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DKS 11- KLA BOOK OF RECORD.. When PJ befriended KLA

DKS10 = December Kiasu Session 10.
1 more Session COUNTDOWN for 100% ATTENDANCE & ACE!!!!!!!!!!! ...........

There must be an emergency for my maid to knocked on my door so late at night. I woke up abruptly feeling confuse, exhausted and empty......  While grabbing a weapon located by my bedside, I opened the door half naked with both eyes hardly open and saw my maid. "Apa dia? (What do you want)?", I asked in a husky and slow voice..... "Cik Emi (Rose Emini) asked to wake you up...", said the maid. "HAAA....? KENAPA.....? (WHAT.. WHY...?)", I asked, feeling abit confused thinking it is sill late at night......... and then it struck me... its BOOTCAMP day!!!!

I grabbed my handphone and saw the time.. 5:05AM........

Oh F@#K!!!!!!!!!! ..........and saw 25 MISSED CALL!!!!!! ......

AND THE PHONE RANG AGAIN............ I picked up.. and heard Emi's voice... before she could speak, I said.. I know.. I know.. I OVERSLEPT!!!!!!!!!! and hang-up!!

I was ready in 5 minutes..... Ok.. ok.... tipu..... I took 30 minutes including emptying the bowel etc.. to get ready and left the house at 5:30am, speed at 180-200km per hour and ARRIVED at 5:36am to see OSAMA's evil grin...and everybody else waiting for the Que to start.

Training session @ KL Alpha is always punctual at 5:45am sharp, a consistent discipline maintained by Sergeant Simran & KL Alpha'ians with the routine warming up. We were interrupted five minutes later by a convoy of two cars that arrived FASHIONABLY LATE... and out came a Mini Kojak with his spectacle and Beyonce!!!... ... and this was when it all began!!!

The convoy that ambushed and arrived fashionably late brought along with them a Christmas present of 60 groaning GRUNTS!! A record breaking moment for KL Alpha'ians... Thus far, the most number of grunts awarded to us was only 20. No wonder we had to import players from PJ.

There is no doubt that the Bootcamp training is already streneous, heart-pumping, blood sweating, tear-ful, fat burning and muscle firming session... but the additional imported Grunts added the final masochism touch with lots of extra Groans.... and moans.

There were three (3) part of workouts prepared for today. Part 1 commenced after the tearful groaning grunts, and everybody to stand into two lines. Each lines had to perform and alternate 2 sets of different workout each. The first set requires the first row to performed a Squat Hold whilst the second row did the squat jump.... the exercise was reversed to complete One set. After two sets of each, the workout was changed to Step Lunges & Jumping lunges, the Ballistic push-up & king kong push up, the jack knife & Flutter kick, The plank & tricep (cant remember the name) and finally the frog & ... (cant recall). Tomi, led the orchestra of moans with the biggest moan-er (don't bother looking at dictionary- most words are made up to suit the blog). My mind was still asleep and I can barely remember the exact  details of each workout... so I asked Adidas for more detail and if there was any mistake or error.. its because of Adidas...

The group was then divided into their respective Delta, Seal and Ranger grouping for the second part. One group was asked to run around the rugby field whilst the other two teams had to performed Starjump. When the second group starts running, the exercise was changed to Squat Jump for the two other group.

The group then proceeded for Part 3 to performed another circuit training........ that began with Seal Jack, Sprinting with Sandra Baglog, Push-up, deep squats, Jack Knife, Grunts, King Kong Push-up, Squat Jump and Star Jump... the duration of each exercises depends on the speed taken by the sprinter with Sandra. If the sprinter was slower, then we have to performed more repetitions of the listed exercises while waiting for their return.

With all the muscle aching workout, I burned a lousy 680 calories only... probably due to the newly discovered deformed knee cap that is still bearable but is consciously holding me back from giving in my 110%.

On a sampling of the four PJ'ians that attended KLA this morning, namely Mini Kojak, Beyonce, Cherry and Beaver....

.... we are not surprised with: (1) the number of grunts PJ'ians had to endure on every session and (2), why there was no-taker for 100% ACE-pact mooted by Angela Foo. Why.....? because from the random sampling of Four (4) Pj'ians, we can see how PJ'ians love AWOL as "A Way Of Life"..........

How fortunate are we to have the imported 60 Grunts from PJ today!! Please do come and join us again Mini Kojak, Beyonce, Cherry and Beaver.



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