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Identity Crisis......


Proton network is burdened or has been burden for the past many years due to the over representation of Proton dealers/branches in the network at one juncture, with more than 400 sales dealers/branches in the network but what was the root that created the mess?

It is worth noting the whole episode arose when EON refused to contribute in Proton Research & Development when Proton was instructed by the government via the National Economic Recovery Plan (see: NERP para 3) to upgrade their R&D and product design capabilities. It was only proper for EON to contribute having prospered as a monopoly distributor for Proton car sales for more than a decade until the inception of USPD in 1996 (now known as Proton Edar).

EON refused to contribute and the episode began. In anticipation of terminating EON, Proton appointed more than 100 dealers (although with various objections from PEDA). Upon the appointment of 100s new dealers, Proton failed to terminate EON due to some political reason. EON distributor agreement was then re-negotiated. EON was reborn as a "Super Dealer" (instead of a distributor).

Part of the super-dealership agreement was for EON to buy and sell an agreed undisclosed number of Proton cars per year which EON did not fulfilled. The SUPER status will end in December 2009 but was re-negotiated... again... and EON was knighted as the MASTER dealer.

From a distributor, EON became 'SUPER' because Proton Edar could not terminate them. Then, EON became a 'MASTER' because EON could not fulfilled the SUPER agreement.

Whilst EON is suffering from Identity Crisis demanding to be Super and subsequently a Master, Proton dealers faithfully maintain their pride only as a dealer.


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