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Another year of Joyous and Blisful Relationship


39 years ago on 23 July my dad took the biggest challenge of his life. He became a husband, a son in law and the eldest brother to my mum's 13 siblings.... it turned out it wasn't much of a challenge for him but more for mum.. married into a family of 5 roaming temperous tigers. When the angel married the tiger, the beautiful, handsome and pretty us 6 children were born.

To record that outstanding achievement of a tiger being tamed and an angel being an angel as well as the sacrifices made in raising us 6 children, we agree to mark my parent's anniversary date, the 23 July as a historic date for us all to get married. Today, we celebrated my parent's 39th year anniversary, my elder sister Chempaka Emalin & Azhar Sulaiman 14th year anniversary, Mine, Nawal Aini, Melor Edina & Rhiza Ghazi 9th year anniversaries and Dr Teratai Edithy & Shazrul Asari 3rd year anniversary.

I have known Nawal for 4 years while I was employed at the merchant bank before we tied the knot. She was 19 years old then. We met during one of my business discussion at the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club or KLGCC and was introduced by a close friend Razman Affandi (Jemey) & Naqia Nasruddin (Naqia). Nawal & Naqia were university mates. Jemey was one of my business partner then.

We had so much in common and always explore and discover new adventure. Together, we trained and climbed the Mt Kinabalu, we trained and ran our first marathon in London, sang out of tune (that's me), did the Powerman dualthon series, triathlon series, trained at the gym and went to various places clubbing.

Nawal is very understanding and adaptable to new environment. She sacrificed and left her single mother (her dad died of cancer a year before she knew me) to stay with me. I made a promise to myself when I was 16 years old that I will never leave and will see through my parent old age. Nawal supported and had never complained of that promise I made. 9 years later, even now, we still live with my parent. Naturally, she became part of my family almost instantly.

It wasn't easy for an outsider to live with the in-laws. Different individual has a different family values, protocol and different upbringing but Nawal immediately took my parent and family members as hers. When mum brought home my grandmother whose leg was amputated for diabetic, she took care of my grandmother. She accompany her when everybody else were busy at work, fed her and ensure my grandmother took her daily medication, tested her glucose level and even injected my grandmother her daily insulin. She took care of my grandmother akin of hers even better than me or any of my siblings. When my nieces and nephew were born, she took care of them as her own while my sisters were in 'pantang' and when they went to work.

She complemented my naturally born defect... aka bad habits. I love to eat but being the typical kelantanese chauvinist, I refused to cook or even learn (inherited or blame it on Dad heee). She learn and cook all the sinful Kelantanese menu especially Nasi Dagang and other favorites including, Nasi tomato, Nasi Briyani, pasta, pizza and all the mouth watering desserts. Probably the reason for my expanded 36" waistline within less than 3 years of marriage...

When I started dieting for health, she will browse the internet daily to find new healthy recipes and menu to cook.

During the wedding reception, part of Dad's speech read, "Nawal, you married the messiest person on earth and don't be surprised if you cant find him being buried in all the mess he made". Surely Dad knows me best and preparing to avoid the possible mess, her first day at home she restructured the wardrobe and labelled the cloth for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc........... Needless to say, all other items in the room are also labelled and structurally hidden that only she knows where its kept (and I cant mess it up). So everyday, I have to be extra nice to her, just to find anything... good tactic!

Nawal brought music and colours to my life with her singing and creativity. I quickly but quietly became aspired every time she sang that I bought the latest BMB Karoeke set for the house. She converted my boring typical 'white shirt and tie' banker dressing and the nerdy long-sleeved-tucked-in-jeans to the rugged untucked colourful polo shirt and jeans. Now, I cant remember when was the last time I actually shopped anything for myself.

She converted me into becoming metrosexual and introduced me to menicure & pedicure as part of being polished and even brought me to wax my leg before the ironman triathlon. Goodness, now I understand the pain ladies had to endure to look good. Waxing was a torture but it was an experience.

We are so passionate in our activities that we would drive all the way to Putrajaya every weekend to cycle and even travelled anywhere to participate in races and also clubbing. We would wake up at 5am daily to go to the gym or running and spend endless time laze in couch during weekends watching movies after movies... our passion too includes eating. When we indulge, we really indulge!

I have done various or too many bad deeds in my life but god must have loved me to bless me with a beautiful and loving her. Although it has been 9 years, it felt as if we had just met. Happy Anniversary darling. I love you. Happy loving Anniversary to my Parent and all my married sisters too. Instead of the usual dancing, singing and partying to celebrate the anniversary, this year, we will gather tonight for a prayer at our house to pray for a lasting happiness and healthy relationship. May Allah swt grant and bless our Doa and prayer.... Allah Huakbar.

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