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KLAS7-Bootcamp; Its time for pure indulgence...........


Yes...!!!! We had a 3 pax orgy with Ms Tee in the mud today!!!! Directed by Corporal Elin!

Okay okay.. lets not get excited (...yet) and bypass the introduction. We arrived abit late at 5:35am and began our session sharp at 05:45:15 with a total of 39 cars parked!! I did not do any head count today but there was no AWOL from the recruit and we did not get any grunts. There were 4 trainers with Sergeant Sim being the Chief (as always), Corporal Faisal Ariff, Corporal Dharmendra and a new trainer to KL Alpha, Corporal Elin (spell?) from Norway (??).

After the routine warm up session KL Alpha was divided into 3 teams namely Alpha, Bravo & Charlie with a mixture of Deltas, Seals and Rangers in each team.

I was in Charlie and we began with Corporal Dharmendra. Charlie was further divided according to their respective ranking; the Delta, Seal and Rangers. There were only 4 Deltas in my team, Me, Chun, Jim and Bing. The Delta began with sprinting, the Seal had to jog with a fat rope and the Rangers carrying a slim petite rope and jog. I had PE and was breathless the moment we start sprinting. All the muscles felt heavy and was probably burn out from only 2 weeks at the Bootcamp. After many rounds of sprinting, we stopped and whilst stationary, we were asked to lift the fat rope with arm fully stretched up and had to simultaneously performed a deep squat... that was a climax!

Then we were passed to Sergeant Sim & Corporal Elin... for the in-mud orgy with Ms Tee (tyre)!!

Unlike her gorilla mother (aka Big Bertha), Ms Tee Junior was lighter & sexier. We were then sub-divided into a small group of 3 pax where we had to individually flipped her for only 3 times. We were conned into thinking it was an orgy but really.. only one team member with Tee at a time. The other two had to stood aside pumping the grass ala syiok sendiri! to avoid getting bored, we change our positions from pumping, plank'ing, sit up to squat. Yaa.. another heart throbbing climaxed after so many rounds with Tee and the syiok sendiri positions.

Needless to say, the mud was deeper than our ankle!!

We were then passed on to Corporal Faisal Ariff....whom gathered us ala the movie 300.

The bootcamp version is called 100!!! Everything that we do from the squat, push-up must be for a repetition of 100!!!! Exhilarating burst of power!!!

With all the multiple orgasm today, I burn a good 780 calories with a constant heart beat at 165bpm.

After surviving a total of 11 Bootcamp sessions and 2 weeks (or 7 sessions) of training this month, I have lost all the extra fat and weight gained during the Eid Mubarak celebration. Prior to joining the Bootcamp last month, my weight was 71.6kg and now my weight is 70.1kg.......... The weight lost was not my goal and I actually wanted to gain muscle & weight.

With all the unnecessary weight lost, I should go to Delicious @ One Utama and order my favourite chocolate cake and....................................



or maybe should say...

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Comedy Court - 1Kind Show Starring Allan Perera & Indi Nadarajah

starring Allan Perera & Indi Nadarajah

The Kings of Comedy, Allan Perera and Indi Nadarajah is a veteran comedian having being in business for the past 12 years.. although this was the first time I heard of them. We went to watch the show yesterday at the Palace of the Golden Horses after a light dinner.

We were invited and introduced to the show by Dr Malek Aziz, who first brought his ex-girlfriend (now his wife) Farhanah Bamadhaj to the show on their first date 10 years ago. There, we met a fellow Bootcamp'er Shobha and was introduced to her friendly husband Vinod Kumar.

We were seated and pre-warned before the show start, to either swtich off our handphones and mouth or we will be charge under the ISA (Internal Sound Act).

The 1 Kind show was so......... 1 of a kind. The 1 Kind show recounted the many aspect of 1Malaysia that is still a hot topic during the daily teh tarik session at the local mamak store. Their impeccable impersonation of various Malaysian accents was hilarious. My favourite was the scene at the 'Executive Spa' which really showcased the two performer's ability to imitate and spoof various kinds of Malaysian.

During the scene, Allan and Indi pulled off perfectly the accents and mannerism of Chinese businessmen pretending to be busy working but was actually relaxing at a spa. Whist at the spa, Allan and Indi discussed plans to have their children obtained online university degree for less than US$100 to cut cost instead of the actual university degree that would otherwise cost RM500,000.00. A fake university degree, or even a PhD can be easily obtained from the internet for less than RM1,000.00. Although it was a good laugh, unfortunately the sketch depicted a true picture of Malaysians.

I had previously blogged a few issues on Malaysian politician so called 'graduates' in various Youth exco members (including the oppositions) and a 'Work in Progress' to list all educational background of our Members of Parliements, Cabinet Ministers and the respective Supreme Council members (See: Academic 1, Academic 2).

Other current issues played by them was so fresh and current including the 'cow head' incident , a promised to be “mindful of offending Indonesians and Singaporeans” and congratulated Chef Wan Ismail on his recent award as the world’s top celebrity chef.  Another excerpt from the play that almost left me crying in laughter was the 'Ministry of Edutainment' where both of them played a two Makciks being the Ministry's officers.

Both the tudung-clad Makciks constantly argued over the topic of having Science and Mathematics taught in English. The audience including me, laughed so loud when they translated a simple English instruction on how to instal a joystick onto their computers. Their atrocious attempts at creating a Bahasa Malaysia version of the instruction saw joystick translated as 'Batang gembira'.

Kudos to the King of Comedy.. The audience were screaming in laughter and cheering throughout the skits. We were rolling and could not stop laughing. They are both gifted especially in mockering and making us laugh at.............. ourselves!!

My only regret was to have missed Allan & Indi for already twelve years. Thumbs up to Dr Malek for the introduction. Thank you


kLAS6-Bootcamp. The day i was overdosed with Adrenaline!!!!


We arrived 5:30am SHARP at Padang Merbuk!! but there were only a handful of recruits. Maybe KL Alpha-ians wanted the extra grunts being jealous of PJ recruits whom were always given 50 grunts the moment their session began. Chai Soo Pey from PJ Alpha even offered her portion of grunts to me but we could not accept her well deserved kindness. At 5:40am... There were a total of 31 cars with 53 recruits. By 5:45am, all recruits were properly aligned ready to start.

There goes our grunts..... Now PJ recruits will definitely be sexier than us!!! They had 60grunts yesterday!!!

After the regular warm up, recruits were divided into their respective team.. the Delta, Seal and Rangers. Today, there were Sergeant Simran, Corporal Faisal Ariff, and Corporal Dharmendra Mahalingam (i think thats him),. Lans Corporal Daniel is still awol... Maybe we worked him out too much!!

The Delta began running with both hand holding a rifle-look heavy bar on the shoulder. Then we had to raise the bar up with a straight arm and continue running with it. After the heavy running with the mock rifle, we were allowed to leave the rifle behind and sprint to the foot of a hilly route.

There, the deltas continue running in one line and the last person was instructed to sprint and overtook everybody else to be the first in line, the cycle continues until everybody had overtook everybody.

Of course, I pretended the run was easy and sprinted to overtake everybody but actually.........

I was half dead (actually more than half.. almost dead)..... I wanted to ask Sergeant Sim permission to walk instead when my polar reads 182 beats per minute (bpm); almost 100% my maximum heart rate of 185bpm.

But Sergeant Sim's voices... "Come on Armin... You can do it Armin... little bit more Armin..."  the repeated loud voices was so INSPIRING and rapping in tune with my bassy heart beat. We stopped at a juncture and everybody was asked to do lunges and squat while every Delta individually took turn to sprint for about 100 metres uphill. A slow sprint will torture other Deltas whom had to performed unlimited lunges and squat until he arrived back from sprinting.

After the sprinting and crazy leg workout, we were introduced to 3 new exercises and we were asked to get a partner.... The first exercise was 'The Jumping High Five Deep Squat'.......... where the Sergeant kept screamed Deeper.. Deeper... Deeper....  which sounded abit kinky but considering the partner was a man, I felt abit disgusted.

The second new exercise was a tug of war where we had to cross our arms with the partner and moved each arm individually forward towards the partner akin of stabbing him.. I must have had the concept wrong or maybe I was too high on adrenaline when the Sergeant prompt "Armin, why are you dancing!!!"..

The third exercise that was newly introduced was the clapping push up for a repetition of 20!!! This was easy.. we had to clapped with one hand, the partner's other hand as we rise up from the push up...

By the end of the session, I was overdosed with adrenaline... I could not have completed the session without Sergeant Sim's encouragement!!  YOU ARE THE BEST SARGE..!!  I took back the "TALIBAN" label.... Our Sergeant Sim was really very motivating and inspiring and indeed he should be  .........................

Our Cheer leader!!


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KLAS5-Nov Bootcamp


Today, Wednesday 11 November 2009 is the Fifth session of this month's Bootcamp. Sleeping by 9pm and waking up at 4:30am is now a routine... a forced discipline of the OBC but last night, I had a long winded meeting and was only able to sleep at 11pm. Without sufficient sleep and rest, the session today will be a sheer torture.

It was pouring the whole of last night and needless to say, the field is expected to be an ocean full of mud.

oh... the heavenly mud......

In anticipation of the mud swim, my morning dilemma began with choosing a shoe to sacrifice!!! so I gathered all the shoe.........

After much deliberation, I decided to sacrifice one of the New Balance shoe for today's mud....

We arrived at Padang Merbuk at 5:35am... and after a 'quickie' behind the bushes, I gathered together with other recruits... Somehow, I always arrived with a full bladder but fortunately, never with a full bowel!

We began our warming up session with a slow jog, jogging with knee high, jog with heels high, side running without crossing the feet, forward lunges, backward lunges, both hands swing, both hand up and side by side (ala seal jump except without the jumping), alternating one hand up and one hand down etc etc....

After the warm-up, recruits were gathered at the field and were given 10 Grunts for late comers. Sergeant Sim must be in a 'bad' mood this morning having given us only 10 Grunts from the normal complimentary 20-30 grunts. Sergeant Sim has always been kinder to PJ recruits and once gave them a complimentary 50 grunts.. unfair..!!...???

The group was then divided into two.. the Delta & Seals combined and taken by Sergeant Sim, and the Rangers in another group led by Corporal Faisal... yes, Corporal Faisal is back after the Monday AWOL but today, Lans Corporal Daniel Chong is now AWOL...

Somehow we need to discipline these officers!! Thusfar, only the Taliban bearded Sergeant Sim that has never gone AWOL! Maybe Corporal Faisal and Lans Corporal Daniel Chong needs to grow a beard and follow the leader Sergeant Sim ala Taliban...

(From Right: Corporal 'Mc Bootie' Faisal & LC 'Mc Sweetie' Daniel Chong ala Sergeant Sim?)

The Delta & Seal session began with a 20 Star Jump repetitions, 20 repetition of truster (or thruster?), 20 repetition of Seal Jump, 20 repetition of Cross Country Jump and 20 repetition of Grunts... and the cycle was repeated non-stop for 12 minutes before we gave the Sergeant a 90 seconds break and repeated the cycle again non-stop for another 10 whopping minutes... and of course after that 10 minutes, we had to waste another 90 seconds on a luxurious break for Sergeant Sim.

We were promised a complimentary 1 additional minute for every unauthorised break but we were not that greedy.

The first session was already a killer. My heart beat was screaming louder than Shobha's loud counting and movements...... my heart rate was going berserk like this.....

But I have no complain since the heart is still beating although berserk.

The second part of the session was more gruelling.  It began with butt and leg exercises... We had to squat so low until the ass almost touches the muddy grass for 20 times and on the 20th rep, we had to squat down and hold it for 20 seconds.

After the ass and leg exercise, we performed a 20 repetition of jack knife... my favourite!! To burn the abs further, we were ask to raise the leg 90 degree and tilting the ass upward with the toe pointing up... also for a repetition of 20!!

With all the 20 repetitions and 20 seconds etc........ Today;s Bootcamp theme must have been: Be young @ TWENTY/ 20... like Dr Malek! those that cant do 20.. should also realize that they are not so young anymore..err except for me!

Soon its all about the breast and the chest !!! For those gorilla chest dreamer or those wanting to reduce to size A?.... "The Push-up" aka pumping... also for a few sets of 20 repetitions.. and to burn the chest further, we were introduced to a new set of exercise called the ballistic push-up!! Performed similar to doing a push up but instead of the toe, its done on the knee. The body was slowly lowered by gravity and bounced back up at the bottom.... but for some funny reason, my ballistic push up did not bounced up.. it stayed down!!! this was also performed for a few sets of non-stop of 20 repetitions.

The session finally ended with a warming down.. I burn a dissappointing 705 calories today and the maximum heart rate was only 160 or 86%. Lesson to learn... SLEEP WELL the night before any Bootcamp session... otherwise you wont just suffer during the training but throughout the day you will........................

hence, the late posting of the blog............


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The scrapping of Mandatory Vehicle Inspection


Part of the National Automotive Policy launched on 28 October 2009 was the introduction of a mandatory annual vehicle inspection for all 15 years old and above cars (see: NST). This policy was introduced to ensure its road worthiness as a requirement for road-tax renewal.

The list of items to be inspected, the cost of inspection, authorised centre for inspection or alternative centre to Puspakom for inspection was never made known and presumably are still a 'work-in-progress' or 'under-study'.

In the United Kingdom, there are various car workshops appointed by the British Ministry of Transport for the mandatory annual inspection. Similarly, in Malaysia, other car workshop (and not necessarily Puspakom) can apply and be appointed to carry out the inspection similar to the United Kingdom for the Public's convenient

Without the list of items to be inspected, the cost of inspection, the list of authorised centres for inspection, various parties had objected to the Mandatory Vehicle Inspection Policy.

Without even finalising the study and mechanism, our Government had on 6 November 2009 scrapped the mandatory vehicle inspection policy (barely a week after it was launched).

The cost to inspect the car should not be a burden to the public but the items to repair for road worthiness cannot be compromise... Thus, the importance to first finalise the items for inspection.

The policy should not be scrapped but the mechanism should be immediately finalised and make known to the public. If the public still protest thereafter, then perhaps the mechanism can be fine-tune rather than entirely scrapped before any finalisation which will only signal a FLIP FLOP Government.

Nonetheless, it is our safety that is at stake.


My first Session as DELTA @ KL Alpha Bootcamp, KLAS4Nov.


Today is KL Alpha's 4th session for the month of November and so far, my attendance is perfect!! I have attended a total of 8 sessions at the Bootcamp since October and in all the sessions, I have never failed to hit more than 90% maximum heart rate and at least 700 calories burnt on every session. Today was no exception, I burn at least 1,000 calories... thusfar, 1kg down although that was not my target.

During my short period at the Bootcamp, I have trained with the Rangers, Seal and today with the Delta team.  I trained with the Seal on my first 2 days at the Bootcamp in October last month (mistaken identity). Then I went under the Rangers the whole of last week and today, Sergeant Sim transferred me to the Delta.

What does it mean to be in team Delta at the Bootcamp?

NO, there is no special privileges!!! We still have to do Grunts for any recruits misbehave or indiscipline and that was exactly how the session began today... with 30 grunts only because:

1) some recruits arrived late
2) some recruit went AWOL

After only 30 grunts and a set of warm up exercises, the group were divided into their respective team; the Ranger, the Seal and the Delta. Lans Corporal Daniel Chong took the Rangers, Sergeant Sim with the Seals and the Delta began with Lans Corporal Jason...

Corporal Faisal went AWOL.. maybe we can have ALL THE TRAINERS LED BY SERGEANT SIM to do 50 grunts on Wednesday!! Yahooo...?

My first impression being in the Delta....... the Delta was initially deprived of the mud whilst the Seal and Rangers were happily scrubbed with mud immediately when the session began. The Deltas began with a 20 minutes sprinting ala Ben Johnson led by Lans Corporal Jason...... and I mean really sprinting!!!

Maybe they are all on steroid!!!  their runs seem so easy whilst me.....

I felt like a donkey... so slow!!! ............... for now!!

Ironically, I never trained for speed during all my 5 years of Running Life... hence the Donkey Power. I only wanted to complete the runs!!! it a full marathon or just a 10km races regardless of timing.

The Bootcamp training changes my overall perspective on running.. and this is exactly what I needed!!!!  to improve my running cadence.

I usually experience the runner's high (that moment when I was breathless, the body lacked the oxygen and the mind started to wonder akin of hallucinating) within 30minutes of running but at the Bootcamp, I was 'high' within less than 10 minutes.

I can summarize as follows: The rangers are train for a perfect exercise form and in building the stamina. The Seal target the strength and endurance whilst the Delta.......... is all about Speed, perfect form, endurance and mentally strong!!

After the 20 minutes sprinting, Sergeant Sim took over from LC Jason and we were then instructed to take a rifle-look 2kg iron bar. We had to run with it by holding the rifle high up in the air. Every approximately 20 metres, we had to stop and do a one rep lunge and continue running for another 20 metres. The cycle goes on for at least 20 minutes without any break.....!!!

After turning us into mashed vegetable, Sergeant Sim passed us like a prostitute to Lans Corporal Daniel aka Mc Sweetie (labelled by the platoon), whom was more a sadist than the Sergeant. He happily explain the next course of torture that began with a 15 repetition squat for a firmer ass, followed by a 15 repetition military push up (alternating 1 hand touches the shoulder with every push-up) for a firmer chest! ...a 15 repetition  Jack Knife workout for a washboard 8 pack abdomen and 15 jumping squat (squat down, touch both ankle and then jump off the ground) err... this is definitely to explode the heart!!  The cycle continues without any break for another 20 minutes.

 I survived the 60 minutes Delta training today and although we had less mud but it was orgasmic!

Having gone through and survived the DELTA strenuous, heart-exploding-exercise, I went back home stood infront of the mirror imagining the 8 pack, firm ass, kingkong chest and lean muscle.......... only to see myself like this........


Maybe I will look better after a few more sessions!!!

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Bootcamp KLAS3 - kl Alpha Session 3 November


I peep through the window at 10:20pm... checked!! No rain!!! ...and went to bed. Woke up at 4:30am and quickly peek through the window again..... checked!!! No rain!!! Goodness... how are we going to have our training today without the mud...? I thought quietly to myself. We should ask for a discount!!!!

A mud spa treatment would at least cost RM350 per session and we got it complimentary with every session but today....? Without the mud, OBC should give us a refund.. RM350-RM299 and pay us RM51 to attend December session?

After a good bowel session, we left for Padang Merbuk and arrived at 5:30am but with a full bladder (oh god).... and had to do it behind the trees (as per the doctor's advice... Dr Malek!)...

Okay too much information....

At 5:40am, Sergeant Simran Latif announced the participants grouping based on the assessment done on the first session. The group was divided into Delta, Seal and Ranger...

 (Maybe thats how sergeant sim would look like without the hairy face!!)

Don't need to wonder the differences of each group. It is really quite simple.

Those selected for Delta are those participants that the trainers dislike the most...!!! They will be torture to the maximum limit and/or probably until they vomit.  The Seal are those that the trainers cannot decide to hate or to like, so they need more time to decide hence why they are parked in the Seal group. Finally, are those participants classified as the Ranger. They should be proud of themselves being the most favoured by the trainers. They will be pampered and guided throughout the sessions....  and I.. .being me, of course being favoured, was selected as a RANGER... Wink Wink!

BUT participants may be upgraded or downgraded depending on the instructor's mood, hinted the Sergeant.

Today, beside Sergeant Sim, Corporal Faizal Ariff Abdullah and Lans Corporal Daniel Chong, we had 2 additional FEMALE instructors (PJ Alpha & Bravo.. dont be jealous)...

They are known as Corporal TY and Corporal Tee... aka Miss TAYAR and Miss TALI (rope).

Unlike the Sargeant and the two corporals whom are always restless and is either screaming or running left and right, the two lady instructors were so damn lazy... they both just lie down in the middle of the street. 

..........and the session began on the tarmac road!! We were introduced to TY & Tee and I quickly recognise TY... she was the one that raped us on my first day at the Bootcamp, the second half of last month (see: Ms TY). So saddist, we had bruises & scratches all over the shoulders and arm.

Today, we did not spare TY of any mercy... we tied her tight to the long, petite, slim and flat Tee, and DRAGGED & PULLED HER MERCILESSLY!!!! .....and repeatedly!!!!

(we dragged her like this but on the tarmac. Tee & TY picture were censored)

GO....!!! GO.....!!!! GO.....!!!!! I screamed so loud as I led the rangers to drag Tee on the tarmac. My heart rate peaked at 173 beats per minute!! We took turn with the Seals and Deltas... The Seals and Delta too want a piece of her!! Of course.... we did not mind sharing. We jumped up and down waving (akin of doing star jump) and cheering the other team dragging TY & Tee....

We took turn dragging her for half an hour...until Sergeant Sim felt jealous and stopped us!!!

We were then led to the field that we thought was dry.... only to realized that it wasn't!! I did not recall any rain last night... it must have been man-made, by the hairy sergeant and his corporals!!!! case we demanded a refund without the orginal mud-spa treatment. Somebody must have leaked our intention to get paid RM51 to attend the next Bootcamp session!!

We went to the field, and saw TY already lying helplessly in the mud.... Everybody was allowed to flipped her only thrice at any one time, explained Corporal Faisal... BUT no orgy!!! one at a time..

..........and so we took turn flipping her 3 times like this without any help.........

Whilst the person is at it, the rest must run.... and continue to run and gave chase for their turn... Some were too impatient and fell....

After a few rounds of 3 flips, Corporal Faisal stopped us.. maybe he also want a few rounds with her. We were gathered together for the complimentary mud spa....

The session ended after the mud spa... I burn a total 814 calories today (reading from Polar). I guess we won't get any refund today. Sergeant Sim approached and asked me how was the session... I said it was short of a multiple orgasm (still wild in imagination). Sergeant Sim came closer.. and whispered, next session Armin, I want you in Delta!!!

Maybe it was my orgasmic scream.. or maybe it was my new bold hair style that he dislike, but now it is official that I am on Sergeant Sim's side of dislike.. he wants me tortured!!! Its too early for April fool....

Before we left home.....  we posed with Ms TY and  Ms Tee....

 Ms TY and Ms Tee after being tortured by us..

Ooh look at me still holding on tight to Ms TY... (notice how Shob cant stop doing squats)

The team posing with Ms TY........


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Bootcamp 2nd session- November


I slept early at 9pm last night to be fresh for this morning's Bootcamp training but was awoken by a loud thunder at midnight.... oh heck, I whispered to myself... there goes another shoe!

This morning, I quickly search for a suitable shoe in anticipation of the mud swim, left to Padang Merbuk and arrived at 5:30am sharp. Our session began at 5:45am and almost immediately my shoe cried for symphathy... followed by the shirt, short and socks before the hair and skin started to irritates....

The session today was gruelling and excruciating... for the shoe. The participants.....  Mmm... we had a good overall leg, ass, stomach, shoulder, bicep, tricep, chest and back workout.

My maximum heart rate today was 169bpm or 90% maximum heart rate.... there was a point that I felt nauseate but regardless, I pushed myself to the max throughout the 60 minutes and burnt a total calory of 715 cal. Complimentary reading from Polar heart rate monitor watch.

Today too, it is official, my partner-in-crime ABU LAIS WALLI MOHAMED retires from the Bootcamp training to my desmair. Why....? Lets ask him here at his Facebook.

We began the exercise with squat and sand bag, then grunts, squat & jump with sandbag, grunts with bar (called the 'Truster'?), deep push up, jack knife and planks.

We were divided into a team of six irregardless of new recruits, semi new, semi senior, seal or delta. The exercise began with carrying a sandbag like this:

err.. maybe abit different but something like that... except the girl was replaced with a sandbag. We then had to squat down with the girl... I mean the sandbag. After 40 seconds, we move on to do Grunts.. This exercise is also used to penalise those indiscipline participants. A grunt is a combine push up and squat formation. This was also done for 40 seconds and we move on to the grunt + iron bar (called the 'truster'?) for another 40 seconds.

The next form of exercise is the 'deep push up' aka pumping. It is call a deep push up because we need to lower ourselve deep unto the ground until the chin touches the mud... the body is of course quarterly buried (in mud).

The push up was also for a 40 second period. The next exercise is for those 6 pack dreamers like me...

To get the above flat and 6 pack abs, we had to do a non-stop 40 second Jack knife abdomen exercise........ ...

and finally, we had to do the 'Planks' ......... the plank exercise seemed simple especially for only 40 seconds.... but if you can just try it out first before commenting... you will scream.

Well.. I was a bit noisy whilst 'planking', screaming loud and endlessly HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD... and I managed to hold for the whole 40 seconds. After the planks, the cycle repeated itself again and again for the whole 50 minutes before we ended our session with a 10 minutes jog. The total body burning aching feeling was the ultimate orgasm... it was all pleasurable pain.

Getting lost in thought, dreaming of lean, single digit fat level pulled us through (..or maybe just me) the 60 minutes high intensity workout.

After the session, reality finally kicked in........ gone were all the beautiful nice dream of 6 pack, lean, sexy look but actually we look like this....


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Proton Chairman suffers mild Stroke


My driver prompt while driving to office this morning, he heard over the news last night that my friend that lived in Glenmarie was admitted in India. I have a few friends that stays in Glemarie and could not figure out who but immediately knew it was Proton Chairman when my driver mentioned the location where he brought me for breakfast.

I quickly called a few people to confirm and was affirmed that Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh, Proton Holdings Charman suffered from a mild heart attack in India. He was admitted at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai in the morning after complaining of chest pains. Nadzmi, 55, complained of discomfort while checking in at the Taj Coromandel Hotel and was rushed to the hospital.

According to the New Straits Time today, Nadzmi arrived in Chennai yesterday to participate in the investment and trade mission organised by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Martrade).

Nadzmi was discharged from the Intensive care unit and is transferred to a normal ward where he is recovering. His condition is said to be stable.


The Bootcamp Assessment

Much has been said about the 'Assessment' which is usually the first Monday of every month. I have never done any assessment having joined the Bootcamp half the month last month in October.

So today at the Bootcamp, I was rather confused...  Sergeant Sim divided the group into two (2), the first group was for the new recruits & first timers and the second group for the senior recruits or those from previous months; I was... err neither new nor old.... I joined-in half the month so I am more of semi senior or semi new.

I considered myself as new recruits but incidentally parked myself at the seniors line-up and was allocated a new recruit to guide through the assessment... but I too had never done any assessment. I screamed for Sergeant Sim to clarify my semi senior or semi new and was affirmed that I should be a senior... wink wink..

Still confused... I paid extra attention to Sergeant Sim's instruction of what is expected of the seniors and I was crystal clear............................ the assessment comprised 3 sets of the followings:

1) Two loops of running* at 200 metres per loop. Hence, 400 metres per set.

2) 10 repetitions of push up

3) 10 repetitions of Grunt

4) 15 repetition of military sit-up

5) After completing 3 sets of the above 1-4 exercises, all (senior, new, semi, old, young) recruits must perform a one mile run* (equivalent to approx 1.6km)

* inc 100mtr semi swim in Frog Infested mud Puddle  (TM from Shobha Bala)

The seniors are expected to ensure the form of each exercises are correctly performed by the new recruits or the senior is punished with a 5 reps grunts... now I think, I should have been a newbie.

Everybody are also expected to exercise their Soprano vocal chords and screamed with high notes "Good Job, Good Job, run, run, run, faster, faster, faster, one more set, Cepat la, apa ni, pondan ka...."  and also the falsetto voice counting, "One, Two, Three, Four... Ten!, next set"... this voice exercises are performed throughout the whole assessment session.

The trademark of the original Bootcamp is the original mudbath extended to both the senior and new recruit including the semi recruits like me, are all given the complimentary mudbath cum spa. Without it, Bootcamp will be the same as true fitness or fitness first. Expect nothing less....

Infact, you will be given more score if you have more mud on you... especially on hair and face... you can try but there is no guarantee... :-p

The assessment is recorded online @ the members area and the first result will be your fitness benchmark and the determinant factor to categorise you as a Ranger, Seal or Delta. Each category represent the programme level of difficulty.  This record will also be used as a monthly comparison or tracking of every participant's level of fitness. To log on and to view the recorded assessment, click here and simply enter your email address and the password.

My first assessment time is 13minutes and 20 seconds... If next month's assesment result is worse than the current assessment, I should get a one month refund, 100% Money back guarantee... Double hooyah!

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National Automotive Policy – still stuck in neutral

Saturday October 31, 2009
National Automotive Policy – still stuck in neutral

The National Automotive Policy has been revamped to now include several new measures. But are they enough to move Malaysia’s auto industy ahead of its regional rivals?

WHEN International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed admitted at a press conference on Wednesday that Malaysia was behind Thailand in the auto industry, there were no gasps of disbelief nor expressions of shock.
However, there must have been a reflection of regret that Malaysia has lost much ground after it had stormed into the lead in the regional auto business when it launched the national car project in the mid-1980s.
Now, we have been overtaken by a neighbouring country that has basically given its investors the very things that have been asked of the Malaysian government all this time.
The “loss” to Malaysia may amount to billions of dollars and employment opportunities many times the size in Malaysia that have migrated northwards. This time around, though, the Government intends to rectify the situation.
Although the broad objectives of the national auto policy (NAP) review do not deviate much from the original policy announced in 2006, the Government has spelt out its intention of growing the industry and developing its long-term competitiveness with a slight twist.
“Given the strengths and weaknesses of the Malaysian automotive industry, the Government’s move to focus on high value added segments makes sense,” says Kavan Mukhtyar, partner and head of automotive and transportation practice, Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan.
“By focusing on the luxury vehicle, electric vehicle/hybrid/precision engineering segments, the Government hopes to attract high value added new investments without competing directly with Thailand, and at the same time continuing support for the national car makers that focus mainly on the compact and sub-compact vehicle segments.
“The NAP review has also clearly signalled that Malaysia will go through the process of gradual rather than rapid liberalisation. The clear timelines attached with the liberalisation process give enough time for the domestic players across the value chain to become regionally competitive or to diversify into other businesses.”
One of the main differences between the 2009 auto policy and its predecessor is the granting of full-fledged manufacturing licences to foreign auto companies, in categories that do not compete with the national passenger car players.
“Considering the competition from Thailand, which has firmly established itself as the ‘Detroit of Asia’, the lifting of the freeze on manufacturing licences is a good move that puts Malaysia on the right path to attracting foreign direct investments by global carmakers wishing to expand their operations in the region,’’ said CIMB Research in a note.

Turning to Europe
The carte blanche given for new manufacturing operations of certain type of cars, such as those above the 1,800cc and RM150,000 in value, is a start, but the issue is, will manufacturers bite?
There is a school of thought that foreign car companies from Europe may pay a little more attention to the measured liberalised environment in Malaysia.
OSK Research, in its note on the NAP, points out that Thailand trumps Malaysia on incentives as it offers lower excise duties on vehicle prices and the exemption of import duty on plant machinery, in addition to having an already established supply chain.
The only problem is that to qualify, investors need to fork out a huge sum of money, the minimum being RM1bil.
“To date, Thailand has seven global OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and a few smaller ones that have set up plants with capacity totaling 1.625 million units as of 2008. These are mainly OEMs from Japan (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Honda, Nissan) and US (Ford and General Motors).
“As none represents the European region, we may potentially see Malaysia trying to attract global OEMs from this region instead. This was hinted in the announcement, with respect to relaxation of the ruling on foreign manufacturers in the luxury passenger car segment,’’ said the research house.
Having competitive incentives is one thing, but the years of distrust and doubt that foreign players have built up against the direction of Malaysian auto policy, is working against the possibility of them committing huge sums of money in the future.
“Fiscal incentives and flexibility in ownership are just a few factors to attract FDI (foreign direct investment). Foreign investors will evaluate the entire ecosystem in Malaysia, including the availability of supporting supplier industries, access to regional markets, domestic demand, availability of human resources,’’ says Kavan of Frost & Sullivan.
“For example, to become a manufacturing hub for hybrids/electric vehicles, Malaysia also needs to have an attractive home demand for such products. Follow-on measures will be critical in creating an attractive ecosystem for foreign investors in the high value added segments.’’
He feels Malaysia’s biggest challenge is to strengthen the supplier base and help those suppliers develop competitiveness.
“In summary, the NAP review will definitely attract attention from the foreign investors but actual flow of investment will depend on how the entire automotive ecosystem responds to this opportunity,’’ Kavan says.

Time to change
The main thing the NAP has failed to do is to cut tariffs and consequently, the price of vehicles in the country. Maybe this is due to the already huge strain on the government budget, which has been running deficits for more than a decade now.
“Most of the consumer-centric measures are more towards improving safety standards and the environment friendliness of the vehicles. In the short term, imports of used CBU (completely built up) imports may be constrained as gazetted prices will be used for duty computation,’’ says Kavan.
“Consumers in the luxury segment may benefit in the medium term if foreign automakers make Malaysia their hub for vehicle manufacturing.”
The NAP also manages to liberalise the auto sector while still giving protection against the national car makers, a stance the Government has not wavered from, since starting the national car policy in the mid-1980s.
Whether that is an acceptable to the rest of the industry is moot, but there are quite a number of people who feel that is not the right way to go.
“(There is) still ample protection for national producers, including maintaining high excise and import duty structures, extension of freeze on assembly of rebuilt commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. And, the liberalisation of manufacturing licences does not encroach into the mass market segment, which the national producers currently serve,’’ UOBKayHian points out in its note.
And there are people in the industry who feel the time has come for that to change.
“We have to look at the national auto industry in particular and not only focus on the national car company alone,’’ says DRB-HICOM Bhd group managing director Datuk Mohd Khamil Jamil.
“Having the technology and product for the domestic market alone is insufficient. We must also be accepted by the market overseas, at least regionally.’’
Khamil feels that a collaboration with a strategic partner is important in promoting and enhancing the capabilities and opportunities of Proton and the industry.
Malaysia is a country that has a long history of making cars. Notwithstanding the national makes, the employees of the industry are widely regarded as trainable and skilled. Just ask Mercedes Benz.

Its plant in Pekan, Pahang, started out making four units a day of just one model. Today, it assembles the S-class, E-class and C-class Mercs, and annual volumes has now reached 5,000 units. That makes it the largest CKD (completely knocked down) assembly outside Germany.
“Consolidation and strategic alliances within the industry is important as many major manufacturers are moving towards multiple brands sharing the same engineering platform,” says Khamil.
“Asean is a high-growth region for the automotive business. There are threats of new markets like Vietnam and the Philippines. So we have to entrench our position.”
Changed, but still the same
The crux of the issue in Malaysia has been overcapacity, competitiveness and the lack of exports. Khamil feels that future growth will have to be export-led, and Malaysia needs to establish its position as an auto manufacturing hub.
“There must be a balance between the national car brand and enabling a sustainable auto industry,’’ he says.
While the auto parts manufacturers would welcome the NAP, the other winners from the entire review would surely have to be the national car makes,” he adds.
The greater tax exemption for exports of vehicles will benefit Proton and Perodua, but analysts feel those companies would need to produce cars that are competitive on a global scale in order to greatly gain from such incentives.
That will entail additional costs to engineer such cars, making it essential for Proton to form a strategic partnership with a larger foreign player. Proton and Volkswagen are engaged in talks to reach such an arrangement.
While the NAP review is a step in the right direction, many things need to be in place for the measures to materialise into something significantly tangible.
“On a whole, the measures are unlikely to have much immediate impact on the auto sector. Most of the measures announced – albeit being positive in navigating the industry towards greater liberalisation and competition – are not significant enough to alter the prevailing industry dynamics. In a way, the scenario, duties and ultimately, car prices, have not changed,’’ said Affin Investment Bank in a research report.
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