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My first Session as DELTA @ KL Alpha Bootcamp, KLAS4Nov.


Today is KL Alpha's 4th session for the month of November and so far, my attendance is perfect!! I have attended a total of 8 sessions at the Bootcamp since October and in all the sessions, I have never failed to hit more than 90% maximum heart rate and at least 700 calories burnt on every session. Today was no exception, I burn at least 1,000 calories... thusfar, 1kg down although that was not my target.

During my short period at the Bootcamp, I have trained with the Rangers, Seal and today with the Delta team.  I trained with the Seal on my first 2 days at the Bootcamp in October last month (mistaken identity). Then I went under the Rangers the whole of last week and today, Sergeant Sim transferred me to the Delta.

What does it mean to be in team Delta at the Bootcamp?

NO, there is no special privileges!!! We still have to do Grunts for any recruits misbehave or indiscipline and that was exactly how the session began today... with 30 grunts only because:

1) some recruits arrived late
2) some recruit went AWOL

After only 30 grunts and a set of warm up exercises, the group were divided into their respective team; the Ranger, the Seal and the Delta. Lans Corporal Daniel Chong took the Rangers, Sergeant Sim with the Seals and the Delta began with Lans Corporal Jason...

Corporal Faisal went AWOL.. maybe we can have ALL THE TRAINERS LED BY SERGEANT SIM to do 50 grunts on Wednesday!! Yahooo...?

My first impression being in the Delta....... the Delta was initially deprived of the mud whilst the Seal and Rangers were happily scrubbed with mud immediately when the session began. The Deltas began with a 20 minutes sprinting ala Ben Johnson led by Lans Corporal Jason...... and I mean really sprinting!!!

Maybe they are all on steroid!!!  their runs seem so easy whilst me.....

I felt like a donkey... so slow!!! ............... for now!!

Ironically, I never trained for speed during all my 5 years of Running Life... hence the Donkey Power. I only wanted to complete the runs!!! it a full marathon or just a 10km races regardless of timing.

The Bootcamp training changes my overall perspective on running.. and this is exactly what I needed!!!!  to improve my running cadence.

I usually experience the runner's high (that moment when I was breathless, the body lacked the oxygen and the mind started to wonder akin of hallucinating) within 30minutes of running but at the Bootcamp, I was 'high' within less than 10 minutes.

I can summarize as follows: The rangers are train for a perfect exercise form and in building the stamina. The Seal target the strength and endurance whilst the Delta.......... is all about Speed, perfect form, endurance and mentally strong!!

After the 20 minutes sprinting, Sergeant Sim took over from LC Jason and we were then instructed to take a rifle-look 2kg iron bar. We had to run with it by holding the rifle high up in the air. Every approximately 20 metres, we had to stop and do a one rep lunge and continue running for another 20 metres. The cycle goes on for at least 20 minutes without any break.....!!!

After turning us into mashed vegetable, Sergeant Sim passed us like a prostitute to Lans Corporal Daniel aka Mc Sweetie (labelled by the platoon), whom was more a sadist than the Sergeant. He happily explain the next course of torture that began with a 15 repetition squat for a firmer ass, followed by a 15 repetition military push up (alternating 1 hand touches the shoulder with every push-up) for a firmer chest! ...a 15 repetition  Jack Knife workout for a washboard 8 pack abdomen and 15 jumping squat (squat down, touch both ankle and then jump off the ground) err... this is definitely to explode the heart!!  The cycle continues without any break for another 20 minutes.

 I survived the 60 minutes Delta training today and although we had less mud but it was orgasmic!

Having gone through and survived the DELTA strenuous, heart-exploding-exercise, I went back home stood infront of the mirror imagining the 8 pack, firm ass, kingkong chest and lean muscle.......... only to see myself like this........


Maybe I will look better after a few more sessions!!!

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