1 June 2012 is a historical and memorable date for my young partner Daing Daniel Fitri whom is also the Chief's Original Bootcamp most senior instructor. This date marked the day that Daing Daniel Fitri ended his bachelorhood to be wed his university love Nurfuadi Ruzali or more fondly known as Ody. The akad nikah ceremony was held at Ody's house that is located in Pandan Jaya. A small circle of close friends and family members were invited to share Dann's most auspicious moment and to witness the akad nikah. We were just in the nick of time before the the groom in a 5 car convoy arrived. Upon arrival, they coordinated the five trays with the dowry, gifts and presents for the bride. The five trays were carried by five beautiful ladies led by Dann's own sister Diana who is also a Taekwondo coach at the DDF Taekwondo Academy.

Dann's mother coordinating the groom's convoy (Rombongan Pengantin lelaki) 

All the trays were seated next to Ody's. It is customary for the bride to return the groom's gift with 2 extra trays. Since Dann offered 5, Ody returned the gift with 7 trays.. good business trade... 

One of the gift from Dann was the famous Vibram Five Finger!! Of course that is a given because Dann is also a Co-Tawkey ma...

Everybody took position for the reading of marriage vow led by Ody's father himself as the rightful wali (guardian).

while taking our seats and waiting for the Ustaz to arrive.... SPOTTED!! Pooi Ching Khiew, Lilian Lee and Chan Meng Yam camwhoring themselves instead of photo-shooting the bride and the groom. Instead of saying hi, they pose the moment they saw me.. haiih!! 

The bride was brought down from hiding and parked nearby Dann

The speaker on behalf of the bride took the microphone as an introduction and inquired if everything as promised has been fulfilled.

The speaker on behalf of the groom then explained that everything was fulfilled especially the dowry.

The dowry in a form of bank draft to avoid being stollen.

The Ustaz and the Imam had arrived and paper work all completed!! 

Dann is ready!!

Ody is ready!!

Dann's dad is ready!!

The Imam is ready!!! The Ustaz reads a short surmount 

and in a few minutes.. Dann & Ody would be .. err Halal!!

When everything else was ready.... see the video!! For Dann's Lafaz kawin

Good voice projection, loud and clear!! and both of them are now legal!! Halal!!! Alhamdulillah!!

Ody's father was happy

Dann was thankful!!

Dann's mother was happy.. Dann was her first child that is married. She was so proud and it shows.

Dann's father was the happiest. Years of raising his son and nurturing him to make Dann for what he is and now to see him married... I can only imagine his happiness.

Ody could not help but to cry.. the tears of joy!

Ody just could not hold herself back. Its a dream come true, she is now a wife and belongs to Dann.

Below- Kawin kontrak? Err.. no.. that is just to certify that Dann and Ody is now married.

To share the joy...

After the akad nikah, Dann went upstairs with Ody err not for a quickie but to perform a 2 rakaat sunnah prayer.

After the prayer, was breaking the wudhu' session. This is when Dann would give the ring to Ody as a mark that Ody belongs to him!! (yahoooo..)

Now that Ody is legally his wife, Dann.. err.. testing testing.. with a peck on the forehead.. 

err.. on the cheek too!!

Next step? Toot.. censored!! To be continue later... in private.. 

Typical of bootcampers, surely they must camwhore!!

and surely they must makan!!

Happiness was Dann.. to see everyone that is important to him at his akad nikah.

and its official, Dann and Ody is married!! 

The next day was the reception!!


Guest who was the MC? Err.. Yes!! the one and only... Yours truly.. 
Colin Chong Wern Loong!!

Below, less than 10% of COBC bootcampers at the wedding. Easily the place was monopolised by bootcamper!!... Hundreds of them if not thousands.

Thats it.. Just in one weekend, we lost 2 bachelors Dann and Ody!! Coming soon another few weddings amongst the COBC bootcampers!! Until then.. Stay tune!!