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DKS 10- a knee-jerk that jerked my knee to KL SPORTS MEDICINE CENTRE

DKS10 = December Kiasu Session 10.
Another 2 more sessions for 100% ATTENDANCE & ACE!!!!!!!!!!! ...........

Three missed-calls from Rose Emini and I finally woke-up at 4:45am for the 10th Bootcamp session this morning against 2 other alarm clocks fixed at 4:30am. Last night sleep was heaven with the orgasmic 12km Malakoff run in the morning, a whole day rushing for errands and a late night drive to KLIA to export Nawal and Aaraf to London. My body, mind and soul happily ignored all the alarm-clock screams until the third missed-calls from Rose Emini...... which I immediately jumped out of bed and was ready in a nick of time to deprived the Kiasu... the pleasure to have me in a ridiculous outfit of their choice whilst training.

Today, at the 10th sessions......  there were fewer number of Bootcamp'ers.. but Sarge Simran, Shobha, Sulo, Shammy, Saroop, SSJ Chun, Suriana, S'Peckerman... (so many aSS'es at KL Alpha), Dr Malek, Farhanah, Farrah, Wai-Yee, Daniel, Danny, Ana and other hardcore Kiasu were all there before me........ Pheww.. I dont want to imagine the scene if I had overslept this morning.

With the fewer members and many AWOLS, we had the bonus Squat pulses and additional squat jumps which I did not mind at all even with the many 'magnifying glasses' closely watching me for any 'Cheat-form'....

Today, we had Sandra Baglog (Sand Bag) again.... and we had to RUN on tarmac whilst BEAR-HUGGING Sandra with BOTH ARM at CHEST level for the WHOLE duration....and this was when the knife-cutting knee pain that was first felt during yesterday's Malakoff race recurred forcing me to half-heartedly gave Sarge my Sandra..... with regret, but managed to complete the one hour killer session quite comfortably.

To avoid worsening the knee, I asked fellow Bootcampers for a Sports clinic and Faizal Ariff recommended the Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine or the  KLSMC at Jalan Dungun, Damansara heights, Kuala Lumpur.

I browsed to search KLSMC's contact number, found and called for an immediate appointment preferably today and the conversation prevails.............

"We can only give tentative time for appointment Sir", answered a lady presumably the receptionist. "...but you can come and wait here to see the Doctor and we will slot you in when the Doctor is available" She added.

"How long do I need to wait? I do not want to wait for hours.."I asked.

"There is no confirmation Sir, the Doctor is very busy and we have many patients waiting", reiterated the receptionist.

Thinking, Wow this place must be really good with the full appointments, I should make a proper appointment rather than wait for an available slot....... I then asked, "Could you schedule for an appointment with a fix time-slot for me to see the Doctor?.. Err not necessarily today".

"Oh no Sir, everyday is like this, we can only give a tentative time. The Doctor's schedule is full ALL the time", explained the Receptionist.

Now I became abit agitated and asked further, "There must be an appointment time for me to see the Doctor? I can't be going there and wait endlessly without any bearing on waiting-time?!!!".

To cut a long drama short, the Receptionist slotted me in for 11:45am appointment with DR SAW KHAY YONG MB ChB (Liverpool) MCh Orth (Liverpool), FRCS (Edinburgh) Consultant  Orthopeadic Surgeon (Knee & Shoulder-Arthroscopy)..................

Being punctual, I arrived at Wisma Perintis, where KLSMC was located at 11:35am and went to the 8th Floor to be greeted with a pleasant lady whom asked me to register... There was only 1 patient waiting at the waiting lounge.

I waited and was Blackberry-chatting with Rose Emini in boredom. I was about to walked out of the centre when the nurse called me in at 12:30pm...... 45 minutes later from my scheduled appointment time.

After a 7 minutes check-up with Dr Saw Khay Yong, I was asked to come back at 2:30pm for an X-ray and MRI. I left for lunch and came back for X-ray and MRI at the 5th floor. The MRI took 30 minutes which I slept throughout the session and another 10 minutes for the X-ray. I went back to Dr Saw's clinic, passed them the copy of the MRI and X-ray and again was asked to wait...................

I waited for another 1 hour and 2 minutes to meet Dr Saw Khay Yong to read the X-ray & MRI and explained the diagnosis in barely 13 minutes. The total bill for 20 minutes with Dr Saw, X-ray and MRI was RM1,280 (excluding Medicine) and I was recommended 3 sessions of physiotheraphy a week until the next appointment on Wednesday next week. A session of physiotheraphy will cost RM220 per session.

Dr Saw diagnosed and explained my knee-pain problem was due to a born-defective knee-cap location and gave me two handouts that were full with medical jargons and terms to read... so here I am translating the medical jargon into a layman's term. According to Dr Saw, I was born with both left and right knee cap (patella) that is not centrally located (sort of 'Senget') on the femur groove. The mis-aligned knee cap was caused by a fiber muscle that held it away from the center.

This imbalanced knee cap cannot spread any pressure evenly and caused the knee cap to rub against the femur that had escalated its 'wear & tear' and may have damaged the bone cartilage which can only be confirmed during the surgery. The MRI shows a fluid build-up between the joint that may also signaled an inflammation. 

For me to continue running, the suggested long-term solution is to do a knee surgery for re-alignment of the knee cap to the center on both knees. Whilst a car alignment cost between RM15 to RM20, a knee alignment is a whopping RM15,000-RM20,000 PER KNEE. Dr Saw proposed to undertake the 1 hour surgery for both knees which I will be on crutches for 4 weeks and AWAY FROM RUNNING FOR 6 LONG MONTHS!!! Subhanallah...

After the 12 minutes of consultancy, I was prescribed with Celebret and Romesee which I did not have a clue what those are but I went to their pharmacy located at the ground floor and asked. The pharmacist explained, the Celebret is a pain killer and Romesee is a gastric medicine, in case the pain killer caused any gastric...... I did not buy the medicine.

I had sufficient experience dealings with Private Practices having been to most major government and private hospital in Malaysia and private hospitals in the United Kingdom for Leukaemia, to say that the KLSMC or any Private hospitals hours of waiting for a given fix-time appointment is not be acceptable by any standard.

I repeatedly explained (a diplomatically way of complaining) to the receptionist and nurses that the hours of waiting is unacceptable and a fix-time appointment should be a fix-time but landed on deaf-ear under the SOP that the Doctor is busy! Everybody working there at Dr Saw's clinic are already accustomed to the Doctor being a busy man that left me wondering if the patient or the doctor is the fee-paying party. I wanted to speak to the Doctor but he was very 'rushing'.

I have very low tolerance for waiting especially more with an exorbitant bill and barely 20 minutes professional consultancy advice. With the diagnosis that requires a surgery, there wasn't any advice given on the Do's and Don't which will only be explained once I attended the RM220 per session physiotheraphy.

Beside burning 680 calories at the Bootcamp session today, the whole day today was wasted at KLSMC. Now, I am home alone... thinking what should I do? and how to achieve my running resolution for next year or should I retire from running.... and the plan outdoor activity with mountain climbing etc.....? and if I should continue with the Bootcamp in January knowing various exercises requires a strong knee....

Maybe I should get a second opinion from a fix-time, no-waiting specialist centre? but whatever it is, there is only TWO (2) more sessions at the Bootcamp in December for a full 100% ATTENDANCE... ACE!!!! I guarantee i will achieve it!

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  1. Datuk Armin,

    Rest for a long period definitely a must and you will only come back stronger. Second opinion is a must but u can saved on the x-ray n mri cost and third or fourth opinion maybe needed. Trust me with the Datuk government hospital will treat u much better maybe only for RM1 or FOC.....i going to miss a kiasu and ironmen partner....

    Still anonymous

  2. Dear Armin,

    Knees problem is very difficult to recover, especially when you exercise too hard, I would like to recommend you to take a break from doing hard workout first and rest

    I wish you get on well soon..(^_^)

  3. Dear 'Still Anonymous',

    Thank you for your concern and true, i could get a few more opinions based on the X-ray and MRI which I did today at Dr Aston Sports Clinic.. and tomorrow i will pass the X-ray & MRI for Dr Malek's friend to view...

    Hopefully, i will still be running my scheduled 12 race next year.

    Dear Anon2,
    Thank you for your kind wish but I dont think i can stay away from Bootcamp or exercises... :-)

  4. Hi Armin,

    I had the exact same experience, but I did not go for surgery. Surgery with stem cells cost rm30k as I had a "plika" causing patella maltracking.

    After a second opinion, where the 2nd doctor advised me to do physio first to strengthen my "vmo" before committing to surgery, my knee improved for a while. With glucosamine, it also helped.

    Of late, my knee got worse, perhaps because I was too lazy to train hard at my physio.

    So I am still not sure if surgery is the best way..

    Has ur knees fully recovered?



  5. Cg,

    Have rested my knee from a regular long distance run. In fact, I stop running for awhile and only do 10km training cum races. the Max that I race is only 21km and would only do 42km once a year.

    with a much lower mileage in running, my knee seems to be behaving well.

    I also take glucosamine religiously as supplement but did not performed much regular physio or underwent any treatment. However, I would go for a physio after every race to re-align the strain muscle.

    Good luck with your knee.. :-)

  6. Dear Armin,

    I was doing a research on articular cartilage restoration because my friend has been suffering from a similar problem recently. I came across your story and I must say it's very inspiring that you are able to resume your active lifestyle after such an unfortunate incident. Anyway, I was going to call up the clinic that you went to, just to find out more about them. And since I'm a strong believer of word of mouth, can you tell me your experience with Dr. Saw and the recovery process provided by KLSMC? I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you so much.


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