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 Lance Corporal (COBC) Kenn or his real name Foo Sze Ken holds a Diploma in Business Studies and Sports Science Level 1 and have a special interest in sports having participated in SUKMA from 2008 to 2011 in Karate. The Aries gentlemen was a Silver medalist in MAKAF Junior competition in 2005 and Bronze for Senior Championship. LC Kenn is a 3rd Dann Black Belt in Goshin-Ryu Karate.
LC (COBC) Kenn @ Foo Sze Ken at the centre before a karate Competition

The Penang section commander first joined the Chief's Original Bootcamp in 2011 after being head hunted by Sarge (COBC) Boon and first received his exposure as a COBC instructor at Damansara Heights Zulu. The Penang born single and available instructor kept himself fit by being in Grey training with the recruit when he is not instructing reiterating the importance of leading by example.

He is liken by all his recruit for his firm, decisive and no nonsense training method that he probably inherited from his lifetime studying in Karate.

Dont get fooled by LC Kenn's Clark Kent boyish look in his nerdy glass, he is one of the meanest Reds in Penang. Penang Battalion Commander Sarge Boon personally hand picked LC Kenn reminiscing those Karate training period when LC Kenn was his junior but the strongest in the Goshin-Ryu Karate class. LC Kenn too was well built and is amongst the hottest guys to the female recruits. The male recruits.. simply adore to get a body like his! 

Although LC Kenn is very secretive, shy and would never show anyone his hot physique but sometimes, their colleague and recruits just cannot tahan...

While training, LC Kenn is famous for not giving any water break!! "Even a puppy eye request does not work on him", said Christina Cheah. He would promise a break on next round and after another round but the break never came. To LC Kenn, 1 hour means 1 hour!! he waste no time and make sure you get your money worth it and maximise every seconds in the 1 hour training session!! His stern and motivation base approach would avoid anyone from stalling but if anyone did stall.... his stare would sends chill down their spine that recruits would usually un-stall!! (meaning there is no STALLion in his platoon).

LC Kenn instructing at his platoon

Beside being in grey training and motivating the recruits, LC Kenn also spend the balance of his spare time reading up materials on new exercise and training methods to reach out to different categories of recruits to get their best potential. The no-nonsence man whose favorite war cry is "Let's Go!! Let's Go!!!" has vasts knowledge and understanding on exercises and the volume of intensity required for the recruit's best improvement.

Having been trained in short burst intensity sports like Karate, LC Kenn has set a new standard for himself to train for long distance running and will be attempting his first full 42.2km marathon at the Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon this year with a whole battalion of recruits.

LC Kenn's only passion now being single is COBC and MMA ... that stands for Mix Martial Art (I just learn this too). Recruits nicknamed him COBC incredible HULK!! Mean lean green machine!!! Every recruit is crazy over him!


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