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The teaching of Math & Science (TLMSE/PPSMI)


There were various voices of dissappointments in the blogosphere over the government's decision to reverse the PPSMI except for those in the corridors of power whom only echo whatever that is being decided. The strongest voice or probably the only personality that would stood strong publicly for or against any policy was from our ex-premier Tun Dr Mahathir.

Please support and give your opinion via the voting poll set-up by Tun Dr Mahathir at VOTE POLL .

Although those in rural states may not have access to internet or may not be IT literate to vote on TDM website, it is also doubtful, their actual voice too was conveyed to the Ministry for the Ministry to decide on their behalf.

That voting poll will give a clearer picture of the public's opinion rather than the unbeknown collation of feedback and research that the ministry said to have acted upon.

At the point this blog is published, 75% voted NO for teaching and learning in Bahasa Malaysia for Mathematics and Science.


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