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Its 1 March!!! My birthday!!! Again!!!! 3 days after celebrating Melor Edina Pahamin's birthday on 26 February that was 3 days after my father's birthday on 23 February. 3 days from today, it will be Nawal Aini's birthday on 4 March and 3 days later, her mother's birthday on 7 March. Five 'in-house' birthdays that were all 3 days apart. 4 March too is the birthday of my mentor for health & fitness Chief Brabon.

Please also read "Another Wonderful and blissful year 2010 birthday blog" and "When today is more than just a birthday 2009 birthday blog".

Since 7 years ago, I declared a non-working day on my birthday and requested from parents, siblings, relatives and friends for no-present except for prayer for my well being, health and wealth. This year is without any exception but to make it more interesting, if anyone insist on giving a present, please buy something or anything that is worth MAXIMUM RM5.00 so that I have something to blog about. Lets see what five ringgit can buy and this is where creativity comes to play. Its not the value and amount that matters at the end of the day but it is the thought, and that is what i really truly appreciate. A hand-made card too does not cost more than RM5.00 or a creative poem or ciplak poem or poetry or a write-up does not cost anything except for the time spent (which actually cost more) or a simple doa for my well being would be the best gift ever.

To be able to celebrate another year of life is ALLAH swt gift to me which surpasses anything else that I could ever wanted. With this life, I can pursue my dream and create more job opportunities and shower everybody with more attention, love and care and enjoy the heaven on earth.. eating!! (my department). Perhaps, I can create and even offer more business opportunities to friends. Insya Allah. Thank you ALLAH Swt the Almighty for this wonderful life that you have given to me.

Alhamdulillah I am also blessed with a wonderful loving family. Siblings that does not have any jealousy (hasad dengki) or ill-hearted, ill feeling to one another but filled with endless love and care. Siblings that would go out of their way to stand by each other through thick and thin although they all have their own responsibility towards their own family. Waa.. macam cerita hindustan. But its true....

Of course fate gives family and relatives but choices make friends. Although I am choosy with friends but I am showered with the best and wonderful friends that either would go the extra miles for me during rainy days. Friends that would remember and always send greetings via chat online, bbm, emails and/or cards on important dates especially birthday, new year, valentines, festivities etc. One friend, Fazila Mohd Nor for the past 10 years maybe, never failed to send a birthday greet at 12am sharp. Faz, I appreciate that effort to stay awake at 12am (for the past many years) to send me the greeting-sms. Last night too, while I was asleep (but so many people did not sleep at night!!) there were so many birthday wishes and greetings sent. I am truly blessed to be so rich with friends.

As a gesture of appreciation and gratitude for remembering my birthday, every year since err.. baru last year je, I recorded all the birthday greet and wishes from everyone. (It is still being updated and is not completed yet). FB denotes FACEBOOK, BBM is Blackberry Messenger, Gmail means email, Gtalk means google talk chat online, SMS is Short Messaging Services

1) Syam Sazali (FB) - happy birthday... stay young as always bro
2) Debbie Burgess (FB) - hey is it your birthday? Have a good one if so
3) James Chan (FB) - Happy birthday mate cheerssss
4) John Ong (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin!
5)Badrul Hezri (FB) - Happy Birthday bro!
6) Norisham Wan Mohd (FB) - Hapi Bday
7) Mohd Pazman Othman (FB)- Hepi Birthday bro...
8) Amy Lais (FB) - Happy Birthday, stay YOUNG and strong abg Armin!! ;D
9) Carol Jacobson (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin :)
10) Badliza Badrudin (FB) - Happy Birthday
11) Azam Ashari (FB) - epi b'dey!
12) Wan Bro Aziz (FB) - Happy bufday bro armin.....
13) Shamsul K Ariffin (FB) - Happy birthday bro. Stay hungry, stay foolish, Carpe Diem
14) Anita Ahmad (FB) - Happy birthday to you my dear fren wish you always young and macho...
15) Pooi Hoe Kok (FB) - Oh Happy Birthday Chief!!! Have a great one ok
16) Fatkurradzi Jamil (FB) - Hepi b'day 2u, may Allah swt bless u always
17) Azlan de Ramley (FB) - Happy Happy Birthday Bro !!! Greatness in life shall follow each n every foot step of urs... God willing
18) Johan Nasir (FB) - Yo buddy.. Happy birthday! You are an example of overcoming adversity... celebrate life! :)
19) Dom Abdullah (FB) - Hey Big man! Happy birthday bro!
20) Aida Adnan-Nizamuddin (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin!
21) Razman Affandi (Gmey G. Gmey) (FB) - Selamat hari jadi ming!!!
22) Dato' Faizal Dato' Musa (FB) - panjang Umurnya (3x)....♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪ Serta Mulia (3x)♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪
23) Wan Anwar Tan Sri Wan Rahman (FB) - Happy Birthday Bro!!!
24) Hussin Johnlabu (FB) - Happy jadi lagi tua bro!!!
25) Felicia Chin (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin...
26) Nik Abdul Razak (FB) - Selamar pujo umo bro.....
27) Daing Daniel Fitri (FB) - happy birthday armin! have a good one! its heavy rain in USJ field @ 540am for benchmark assessment
28) Eddy Ismail (FB) - Happy Birthday brother!
29) Joannita Zaleha Yusof (FB) - Its your birthday today? Happy birthday Mr Stalling. March babies rock!
30) Mah Jon Wei (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin!
31) Erma Chanel (FB) - Happy birthday ABP.... Hope you have a blast with your love ones...
32) Dr Malek Aziz (FB) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!! So what if u r 1 year older, u r 1 year more wiser now! And lets celebrate life!!!
33) Farhanah Bamadhaj (FB) - Happy Birthday dearest armin, another year we are grateful for, may there be many2 years ahead blessed with allah's continuous blessings
34) Liza Shahid (FB) - Happy birthday Armin -) may you be blessed with happiness and good health :-) have fun!
35) Jaja Shazareen (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin!! hv a great one :)
36) Wan Haslina Sepwan (FB) - Happy birthday my dear friend! May you be blessed with all greatest things in life!
37) Farah Z Ekmal (FB) - Happy birthday my dear friend! May it be the best birthday for you. Wishing u every beautiful thing in life and may ALLAH bless u always!
38) Hjh Noriha (FB) - Hapy bday yaz
39) J Brian Melling (FB) - Happy Birthday bro!
40) Emil Zubrin (FB) - Happy Birthday bro!
41) Zul Mzaid (FB) - Selamat hari lahir
42) Sandy Roberts (FB) - Happy birthday Armin! x
43) Frederick Jasper Chai (FB) - Happy birthday bro one year younger!!! enjoy!!!
44) John Chuah (FB) - Happy Birthday bro! May you have...more friends like me! hehe....
45) Ellay Vader (FB) - dekat KT group dah wish dag, ni nak wish lagi... saja nak memenuhkan your mail... happy birthday to you my friend...
46) Nawal Aini Zulkifli (FB) - Happy birthday my handsome, ever so cool and loving husband! i'm all yours today! Lets celebrate! Muaks!
47) Nurliza Ramli (FB) - Happy Birthday Nyah!! Havr s wonderful day today :)
48) Zafrul Ismail (FB) - Happy Birthday bro, may Allah grant you health, wealth and happiness and long life brother :) have a good one
49) Wan Jaslina Sepwan (FB) - many many returns of the day min! have a great day with all ur loved ones
50) Ehwan Edin (FB) - happy birthday bro!
51) Farhanah Bamadhaj (BBM) - Happy Birthday armin! may He grant you calmness in your heart, peace in your mind and happiness in this life and the hereafter
52) Ody nurfuadi Ruzalli (BBM) - Happy Birthday Mr Armin. OMG Armin is 37th ke?? I thought baru 33-34 macam tu... :-o
53) Azhari Pak Tam (BBM) Happy Birthday Armin.. have a good one.
54) Dr Malek Aziz (BBM) - Armin, we gonna celebrate life today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! :-)
55) Daing Daniel Fitri (BBM) - Happy birthday armin, justin bieber and keisha
56) Chia Kai Chun (BBM) - Happy Birthdy :-)
57) Rose Emini Pahamin (BBM) - Happy Birthday Mr Chief Kiasu Armin baniaz pahamin! Extra grunts for u today! :-p
58) Wan Mohd Rashidi (whatsApp) - Happy birthday Dude
59) Farah Z Ekmal (BBM) - Happy Birthday Armin! May it be the best birthday for you. Wishing u every beautiful thing in life and may Allah Bless u always!
60) Fazila Mohd Nor (BBM- SHARP AT 12AM) - Dearest Armin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! May Allah shower and guide uwif His blessings. Wishing u success and happiness in abundance. Much love from Faz & family.
61) Al Jazzura (BBM) - Happy Birthday my brother
62) Suriana Saiful (BBM) - Happy Birthday bro. Hws the mudbath this mrng. Hv a great and blessed daysss ahead: :-)
63) Teratai Edithy Pahamin (BBM) - Bonenzo!! HAHPPY BIRTHDAY!! Much love from us in London
64) Zainab Mohanad (BBM) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAZ
65) Rose Emini Pahamin (BBM) - Happy Birthday yaz!!!
66) Chempaka Emalin Pahamin (BBM) - Happy birthday to youuuuuu yaz :-D
67) Melor Edina Pahamin (BBM) Happy bdayyyyyyy yaz!! :-*
68) Bahariah Bahadom (BBM) - Happy yeppy birthday armin! Many Happy returns
69) annie chun (gmail) happy birthday to u
70) Azura Abdul Halim (FB) - Happy Birthday Abe, bilo nok party buih ni???? Semuga bertambah bahagia dgn isteri tercinta Dan anak tersayang
71) Vincent Khong (FB) Happy birthday bro!!! Good Health and many good returns!!!
72) Gordon Nornis (FB) happy birthday Armin :o)
73) Wai-Yee Chan (FB) Happy Birthday bro Armin!
74) Saravanan Ramasamy (FB) Happy birthday bro. Have a good one...
75) Chitra Muniandy (SMS) - Happy Birthday En Armin. Wish you all the best and have a nice day.
76) Noreen (SMS) - Salam En Arminb selamat hari lahir. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan mendapat kebahagian yang hakiki
77) hajjah Zaharah Abu Johan (SMS) Syukur... Syukur kpd Allah yg telah memberi setahun lagi umur, demi utk kita beribadah kepadanya! Semoga anaknda menyambung kehidupan ini untuk terus mencari keberkatan duniawi dan ukhwari.. Amin.. with all my love care and doa.. mama
78) Saraswathy (SMS) - Happy birthday En Armin may God bless you
79) Azhar (SMS) - Happy b'day.. moga pjg umur n murah rezeki
80) Liza Kassim (FB) - happy birthday armin!!!
81) Lilian Lee (FB) - Happy birthday Armin Baniaz Pahamin!!!!
82) Lynna Ahmad - Happy birthday bro, may ALLAH bless you always.. Amin. Nak belanja u makan daging kuda panggang.. hehe
83) Aaraf Armin (Card) - Hey Daddy, you are so cool!And I'm so glad you're mine! Happy Birthday Daddy I love you
84) Nawal Aini Zulkifli (Card) - Our journey together has covered quite a distance, and along the way, we've seen some changes in the view.. We've weathered storms and nasked in golden sunlight, and we've worked hard to make our dreams come true... Together we have learned of life and loving, and I'm happy to be traveling through life with you. Happy Birthday with all my love
85) James Fong (SMS) - Bro, today's really yr birthday? Tot they were pulling my third leg... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO n do some inferno after eating all the fatty cake...
86) Nik Izafizal (FB) - happy birthday bro... moga allah lanjutkan usia & murah rezki sokmo
87) James brabon (FB) - Have a fantastic Birthday Armin. Gunny & I wish we were there to helo you celebrate. Chief
88) PooiChing Khiew (FB) - Have a wonderful day Armin!! May all you wishes come true...
89) Yatie Maizura (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin!
90) Rob Coad (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin. have a great day
91) Shen Wei (FB) - Hsppi Bday!!
92) Nyna Mohsen (BBM) - Happy Birthday to u abe yazz!!
93) Shammy ooi (FB) Happy Birthday Armin! Hv a great year ahead :D
94) Syazana Amran (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin! :)
95) Razak Aziz (BBM) - Happy Birthday bro, All the best n sincere wishes for u.
96) Suhaimi Sulaiman (BBM) - Happy 27th.... Oooopsssss 37th birthday
97) Apek Izham Ismail (FB) - happy bedday nyiazzz
98) Imraz Ikhbal (FB) - Happy birthday bro!!!
99) Joyce Chuo (FB) - H@piiiii bufffffff-d@Y, Br@! Have a blasttttt :)
100) Lizi Lim (FB) - Cheers to a great year ahead... Happy Birthday Armin :)
101) Adibah Syazni jaafar (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin!!! Have a good celebration and wishing you all the best in everything....
102) ShearLing Toh (FB) Uncle Armin, Happy Birthday! You're one year older and hopefully wiser too by not stall-ing again in BC session ;-) Have a great one and all the best!!
103) Aida Norzeti Talib (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin! Cheers to great health and prolonged happiness
104) Chia Kai Chun (FB) - Happy Birthday Bro :)
105) Faizoel bin Abdul Jabar (FB)  - Happy B'day Bro!...semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki selalu... :)
106) Amir Ahmad (FB) - eppy bday bro... have a gud 1... may ALLAH bless u all d time... msia bule...
107) Lizza Abdul Rahim (FB) happy birthday!!
108) Roopi Rampal (FB) - Happy Bday bro :)
109) Nur Khairin Norian (khairin Dora) (FB) - My dear friend haji Armin! happiest birthday to u!..may Allah bless u with the best of health & wealth.. cheers!!!
110) Fathul Rahman (BBM) - Happy Birthday bro
111) Nyna Mohsen (FB) happy birthday to my dear brother armin baniaz!! :) i will see alot of you this week! :) wecelebrate the happy happy day together
112) Iznan Salleh (SMS) - Happy birthday brother
113) Azlina Ahmad (yahoo) - Happy birthday bro Armin. May Allah bless u always... amin
114) Azman Yaakob (FB) - Happy Birthday bro
115) Tey Eng Tiong (FB) - Happy Birthday Strongman....!
116) Noor A Othman (FB) - Happy Birthday Happy birthday
117) Asri Othman (FB) - Happy Bday Bro...
118) Norliza Mohd Khalid (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin!
119) Amnan Bazli Pahamin (BBM) - Happy Birthday a.yaz
120) Sham Kekwa (FB) - Selamat Hari jadi BRO!!Insyaallahmakin muroh rezeki
121) Johar (SMS) - Happy Birthday, may God Bless U Dear Armin
122) Nik Aidil Maria (FB) - Happy Birthday Abg Yaz..... Have a nice off day fr work 2day... Ur own public holiday
123) Nawal Rafeza Zulkifli (Nawal Emir) (FB) - Happy Birthday abg armin
124) Jun King (FB) - hepi birday armin!
125) Kugan Vyravanathan (FB) - happy Birthday Bro!
126) Sharifah Bahiyah (FB) - Happy Birthday Abg Yaz
127) Irdawaty Hussain (FB) - happy birthday fren n wish u luck
128) Treesna Azura Johar (FB) - Happy Birthday babe! Wishing u all the health, wealth n happiness in da world! Hugs!
129) Sheik Shahril (FB) - Happy birrthday and have a good one
130) Johan Tanzil (FB) - ~selamat hari mudo.. ! ~
132) Faisal Shah (FB) - happy birthday Armibn, How's the car business for you so far in 2011?
133) Abdul Hafiz Salleh (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin! May god bless you good health and wealth. InsyaAllah.
134) Ilyanna Aylin Ayob (BBM) - Happy happy birthday abe yaz!
135) Danial Ismail (FB) - Happy Birthday big bro!!! How come u look younger as you age??? share la ur secret bro?!! hehehhee :D I wish u all the very best in health, wealth and happiness!!
136) Vivien Luyen Ow (FB) - Selamat Hari Jadi!!! Have you figured out what are you going to "jadi" this year? Have a blast!
137) Suriani Halim (FB) - happy birthday dear!
138) Natassya Lee (FB) Happy Birthday Armin! Hope your birthday is as awesome as you are! Enjoy your day ;)
139) Lee E Shin (FB) - Happy Birthday.. Have a great day ahead....
140) Wan Nursofiza Wan Azmi (FB) - Happy happy happy birthday!
141) Saadiah Abdul Rashad (FB) - Happy Birthday & all the best for you... :)
142) Cynthia Gan (FB) - have an awesome birthday armin
143) Ian Khong (FB) - happy birthday
144) Fong Pak Chee (FB) - HaPpi bURfdaY !!!
145) Wan Malek (SMS) - Happy yg ke 37 to u. Dgn doa semoga dipanjgkan umur dan sentiasa sihat walafiat...
146) Zakir (FB) - happi birthdazy bro... have a wonderful life...
147) Yazri Yatim (SMS) - Happy Bday bro and many happy returns
148) Farizul Hazli Baharom (SMS) - Happy bday bro. Pray thgat u r in d best of health
149) Faris Zulkifli (SMS) Happy Birthday Bro
150) Nazrin Hassan (FB) - Happy Birthday, Bro! Blessings, bundles of money and budu always! :)
151) Johanna Sobrey (FB) - Happy Birthday, Armin!
152) Ahmad Hussein (FB) - Happy Birthday bro !
153) Shane Wah (FB) - Happy Birthday!!!
154) Shahira Anuar (FB) - Happy birthday abe yah!
155) Faizal Ariff Abduallah (FB) - Happy Birthday bro!
156) Wan Nikki Nazrul (FB) - happy birthday bro.....
157) Nazrul Izam Mansor (FB) - Happy Birthday bro
158) Dyan Dominique (FB) Hey..... Happy Birthday!! Hoipe u have a great one :)
159) Khairul Anuar Abdul Rahman (FB) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! ..Have a great day ahead & May god bless you good health and wealth
160) Hidayah Anuar (FB) - Happy Abe Yaz Day! =>
161) Ssyuee Aida Manan (FB) - HB~~~~:))
162) Jason Loh (FB) - Hey bro happy birthday. enjoy with it.
163) Khairul Anuar (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin!
164) Rashdan Abdul Rahim (FB) happy Birthday bro...
165) Eu Yeok Ley (SMS) - Happy
166) Nik Aidil Marina (FB) - happy birthday abg armin......
167) Steven Lim Porshe (SMS) - A Special reminder that all the year through, Warm thoughts and best wishes are always with you. Happy Birthday! Regards
168) Hooi Peng (FB) - happy Birthday!!
169) Diyana Anuar (FB) Happy Birthday Abe yaz dear! :)
170 Shahrin Shamsudin (FB) - Slmat Hari Jadi!!
171) Huzaini Jeff Huzzes Hikma (FB) - Happy Bday too Armin
172) Syerry Surya Noordin (watsapp) - hi Cuz! Happy Birthday
173) Raja Affandi Jamaludin (FB) - Happy Birthday Bro....
174) Arman Mahadi just wished Armin Baniaz Pahamin a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
175) Kamaruzaman Ramlee (FB) - Hepi Birthday Armin ... and all the best 2 u
176) Shuhida Mat Noor (FB) - Happy Birthday to u...
177) Hasnul Hadi Samsudin (FB) - Happy Birthday Old man! :) Long time no borak
178) Hani Hussin Azmnir (FB) - Happy bday abe yaz!!
179) Amir Raslan Abu bakar (FB) - happy b'day bro! Dah tua dah ;)
180) Misah Wahid (FB) - Happy b'day bro! Dah tua dah ;)
181) Vimmi Yasmin (FB) - happy birthday ! semoga senantiasa dirahmati dan diberkati ALLAH swt sepanjang hayat dunia akhirat
182) Mohd Arif Mokhsein (FB) - Many happy returns Armin ;)
183) Mohd Hafiz Mohamed (FB) happy birthday boss.. moga diberkati sokmo2...
184) Zaidi Hazrai Abdul Hadi (FB) - Happy birthday bro!
185) Iriani Zulkifli (FB) - Happy Birthday
186) Jamilah Arifin (FB) - happy burfday Armin....
187) Azreen Azmi (FB) - happy Bday...!
188) Nadia Tajudiin (FB) - Happy Birthday Armin!
189) Sham Shafei (FB) - Happy Birthday bro, have a blast!
190) Donovan Agnel (FB) - Happy Birthday to an old friend. Have a nice 1.
191) Zarik Zainuddin (FB) - wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (via FB birthday application)
192) Mimi Salwani (FB) - wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (via FB birthday application)
193) Tengku Zafrul (FB) - wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (via FB birthday application)
 194) Ahmad Jeoffrey (FB) - wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (via FB birthday application)
195) Cleopatra Wh (FB) - wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (via FB birthday application)
196) Hin Tong Long (FB) - Happy Birthday
197) Sidik Abdul Hamid (FB) - Happy Birthday Bro! May Allah the Almighty bless and keep u healthy and happy all the time.
198) Iriana Suraya (FB) - Happy Birthday bro, hope u had a good one!!
199) Razlan Nizaruddin (FB) - Bro.. Enjoy what is left of your birthday. Best wishes from jackie and I
200) Aemi Kamarudin (FB) - wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (via FB birthday application)
201) Johari Azizee (FB) - wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (via FB birthday application)
202) Syam Zazali (FB) - wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (via FB birthday application)
203) Brian Melling (FB) - wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (via FB birthday application)
204) Natasya Foo (Gtalk) - Morning En Armin, Happy Birthday... Let ALLAH decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you with wishes of success, happiness & prosperity for you.. have a super duper happy birthday.
205) Zuzi Anim (FB) - Happy Birthday
206) Ashikin Cullen (FB) - happy bday... keep running
207) Haesz Shahid (FB) - happy birthdya!!!... ;)
208) Rina Hilni (FB) - Happy Bday!
209) Amelia Tedseven (FB) - happy belated birthday!! have a great and long celebrations..
210) Eita Salehoddin (FB) - Assalammualaikum Armin! Happy belated birthday to you, form all of ys here in UK, Semuga ALlah panjangkan umur, dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik selalu, dimurahkan rezeki, dipermudahkan Allah dalam segala urusan kehidupan dan selamat serta bahagia di dunia dan diakhirat.  from Eita, Daniyal, Alia Zahra, UK
211) Chandakant Kamnle (FB) Happy Belated birthday from Chandrakant & family.
212) Sidik Abdul Hamid (BBM) - Happy Birthday bro... may ALLAH bless and keep u healthy and happy all the time!
213) Jashida Kamal (BBM) - Hi Armin Happy Birthday! Hope u had an awesome day today
214) Kimi Yusof (FB) - Happy Birthday my friend... mugo muroh rezeki & panje umo sokmo
215) Joe Liew (FB) - Happy b'lated Birthday "UNCLE" Armin! w/ Best WIshes, Health & Happiness! :-D
216) Candice Puah (FB) - Happy Belated Birthday!!!Wish you all the Best...
217) Zaiem Razak (FB) - Happy Belated birthday
218) Mohd Faizal Ramli (FB) - Happy birthday application 
219) Brian Melling (FB-KT) - A very Happy Birthday to our friend Armin Baniaz. Turns one year older today... lol!!
220) Ike Tan (FB-KT) - Happy Birthday
221) Ellay Vader (FB-KT) - eh birthday armin ke hari ni? ok happy birthday bro..
222) Nazri Abd Karim (FB-KT) - Selamat hari Hadi kawan ku...
223) Sheryll Lim Gaik Sum (FB-KT) - Happy Birthday!!!
224) Ahmad Saifuddin Abdullah (FB-KT) Happy birthday!
225) Yas Yahya (FB-KT) - have a superb birthday!
226) Chantelle Tay Turner (FB-KT) - Happy harijadi!!! May this birthday bless u happiness with all the KT'ians!!!!
227) Ramanes Keith Nair (FB-KT) - happy birthday armin. God bless
228) Neilfiah Mohd Shaari (FB-KT) - @armin... May Allah swt grants you great health and abundance of wealth. May HE keeps your family and friends close to you and may HE surrounds yo uwith laughter and smiles. Ameen
229) Zairul Hisham Zubir (FB-KT) - Happy Birthday dude!!! Have a good one!
230) Wendy Chan Dawson (FB-KT) Happy Birthday Armin!
231) Jacqualibe Boudville (FB-KT) - happy birthday Armin ;-)
232) Muhd Ikmal Mohamad (FB-KT) Another 22 minutes before it expires, happy birthday
233) Sulo (BBM) Happy belated birthday Armin!! Hope u hv a fabulous time
234) Kamsani Ahmad (BBM) Oh.. no.. I 've missed your birthday! Happy belated Birthday. 
235) LC Tan (SMS) Hi Armin! Happy Belated Birthday!! May all your wishes come true & may this birthday brings you lots of good cheer, good health always! Stay macho & cool ya!? Warm regards- Yuenm & LC


The first birthday gift that I received, was from DEBBIE BURGESS which coincidentally cost less than RM5.00 the theme of this year's birthday (maybe the cost of sending the appointment email). Debbie Burgess awarded to me the SEAL PUPS for students at the ALICE SMITH INTERNATIONAL PRIMARY & SECONDARY SCHOOL. It is a dream come true to be sharing the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP passion with the students at the Alice Smith International School students. The first session starts today at 3:30pm... meaning, I will still have to work on my birthday.. or maybe my partners can manage.

I am just so blessed to be surrounded by the best of friends. Friends that are forever motivating, inspiring and trusting but friendship too, like how Anita Ahmad used to say, is as fragile as a rotten tree branch (ranting pokok yang rapuh). Sometimes, even a wind blow can break the tree branches and some friends withstand the worst of storm but friends that grew stronger with every storm are the one that will grow old with you.

On my birthday today, I pray to the Almighty to bless all those that have been supportive of me, my business, my blog, hobbies, family and those that stood loyal by my side through fat and slim thick and thin. My ALLAH swt repay your kindness with the best of health, wealth and love.

For that purpose, I am celebrating my birthday tonight with a prayer, sembahyang hajat, tahlil and doa at my house. It is only to the one and only ALLAH swt, the Almighty that I can seek forgiveness and pray for my doa and dream to come true... ALLAH HUAKBAR.

My parent, Chempaka Emalin Pahamin, Rose Emini Pahamin and Mohamed Rhiza Ghazi arrived from a two weeks stay in Mekah for Umrah at 2pm this afternoon and had to rush my father to the National Heart Institute direct from the Airport after a difficulty in breathing. He was admitted for further observation and could not be there tonight for the prayer.

We proceeded with the function and prayed for my father's health. May ALLAH prolonge his life to celebate more birthdays with us. Amin

Varieties of food were prepared for guests..

and someone did enjoy the food sehingga menjilat pinggan..

Amnan Bazli Pahamin & Natasya Foo

Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli, Farhanah Bamadhaj & Nawal Aini Zulkifli

Mohamed Rhiaza Ghazi, Manshah, Abu Lais Walli MOhamed, Azlan Ramli, 
Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Azhar SUlaiman, Dr Malek Aziz, Daing Daniel Fitri

On behalf of everybody,

thank you all for all the prayers and kind wishes.

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