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kLAS6-Bootcamp. The day i was overdosed with Adrenaline!!!!


We arrived 5:30am SHARP at Padang Merbuk!! but there were only a handful of recruits. Maybe KL Alpha-ians wanted the extra grunts being jealous of PJ recruits whom were always given 50 grunts the moment their session began. Chai Soo Pey from PJ Alpha even offered her portion of grunts to me but we could not accept her well deserved kindness. At 5:40am... There were a total of 31 cars with 53 recruits. By 5:45am, all recruits were properly aligned ready to start.

There goes our grunts..... Now PJ recruits will definitely be sexier than us!!! They had 60grunts yesterday!!!

After the regular warm up, recruits were divided into their respective team.. the Delta, Seal and Rangers. Today, there were Sergeant Simran, Corporal Faisal Ariff, and Corporal Dharmendra Mahalingam (i think thats him),. Lans Corporal Daniel is still awol... Maybe we worked him out too much!!

The Delta began running with both hand holding a rifle-look heavy bar on the shoulder. Then we had to raise the bar up with a straight arm and continue running with it. After the heavy running with the mock rifle, we were allowed to leave the rifle behind and sprint to the foot of a hilly route.

There, the deltas continue running in one line and the last person was instructed to sprint and overtook everybody else to be the first in line, the cycle continues until everybody had overtook everybody.

Of course, I pretended the run was easy and sprinted to overtake everybody but actually.........

I was half dead (actually more than half.. almost dead)..... I wanted to ask Sergeant Sim permission to walk instead when my polar reads 182 beats per minute (bpm); almost 100% my maximum heart rate of 185bpm.

But Sergeant Sim's voices... "Come on Armin... You can do it Armin... little bit more Armin..."  the repeated loud voices was so INSPIRING and rapping in tune with my bassy heart beat. We stopped at a juncture and everybody was asked to do lunges and squat while every Delta individually took turn to sprint for about 100 metres uphill. A slow sprint will torture other Deltas whom had to performed unlimited lunges and squat until he arrived back from sprinting.

After the sprinting and crazy leg workout, we were introduced to 3 new exercises and we were asked to get a partner.... The first exercise was 'The Jumping High Five Deep Squat'.......... where the Sergeant kept screamed Deeper.. Deeper... Deeper....  which sounded abit kinky but considering the partner was a man, I felt abit disgusted.

The second new exercise was a tug of war where we had to cross our arms with the partner and moved each arm individually forward towards the partner akin of stabbing him.. I must have had the concept wrong or maybe I was too high on adrenaline when the Sergeant prompt "Armin, why are you dancing!!!"..

The third exercise that was newly introduced was the clapping push up for a repetition of 20!!! This was easy.. we had to clapped with one hand, the partner's other hand as we rise up from the push up...

By the end of the session, I was overdosed with adrenaline... I could not have completed the session without Sergeant Sim's encouragement!!  YOU ARE THE BEST SARGE..!!  I took back the "TALIBAN" label.... Our Sergeant Sim was really very motivating and inspiring and indeed he should be  .........................

Our Cheer leader!!


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