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I am frustrated with the government's decision to reverse the teaching and learning mathematics and science in English (TLMSE or PPSMI/Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris) back to Bahasa Malaysia (see: the Star) but I am more frustrated with component leaders echoing similar 'you are right sir' sentiment.

Quoting YAB DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin from the star:

"Based on studies conducted in 2008, he said, the Ministry found that only a small percentage of teachers fully used English to teach the two subjects. On average, the percentage of those using English(to teach) during Mathematics and Science periods was around 53% to 58%,” he said, adding that only a small number of teachers were proficient."

Clearly, it is an implementation issue and does not require a policy reversal. I feel the Government should address the implementation issue and increase the number of teachers for PPSMI instead of increasing the number of English teachers (by an additional 13,933) that will only teaches English language (see also: NST).

13,933 additional teachers will be employed from the assistant teachers, retirees and foreigner as well as having additional period to teach English language. Why cant similar measures be taken to tackle the root of the PPSMI problem which is the lacking of proficient teachers to teach mathematics and science in English.

All the media reported without failure the PPSMI was Tun Dr Mahathir's policy that is being reversed probably to provoke yet another political drama over and above the recent attempt of Ethos appointment in Petronas and 3rd bridge link to Singapore akin of TDM vs Tun Lah crisis which i felt was uncalled for. TDM or Dato Seri Najib or Tun Abdullah were all our chieftans in UMNO and Barisan Basional. Malaysian voted for UMNO and Barisan Nasional because of the policy & resolution introduced and upheld by the party. If Malaysian needed to vote for a policy change, then we will vote for PKR, PAS, DAP or other opposition. There should be a continuity in any of the party's policy that was introduced especially those that will affect our future generation.

Echoing or being a Yes-Man in the party will only destroy Malaysia similar to last general election and I still have faith in both our new youth in cabinet Mukhriz Mahathir to stand strong in his policy & belief (and that of TDM) and our new UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin whom DOES NOT hold any governmental appointment to be a 'Yes-Man' in favour of any post. Khairy as the UMNO youth chief stand as an elected leader and not through any appointment and thus whatever stand UMNO youth made should be on its own without any influence, fear or favour.

Debating internally within the party is always healthier for a more balance view rather than the public voting for the opposition to balance the BN 'yes-man' act. Debating in parliament is usually hopeless since all Barisan members are expected to support whatever motion tabled by BN. Maybe the internal (within BN) debate is classified as Official Secrecy but surely, the public should know if a policy introduced are well debated.

Perhaps Mukhriz Mahathir needed to secure his future cabinet post and KJ had lost his 'SIL' influence to be vocal (on behalf of Malaysian for the PPSMI) or maybe I am not clever enough to understand why an implementation problem (for PPSMI) requires a complete reversal in policy.

Personally, through experience having studied Mathematics and Science in Bahasa Malaysia at Sekolah Kebangsaan, I had difficulties during University coping with the alien terms and jargon studying econometrics (which i learn in BM). I believe in PPSMI and if implemented correctly, will benefit our future generation but of course perhaps, at a possible cost of some votes during the next election.

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  1. They said by doing this, rm40mil will be saved from paying teacher's allowance. But, by hiring foreigners, wont it add up more than we can save up?

  2. Dear CheRa,
    You are right... savings by reversing back to BM? hehee then employ additional 14,000 from retirees, assistant teachers and foreign teachers? why cant employ less than the 14000 but proficient teachers to teach english for math & science?


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