need my computer (I will die without my computer)!! Azrin said, "we have alot of computers and you must follow the queue". Shocked and abit frustrated, I asked again.. even when the Call centre had already diagnosed (heck, we spend half a day doing all sort of testing) it would still take 3 days? Azrin then replied, Yes, you must come and leave your computer for three days and that is our company policy. If you dont like it, you can go to other service centre such as Machines or VR.

Now... SH@#T.. angry!! frustrated!! depress was all me!! I whispered to mysef, I just wasted RM1,199 on a stupid rip-off Apple Care protection plan. First Epi Centre without any technician and 2 weeks for diagnosis and now QCD's 3 days for diagnosis!! 

But I needed my computer!! and did not gave up but quickly called VR Techology and it was already 6:30pm (way past their operating hour). The phone was picked up by a lady, I explained my Mac Book problem and my conversation with Apple Call Center (1800 803 638) whom had diagnosed the problem to be with the hardware and I was asked to visit an authorized dealer yadaa yadaa .... The pleasant lady introduced herself as Sandy and said, yes we can assist you, do you have a case number? (Shocked but happy since the half a day spend with the Call Centre was not put to waste) Oh yes.. I quickly gave her the case number and she said that her technician will be in touch with me by 9:30am tomorrow because the office was already close. She ask me for my email, contact details etc... and after we hung up, I received an email from her in less than 5 minutes with a cc to her technical department with notes on my problem. I read her name as Sandy Cheong and she is the Marketing Manager. 

The next day, the technician called, introduced himself as Jalil and asked me to bring my computer over for him to quickly diagnosed. Jalil said I can take the computer back after his diagnosis and VR will order the parts (if needed to) and that will usually take between 3-5 days (and maybe even earlier he said). Hah!!! music to me ears!! I quickly drove to Megan Avenue II and met Jalil the technician! He took my computer serial number, case number and diagnosed my Mac. A moment later, he said that VR Technology do have the parts in stock!!! and would be able to resolved all the issues within 45 minutes!!! 

FOURTY FIVE MINUTES!! I was all smiley.. all happy and honestly.. This is what I actually thought Apple Services is all about! Customer's Satisfaction!! Not just selling and making a quick profit.. Not just the arrogance of being an authorized reseller thinking we still need to go back to them for warranty ala take it or leave it sort of speak. Before I left, I asked for Jalil's namecard and was surprised to discover that he is the Technical Manager. What else can you asked for but to be attended by both a hands-on manager. First with Sandy and now Jalil.

If you need your Apple computer or devices repaired.. Please bring it to VR Technology Sdn Bhd. They gave the best service. Two thumbs and two toes up!! Friendly and professional!!


Also a thumbs up to the Apple Care Call Centre (1800 803 638).

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Stay Tuned~


both, mystorymag
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