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If there was a most supportive platoon award.. then Penang platoon would proudly won. When the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC) held a roadshow at the Hard Rock Hotel in conjunction with the Convent Green Lane School re-union and alumni at HERE, many of them came to support in Grey COBC Tee. Naturally, we invite them for a buffet lunch worth RM85 ++ per head at Hard Rock Hotel.

The former Asia best Karate Champion, Sarge (COBC) Boon arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel as early as 9am to set-up the display booth at the Hall of Fame. He was assisted by his lovely assistant Christina. They displayed some equipments that are frequently used to whip and whack get the best results out of any recruits. They even had the Hollywood's voted most preferred shoe in 2011, the Vibram Five Fingered on display. Have it the Sarge's way, he wants to five fingered everyone in the Hall.
Sarge Boon @ Cheah Boon Chong and his lovely assistant Christine

The display includes a 42" Plasma TV playing COBC videos and media interviews. After the display booth, COBC Penang celebrated its Third Graduation party at JT Western Restaurant opposite Copthorne Orchid Hotel and beside a kopitiam. Click on Pictures to enlarge. Pictures were all compliment from Paparazzi Christina

Guests arrived as early as 7am...

After loading up with lots of fat and carbo, Corporal (COBC) Kenny announced those discipline and committed recruit that made it to the Hall of Achievers with 100% Attendance, Commitment and effort. Those that will have their name imprinted were.....

 1. Marccus Low Wei Seong
2. Mohammad Salehan
3. Abdul Azizam
4. Siti Zaharah
5. Siti hajar
1. Elaine Oh
2. Georgia Lim
3. Ng Joe Han
4. Jack Lee Ren Jie
5. Nicole Khoo
6. Kang Yue Shern
1. Lily Heng Lee Lee
2. Christina Cheah
3. Joselyn
4. Cheryl Chew Mei Siem
5. Ooi Sue Yin

The next is the most prestigious award.. the Spirit of Bootcamp (SOB) !!! I gave some brief background introduction on what SOB is...

Those voted into the Hall of Achievers as January 2012 Spirit of Bootcamp were:

Alpha - Mohamad Salehan (absent with apology)

Bravo -Jack Lee Ren Jie (picture below)

Charlie - Kevin Chew (Picture below)

Of course after the certificate presentation, we celebrated the Birthday babies.. The cake was specially made by recruit Siti Hajar!! It taste as good as it look!!! Super yummilicious!!!


But then.. there was no birthday to celebrate and as such.. Sarge (COBC) Boon, Corporal (COBC) Kenny and me was asked to hold the cake on squat hold!!!! as we... as sporty as always.. NO PROBLEM!!! 

Sarge (COBC) Boon, Corp (COBC) Kenny and me went on squat hold but the SOBs cut the cake.. how fair...  Should have had the SOB on squat hold :-D 

Shortly later.. Staff Sarge (COBC) Dann arrived with Ody Nurfuadi and it was Ody's birthday!!! Ody's Birthday!! But the cake was all eaten except for 2 slices?!!! But enough to get Ody on squat hold while the recruits sang for Ody very very slowly ........

Happy Birthday Ody..
but that was not the end.. I too and held the cake away from Ody and Ody had to... 


Kesian Staff Dann...

Not so good at blow job..  but eventually, the candles were blown away and she was so hungry.. probably tired kena bully...

Nicole Khoo, Christina Cheah, Kang Yue Shern

Did we have a good session? 



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