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The Bootcamp Assessment

Much has been said about the 'Assessment' which is usually the first Monday of every month. I have never done any assessment having joined the Bootcamp half the month last month in October.

So today at the Bootcamp, I was rather confused...  Sergeant Sim divided the group into two (2), the first group was for the new recruits & first timers and the second group for the senior recruits or those from previous months; I was... err neither new nor old.... I joined-in half the month so I am more of semi senior or semi new.

I considered myself as new recruits but incidentally parked myself at the seniors line-up and was allocated a new recruit to guide through the assessment... but I too had never done any assessment. I screamed for Sergeant Sim to clarify my semi senior or semi new and was affirmed that I should be a senior... wink wink..

Still confused... I paid extra attention to Sergeant Sim's instruction of what is expected of the seniors and I was crystal clear............................ the assessment comprised 3 sets of the followings:

1) Two loops of running* at 200 metres per loop. Hence, 400 metres per set.

2) 10 repetitions of push up

3) 10 repetitions of Grunt

4) 15 repetition of military sit-up

5) After completing 3 sets of the above 1-4 exercises, all (senior, new, semi, old, young) recruits must perform a one mile run* (equivalent to approx 1.6km)

* inc 100mtr semi swim in Frog Infested mud Puddle  (TM from Shobha Bala)

The seniors are expected to ensure the form of each exercises are correctly performed by the new recruits or the senior is punished with a 5 reps grunts... now I think, I should have been a newbie.

Everybody are also expected to exercise their Soprano vocal chords and screamed with high notes "Good Job, Good Job, run, run, run, faster, faster, faster, one more set, Cepat la, apa ni, pondan ka...."  and also the falsetto voice counting, "One, Two, Three, Four... Ten!, next set"... this voice exercises are performed throughout the whole assessment session.

The trademark of the original Bootcamp is the original mudbath extended to both the senior and new recruit including the semi recruits like me, are all given the complimentary mudbath cum spa. Without it, Bootcamp will be the same as true fitness or fitness first. Expect nothing less....

Infact, you will be given more score if you have more mud on you... especially on hair and face... you can try but there is no guarantee... :-p

The assessment is recorded online @ the members area and the first result will be your fitness benchmark and the determinant factor to categorise you as a Ranger, Seal or Delta. Each category represent the programme level of difficulty.  This record will also be used as a monthly comparison or tracking of every participant's level of fitness. To log on and to view the recorded assessment, click here and simply enter your email address and the password.

My first assessment time is 13minutes and 20 seconds... If next month's assesment result is worse than the current assessment, I should get a one month refund, 100% Money back guarantee... Double hooyah!

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