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Yes Armin... of course it is all about you.. its your blog.. but actually, since the birth of this blog, it has never been about me. It is all about those surrounding me except only in this one article posted in Feb 2009 - 25 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME. This is for those that wanted to know me in person. That was because I was tagged once too many on Facebook.

Yes true too, that every year I would take only 1 day Annual Leave and that is on my birthday. When I was young, I kind of.. err sort of excited at how the whole Malaysian in Malaysia and in foreign land would be on holiday on His Majesty the Sultan or the Agong's birthday (yes we are a very loyal subject to our Majesty) and so I reckon, I should be on holiday too on my birthday and in the future, I hope my children and grandchildren will take a holiday on my birthday and spend quality time with me when they are old. There is no other holier day than the day we were born to this blissful world.

For a start, I do not know if I will even see another birthday. Such is life but the uncertainties for people with my past medical history is exponentially higher. Even without any past medical history, we should always express ourselves to everyone that is important to us, as if we are leaving tomorrow and that is actually my birthday blog on every birthday. My cousin of the same age, Noor Arman Putra Mahadi once said to me that his biggest regret was the distance built between him and his dad before his father's departure when we were just 26 years old. Alhamdulillah, my dad is not just a father but he is also my best friend, a business partner and my pillar of strength.

I have also been through my brother inlaw, Mohamed Rhiza Ghazi's agony when he lost his mother to cancer a few years back Subhanallah. I could not and do not want to even imagine losing my mother so soon. I still craved for her love, care and attention. I cant even bare the thought of losing her. Although I have tried to be the best son but deep down, it can never be close to the sacrifices and commitment she gave to us all. A mother's love is beyond comprehension.

My siblings and in-laws... is another chapter. They are a perfect mixture of different characters and attributes that completed my family. Without any one of our family member at the dining table, the food served will never be as tasty no matter how delicious it was (though it did not stop me from having a few plateful). Of course, we siblings went through various mode of quarrels and disagreements when we were young but those heated moment were all forgotten and became a laughing topic as we walk down into memory lane.

Throughout my whole life journey, I have always been blessed and surrounded with circle of sincere and caring friends. I could not be thankful enough and if only you know, how I appreciate your friendship. If only there is a word that can best described your kind gesture but the English vocabulary is not rich enough and I want all of you to know how much I cherish you (even those on Facebook).

My teammates at work. Some of my people have worked with me for more than 10 years. We have endured various cycle of downturn and have celebrated various successes at work. Although I seldom mentioned, you are the key and the aspiration for me to embarked into various other business venture. So that I can provide all of you with better opportunities and better future. Insya Allah. I promise you all that I will do my best.

My comrades and partners at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP (COBC). I seek and search all my life for a perfect community especially in sharing almost an exact replica in Passion for health and fitness.... and Makan!!! At COBC's infant age of barely 2 years old, the community has grown to more than 3,000 recruits. At COBC, we have seen a healthy and fit recruit being diagnosed with cancer. We have seen how love progresses into a marriage among recruits and we have seen how coach potatoes transformed themselves into an avid runners or athlete. COBC is a community that knows only one way forward.. self-improvement!! Where can you find a community so positive and passionate to be better and better. It is only at COBC.

My people at PROTON EDAR network. After my merchant banking years, my age in Business is measured by my exposure as a dealer since 1997. Now, 15 years old. I learn the trade in business and grew up with PROTON. Of course I am sentimental. I see how a Sales Advisor whom worked for me riding a Kapcai. err motorcycle and now happily married with children, owning his own house and a car. When we established the Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia (PEDA), I always received the highest nomination for Presidency. I do not know how to say it but I am very grateful for all the support. By constitution, this will be my last term as the President for PEDA after serving for almost 5 years as its President (including almost 2 years as Acting President), 2 years as Deputy President, 2 years as its Vice-President and 2 years as an executive committee. For one, I have seen how the public spit on PROTON because of its quality which I do not deny but now, Proton quality has exponentially took a turn, it is above average and is of superior finishing but the public still spit on the Brand. Sadly, even by own government arm and machinery. If only the government knows the direct and indirect employment within the Proton's network which can be translated into the biggest voters.

In this blog, I did not mention any names for there are too many to be written and I do not want to miss anyone but I do hope you know who you are, because you are very special to me. On my birthday today, I wish and pray for God to bless my lifetime partner, my parent, siblings and inlaws, my friends, colleagues and comrades with the best of health, wealth, prosperity and especially with endless love and eternal happiness.

With a list of resolutions set on 1 January (New Year), another list of resolution for CNY (yaa, I am very muhibbah and celebrate all New Years) and it is just right to have a resolution for my birthday too. My resolution on my birthday is to be a more caring son, an improved husband, more attentive partner in business, spend more time with my people and most importantly, to be a better listener and more understanding (with everything and everyone).

Nawal Aini Zulkifli invited me to go shopping for my birthday at Pavillion to buy anything I want at her expense!!! Not from her savings from the money I gave but from her hard earn money waking up in an ungodly hour being an instructor at the COBC. Woww.. but that is not what I wanted. All that I want is a prayer for my health and longevity as well as a paragraph of greeting. In fact, that is all that I want from anyone. A thoughtful prayer and a paragraph of greeting. There is nothing more important than a lasting Doa and a deep expression.

Last but not least, for all my circle of people, thank you for always been there for me through thick and thin, and through rain, hail or shine!! (Ciplak'ed from COBC). You should know that I love you more than my Durian.

To all the few that droppedby my Facebook wall, sms and twitter, thank you for all the Doa, prayer, greeting and well wishes. Fazila Mohd Nor, I never have a friend that never failed to sms me every year for the past (10 years?) at the stroke of midnight wishing me a cheerful birthday except you. May God bless you and all my friends with eternal happiness. Sorry, could not re-write all those sms's and twitter sent but those greetings from Facebook (which were easily cut and paste) were...

A rare birthday gift but I am overwhelmed!!

On this birthday too, I am so blessed to have my father, mother, Chempaka Emalin Pahamin, Teratai Edithy Pahamin and Niece Kasih Leia Ixora in the holy land Mecca whom prayed for me (i hope) and another two friends Ili Liyana Baharon and Danial Ismail both coincidentally in Mekah too. 
Danial Ismail prayed for me infront of the Kaabah.. Alhamdulillah. 
I am just so blessed.

I am grateful for all the well wishes and greetings. May the Almighty blessed our journey in life. Allah Huakbar

p/s- I wonder who would want to go have Durian with me........................................... I am so craving!!


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