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KLAS7-Bootcamp; Its time for pure indulgence...........


Yes...!!!! We had a 3 pax orgy with Ms Tee in the mud today!!!! Directed by Corporal Elin!

Okay okay.. lets not get excited (...yet) and bypass the introduction. We arrived abit late at 5:35am and began our session sharp at 05:45:15 with a total of 39 cars parked!! I did not do any head count today but there was no AWOL from the recruit and we did not get any grunts. There were 4 trainers with Sergeant Sim being the Chief (as always), Corporal Faisal Ariff, Corporal Dharmendra and a new trainer to KL Alpha, Corporal Elin (spell?) from Norway (??).

After the routine warm up session KL Alpha was divided into 3 teams namely Alpha, Bravo & Charlie with a mixture of Deltas, Seals and Rangers in each team.

I was in Charlie and we began with Corporal Dharmendra. Charlie was further divided according to their respective ranking; the Delta, Seal and Rangers. There were only 4 Deltas in my team, Me, Chun, Jim and Bing. The Delta began with sprinting, the Seal had to jog with a fat rope and the Rangers carrying a slim petite rope and jog. I had PE and was breathless the moment we start sprinting. All the muscles felt heavy and was probably burn out from only 2 weeks at the Bootcamp. After many rounds of sprinting, we stopped and whilst stationary, we were asked to lift the fat rope with arm fully stretched up and had to simultaneously performed a deep squat... that was a climax!

Then we were passed to Sergeant Sim & Corporal Elin... for the in-mud orgy with Ms Tee (tyre)!!

Unlike her gorilla mother (aka Big Bertha), Ms Tee Junior was lighter & sexier. We were then sub-divided into a small group of 3 pax where we had to individually flipped her for only 3 times. We were conned into thinking it was an orgy but really.. only one team member with Tee at a time. The other two had to stood aside pumping the grass ala syiok sendiri! to avoid getting bored, we change our positions from pumping, plank'ing, sit up to squat. Yaa.. another heart throbbing climaxed after so many rounds with Tee and the syiok sendiri positions.

Needless to say, the mud was deeper than our ankle!!

We were then passed on to Corporal Faisal Ariff....whom gathered us ala the movie 300.

The bootcamp version is called 100!!! Everything that we do from the squat, push-up must be for a repetition of 100!!!! Exhilarating burst of power!!!

With all the multiple orgasm today, I burn a good 780 calories with a constant heart beat at 165bpm.

After surviving a total of 11 Bootcamp sessions and 2 weeks (or 7 sessions) of training this month, I have lost all the extra fat and weight gained during the Eid Mubarak celebration. Prior to joining the Bootcamp last month, my weight was 71.6kg and now my weight is 70.1kg.......... The weight lost was not my goal and I actually wanted to gain muscle & weight.

With all the unnecessary weight lost, I should go to Delicious @ One Utama and order my favourite chocolate cake and....................................



or maybe should say...

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