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Aaraf Junior Black Belt Grading

Aaraf Pahamin attended his junior Black Belt grading today on 11 July 2009 at the DDF Tae Kwan Do Academy in Ampang together with his cousins Rees Pahamin and Leona. There were all 6 years old.

One step & Free Sparing

Aaraf was overweight and his coordination as well as body composition affected his movements especially his kicking. He just love to eat and nothing else made his day except for food.

Aaraf completed his Year 1 at the Garden International School this month and is on 2 months summer holiday which I plan to engage his Tae Kwan Do master Danial to coach and design a weight lose and sparring programme to toughen him up.

Hopefully, he can be in the ideal weight and up to date with his cordination and movements by the time his school re-opens for his year 2 in September.

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