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The growth in the number of people from all walks of life with different level of fitness at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) is phenomenal but what is even more astounding is how people from different age group, races, ethnic and career are able to bond so close that they became each other's extended family bypassing the normal hierarchy of friendship.. United by Passion!  

At COBC, there is only one passion shared by all and that is the passion for better Health!! the almost a default bonus of that is a fitter and sexier you!! We have recorded endless successes and inspiration stories on this blog on the same pretext but this video took the words out of my mouth.... I am so proud to be among these inspirational people. See the video below and increase the volume.

The expedition was mooted when a bunch of pioneer COBC recruit namely John Chuah, Chan Meng Yam, James Fong, Lilian Lee, Joe Liew, Shear Ling Toh, Raja Affandi Jamaludin, Norliza Mohd Khalid, John Ong and Jeremy Lim had a few pints of beer (during their off-training day) earlier in January this year... and they together targeted for nothing less than the peak of Mount Kinabalu as their new year resolution. The expedition was co-organised by accountant cum BUA recruit Chan Meng Yam and lawyer cum BUB recruit Lilian Lee. The duo that drove and planned the whole expedition trained extra super duper hard for it that Yam ended up being pregnant and Lilian Lee diagnosed with tearing of Anterior Inferior Tibiofibula (ATIF). Although both had to abandon their dream to conquer the peak but they both continued to plan ahead for their team mates and as a result, 11 adult and 1 child successfully climbed and reached Mount Kinabalu with the best of spirit.

The 11 adult and 1 child comprised of .....

1. Raja Affandi Raja Jamaludin
2. Norliza Mohd Khalid
3. Raja Normaisara Iman (Child)
4. James Fong
5. Shearling Toh
6. Joe Liew
7. Ryan Wong (Included after Yam's withdrawal upon finding out her pregnancy)
8. John Ong (Ex-BUB recruit)
9. Elliot (John Ong's friend from Singapore)
10. Jeremy Lim (ex-BUA)
11. TeeLynn (fr Penang - James/Yam's friend)
12. Kenny (fr Penang, husband of TeeLynn)

The whole team were thankful to the organiser Chan Meng Yam and Lilian Lee for the smooth arrangement with the tour guide, transportation, logistic, accommodation and tips/advise with checklist of items to bring etc.

Although Lilian Lee had to withdraw from climbing at the very last minute due to the tear of her Anterior Inferior Tibiofibula (ATIF) the same week they were scheduled to depart but she she followed the group to KK and even spent 1 nite up at the Mersilau Park.....
At COBC, we are always proud of our recruit's achievements!! Well Done all, you deserves aloud scream of.....



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