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Bootcamp 2nd session- November


I slept early at 9pm last night to be fresh for this morning's Bootcamp training but was awoken by a loud thunder at midnight.... oh heck, I whispered to myself... there goes another shoe!

This morning, I quickly search for a suitable shoe in anticipation of the mud swim, left to Padang Merbuk and arrived at 5:30am sharp. Our session began at 5:45am and almost immediately my shoe cried for symphathy... followed by the shirt, short and socks before the hair and skin started to irritates....

The session today was gruelling and excruciating... for the shoe. The participants.....  Mmm... we had a good overall leg, ass, stomach, shoulder, bicep, tricep, chest and back workout.

My maximum heart rate today was 169bpm or 90% maximum heart rate.... there was a point that I felt nauseate but regardless, I pushed myself to the max throughout the 60 minutes and burnt a total calory of 715 cal. Complimentary reading from Polar heart rate monitor watch.

Today too, it is official, my partner-in-crime ABU LAIS WALLI MOHAMED retires from the Bootcamp training to my desmair. Why....? Lets ask him here at his Facebook.

We began the exercise with squat and sand bag, then grunts, squat & jump with sandbag, grunts with bar (called the 'Truster'?), deep push up, jack knife and planks.

We were divided into a team of six irregardless of new recruits, semi new, semi senior, seal or delta. The exercise began with carrying a sandbag like this:

err.. maybe abit different but something like that... except the girl was replaced with a sandbag. We then had to squat down with the girl... I mean the sandbag. After 40 seconds, we move on to do Grunts.. This exercise is also used to penalise those indiscipline participants. A grunt is a combine push up and squat formation. This was also done for 40 seconds and we move on to the grunt + iron bar (called the 'truster'?) for another 40 seconds.

The next form of exercise is the 'deep push up' aka pumping. It is call a deep push up because we need to lower ourselve deep unto the ground until the chin touches the mud... the body is of course quarterly buried (in mud).

The push up was also for a 40 second period. The next exercise is for those 6 pack dreamers like me...

To get the above flat and 6 pack abs, we had to do a non-stop 40 second Jack knife abdomen exercise........ ...

and finally, we had to do the 'Planks' ......... the plank exercise seemed simple especially for only 40 seconds.... but if you can just try it out first before commenting... you will scream.

Well.. I was a bit noisy whilst 'planking', screaming loud and endlessly HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD HOLD... and I managed to hold for the whole 40 seconds. After the planks, the cycle repeated itself again and again for the whole 50 minutes before we ended our session with a 10 minutes jog. The total body burning aching feeling was the ultimate orgasm... it was all pleasurable pain.

Getting lost in thought, dreaming of lean, single digit fat level pulled us through (..or maybe just me) the 60 minutes high intensity workout.

After the session, reality finally kicked in........ gone were all the beautiful nice dream of 6 pack, lean, sexy look but actually we look like this....


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  1. You really have a sense of humour! Thank you for the effort of searching for the right pix. Ha! Ha!

  2. PJ Bravo...

    we got to make the best out of our RM299 per month eh...

    hows PJ training? i bet you dont have our mud luxury... :-D


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