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DKS 12- The SPIRIT OF BOOTCAMP & 100% ACE!!!!!!!!!

DKS10 = December Kiasu Session 10.... 100% ACE HOOOOOYAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Today is the last, the 12th Original BootCamp (OBC) Sessions on the 12th months of the year and  marked the end of OBC Session for December and for the year 2009.

Today is also the first Christmas Day celebrated by the infant 6-months old OBC.....  and all of us trained with Santa hat.. to feel the spirit of Christmas.

when the OBC tagged their motto to RAIN, HAIL & SHINE......... they mean business!! Health & training knows no break nor holidays... Even on PUBLIC HOLIDAY....... RAIN, HAIL & SHINE!!!! and THAT IS THE COMMITMENT OF OBC TRAINERS!!!!!!!!

When the muslim celebrated our Eidul-Adha, the trainers without any Ooohs or Aaaahs,  were there to train us!!!! ...and when the Christians celebrated their christmas today, the trainers without any Errrrr and Yiiiiiiiii  with full dedication and commitment are still here to train us all!!!! Without exception, complains or hesitation.....

and People think the recruits are the KIASU.....

What better way to end the year and the session with a Big Surprise......... SERGEANT SIMRAN TRIMMED HIS BEARD!!! 

err... Ok if that is not a big enough surprise, a bigger surprise will be the "Girl/Boy friend Hunting" ... a special training prepared only for KL Alpha. The group was divided into three teams according to their respective ranking, the Delta, Seal and Rangers and they have to hunt for some ladies Tee, Ty, Sandra Baglog and some gentlement Pipey & Baggie. (Tee-Tali, Ty-Tayar, Sandra Baglog-SandBag, Pipey-rifle look pipe, baggie-bagpack).

Equip with a Google-map, the team appointed their team leader and Navigator. Our Navigator was non other than a Master-Diver Suriana Saiful. We reckon, if she can find her way in the deep ocean, she can navigate our hunting for the ladies and men.

And so the hunt began.... and we found Sandra with a pony tail hair-styled by a red hair band sleeping helplessly by the road side. I picked her up held her tight against my chest and continue for the next hunt.  She wasn't heavy but have abit of smell..... but I still hugged and held her while running.

"Sue, where do we go?", screamed Farhanah, the lovely wife to our Chief Kiasu Doctor Malek Aziz. I was abit quiet holding my breath away from the smell of Sandra. "Go straight passed the field and turn right at the end", replied Sue... and we ran in team being a bit excited. Kenix was the first infront probably too excited for the next girl.. or guy. Leesa, Tricia, Sulo, Peggy, Rose was more calm... but who knows what they were thinking.

We sang the Christmas jingle while running, and a few other songs ala re-mix as none of us knew the whole lyrics until we reach the next stop. We found Pipey impatiently seated by the concrete step beside the grass field.. and he was Hard! to Leesa's liking, she rushed for him.

Suriana Saiful continued to navigate us until we found Baggie. Being greedy, I could not resist but... like the idea of being sandwich but two... I piggie-bag Baggie while holding Sandy against my chest. Sandwich by them two, we ran to the next stop.

Others in the team were getting restless and they too wanted someone... but Peggie, Rose and Shammy did not even fight but instead shared Tee whom was found lying on by the roadside. Peggie took the front, Shammy the middle and Rose had her leg. A good show of team work indeed.

As we continue, we finally found the last guy... a big black TY. and again another show of solidarity,  none of the ladies in our team fought for him but instead four of them Kenix, Shammy and two others had a good orgy until the end.

We, the Seal was the first to arrive and being very excited, we Eager-ly, Hyper-ly and Happi-ly jumped up and down non-stop along with Corporal Faizal Ariff. I think the Corporal too was too happy and did not want to stop jumping........ from the Star Jump to the Seal Jump and then the Cross Country Jump.... and we, being the obedient bunch happily followed his lead until the arrival of the Rangers and Delta.

We had our warming down session and being the last session of the month, it is customary for the Sergeant to announced the voting result for the Spirit of Bootcamp. There are 61 eligible voters and candidates for the best Spirit of Bootcamp and everyone are allowed to vote any of the 61 candidates that best motivate them to enjoy the masochism, pain and torturing moment at the Bootcamp.. and the December best voted Spirit was.................

Suddenly felt very shy to announce.......................

the December Spirit of Bootcamp is (Blushing....)............


me.......... (shy and flattered)

 I was lost of words............ luckily it was still dark... I can feel the blood-rush to the face and almost.... or maybe already blushing when Corporal Faizal shook my hand...but actually I wanted to jump.. and scream....but there have been too much jumping earlier.. as Sarge handed to me this certificate........

I gave a short speech as I never expected and never prepare to receive the award and Dr Malek the previous winner for the award was never asked to give any speech but if given an ample time to prepare, I would say this......

We, the Kiasu became Kiasu because our Trainers are the Kiasu-est of us all.... Who in the right state of mind would work on Hari Raya, Christmas and on Public Holiday???????

Who in the right state of mind would wake up at 3am and drive from Nilai at 4am to prepare the training field for us to train?

Who in the right state of mind without any sleep, would socialize to break the barrier & understand recruits better, and yet arrived earliest without any sleep to train us?

Who in the right state of mind would train us with a fractured ankle......

Yes.. none other than the OBC Trainers.

People from KL Alpha Platoons........... never had the chance to become friends but became Buddies instead!! That actually reflect the true meaning of One-1Malaysia.. from a Melayu, to India and Cina.. or maybe 1Global.. from Scottish to Aussie and Danish to Malaysians.... everybody became One family!

When we were struggling with heartbeat pumping to the tune of Techo-bass... .. When we were suffocating from the heaviest breathing.... When our Muscles had worn out and we became weaklings.... When our stomach rumbled and about to ejaculate vomit..... When our face became blue without any make-up...... when the mind starts seeing Stars... oh.. this one was real.... there were really Stars at six o'clock in the morning... but with all the pain and struggles... every recruits and every trainers and everyone irrespective of race, nationality and age...... will comeby to us and whispered to our ear those motivating and inspiring words that kept everyone to continue to push and give their best effort to complete the session with 110%!!! No one ever looked down at anyone no matter how slow and weak they are but instead carried them along in spirit and heart.


On that note, I receive the award on behalf of the whole Platoon in good spirit and a special thank you to SHOBHA.. without her, I would not have any nightmare and may have overslept in the morning and missed many Bootcamp sessions or probably already in London shopping.. Shobha is the key that provoked us all to continue and never gave up...

To Dr Malek whom never gave up to keep the whole platoon intact as one unit. When two of our KL Alpha recruit completed the Singapore 42km Marathon, Dr Malek and His wife surprised them with a Finisher Chocolate Cake.. and today... they both prepared the Platoon with yet...... another cakes..

A thank you note to my sister Rose Emini who gave me 25 missed-call daily to wake me up with failure (and send her maid to wake me up) every morning when Nawal is in London.

Last but not least........ to all RECRUITS that signed up for the 100% ACE with a PACT!!! Every morning, all that I can think of was the OUTFIT that you will make me wear if I missed any OBC session... The thought of training in Skirt... ala Kenny Smith really freak-me out... and because of that... my fitness and momentum in training became PERFECT!!! Thank you all for the frightening nightmares....

Although OBC is only 6-months old, it has changed the look and spirit of many people...But this is not the end....... next Year in January... February... and the months thereafter..... the ACE WILL RULE!!! and be prepared for another month of KIASU, CRAZY AND FUNTABULOUS SESSION!!!

and as always after most sessions especially since Peggy Hoegh is leaving Malaysia for good, the Kiasus went CAM-WHORING......


Rose, Nyna and a few girls were quite surprise to see Sergeant Sim damn solid body..... eh... alamak.......He is not suppose to know? ...... Sh@#T!!!  Sarge.. dont tell Sim!!

Many of us achieve the 100% ACE.... after our camwhoring session, we saw the KL BRAVO PLATOON TRAINING SESSION with ONLY 2 ATTENDANCE............

TWO (2) ONLY @ KLB......... Eeeeek............................!!!!

People......... We need to get KL BRAVO to join the KIASU 100% ACE PACT!!!!

The next Blog-post will be the DECEMBER KIASU ACE - HALL OF FAME..... Until then STAY TUNE......


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  1. if that is your idea of Short speech this morning, i dont want to imagine a prepared speech.. ROTFL
    Well done & Well deserved!

  2. Hang masuk Proton, orang elect President, Hang pi Haji balik semua jadi Klik, ni pi exercise pun boleh menang undi? Wa caya sama lu

  3. Dear Armin,

    Merry X's mas ! I think you worth with the reward, the booth camp without you is just no fun and no alive, you color the booth camp and motivate us, thank you bro,You deserve it
    (^_^) happy new year

  4. Dear Kiasusu,
    there are so much to say.....

    Orang proton,
    Orang muda, biasa la.. :-p

    Thank you.. actually I am motivated by everybody at the camp.

    Anon 2,
    actually i am abit extremist.. but i love it...

  5. Bro, its good to have you aroud

  6. Dear Datuk Armin,

    Now only i realised my head is as straight as my character.
    Congratulation again on the award.

    Still Anonymous

  7. When you came to Toastmaster, you also get award. Exercise also you get award hahaha. We are proud of you. When are you coming back to TM?

  8. Thank you for all the blog post about bootcamp. everytime I am down and lazy to go, i read your blog. i love your blog. thank you
    (KL recruit)

  9. KLA feels so fun and i wish i can go to KLA but PJ is nearer. why dont you and your gang occasionally join us at PJ Alpha armin? sort of exchange student ^_^

  10. Bro, you are damn funny. I love it. COngrates on the award. i am also motivated with your motivation.

  11. Armin Oh armin...
    aku memang dah tau hang gila.. now confirm la. Pukul 5 pagi start? hari hari? and tak pernah miss? sah wayaq putuih. tak pa aku exercise atas katil.

  12. well done bro
    aku dah sign-up for january. tapi tak tau boleh bangun tak.

  13. well done bro
    aku dah sign-up for january. tapi tak tau boleh bangun tak. Sorry lupa tulis nama tadi (Boy)

  14. he hehe bro, i love your blog. keep it coming

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